What is the best quickly made breakfast that is also healthy?

Lotti J.
A breakfast consisting of fruit two half fried eggs and 4 pieces of bread and a glass of milk is healthy filling and will keep u energised through your morning routine
Krista U.
Oatmeal cereal with dried fruit and fresh blueberries with yogurt or organic milk of your choice and ground flaxseeds.
Signe Z.
Quickly made breakfast (in 15 min): – cook egg with bread tomato cucumber. -wrap with avocado salade and cheese. – spaghetti carbonara (spaghetti, pancettta, eggs, cheese)
Stanley Z.
La avena es fácil y rápida de hacer, además la puedes acompañar con frutas y eso la hace más deliciosa. Ponerle crema de cacahuate es un gran si también.🥺
Reimer Z.
Grabbing a set of various fruits and chopping them up in the morning is very quick and delicious breakfast! The more colorful the better:)
Linda A.
A smoothie is always a good choice to go with, just throw in your favourite fruits, add some milk along with honey (a healthy replacement for sugar) and done! You can also have a healthy sandwich with your favourite veggies and a little cheese in them. Eggs are also a highly nutritious food and you can have them in any way you want: scrambled, poached, boiled or omelette:)
Laura Lee N.
Macrostax has a lot of prepared foods to make on the weekend but I am allergic to eggs so that rules out a bunch of them. Oatmeal is another recommended one that you can make the night before but I don’t do wet and mushy. I stick with a smoothie.
Mathilde E.
I prepare my breakfast the day before. I usually have an omelet with spinach, cheese, vegetables and coffee or tea because it is easy to prepare
Randy E.
Eggs and a side of fruit. What's take less than 3 minutes to make, and if you prewash your fruit (assortment of berries) for the week and store in a container, then you just add them to your plate! Quick protein and natural sugar!
Diethard Z.
Well actually I don't know but if you are reading this right now(ofc you are) I want to tell you that you are doing great job ,and keep going ❤️❤️lyyy😘
Victoria N.
I am fond of avocado toast with a hard boiled, sliced egg. Also, a bowl of canned peaches with Turkey bacon done in the microwave is good.
Charlene F.
I have microwave porridge or mini shredded wheat, they are high in fibre and protein, pair them with a piece of fruit and a coffee