What is the best breakfast you make when in a rush?

Nils E.
The better choice could be esting some nuts or walnuts, while walking or driving to the place you have to go, or eating any low-carb food which doesn't need to be cooked
Malou P.
A plain oatmeal packet with almond or peanut butter on it with some fresh or no-sugar-added dried fruit in the winter, or a smoothie in the summer. Another good idea is plain Greek yogurt with granola and fruit on it.
Riley J.
I usually gave a bowl of cereal. I make sure I byt cereal with nuts, fibre clusters and rarely any sugar.

Sometimes I cheat and but 1 box of sugar filled cereal as a treat or reward 🙂

Marie E.
Smoothie bowl
1 frozen banana
2 handfuls of blueberries
1 scoop of hemp protein
1 scoop of natural coast: daily greens
Little bit of water
Blend up and fill will granola and hemp hearts in a bowl
Jessica T.
A smoothie of milk, a handfull of oats, frozen raspberries, peanuts and a banana. Lots of healthy calories to begin the day and stay full.
Vickie P.
A bowl of fruit and yoghurt! So I chop up strawberries and raspberries into some vanilla Onken yoghurt. I sprinkle some dark chocolate chips or shavings onto the top 🙂 sometimes I add banana and apple.
Timothe G.
A quick smoothie. Just take some fresh fruit that you have, a handful of spinach and some juice water or (plant-based) milk and throw it al in a blender. Delicious.
Julie E.
I would say a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some milk, and some fruit juice. I believe that is the best breakfast you can make for yourself when in a rush.
Selmaan A Ali
Marilou O.
Boiled egg and a piece of fruit! It’s not a lot but it’s really nutritious and gets me going when I feel like I barely have time to eat anything!
Tony Y.
Definitely just a bag of granola mix to munch on in the car, preferably the kind that's kind of clumpy and sticks together so it's easy to eat
Bianka J.
When I have little time in the morning I always go for a large glass of warm water with lemon an molasses combined with a bowl of Greek yoghurt, grapes and some oats
Maya P.
If I’m really in a rush I’ll grab an orange and some handful of nuts, but if I have five minutes I’ll cut an avocado and eat it with some toast
Judy Q.
I think smoothie's are great. The ingredients can be really simple, like a banana, a handful of spinich, some fresh of frozen berries, oats and water. Its especially good in a rush if you have everything prepared the night before. Chop your ingredients or put then in a bowl ready for the morning.
You can also try overnight oats. Put oats, nuts, fruit and some plant based milk or just water into a jar or container and place in the fridge until the morning.
Sorry for the longish answer. Hope this helps.
Philip U.
I make a sandwich. If I'm really in a hurry and I have no time for cooking at all I make a cheese and tomato sandwich. Maybe even a cucumber.
If I have a bit more time then I switch it to an omelet which is the basic building block of a good breakfast.
Hope it helped! Keep going!
Willfried Z.
A banana, I prefer the usual egg, orange and toast that is about 15 to make and eat. But on the quick out the door early mornings a banana is best I can do
Jim P.
I make gluten free quinoa porridge which takes 1 minute to cook. I then add a mixture of peanut butter and a little bit of honey combined, topped off with a banana.
Saban F.
An apple or a peanut butter toast, I keep a jar of peanut in my office so whenever I get late to make breakfast at home I make it in my office