What do you eat in the morning?

Adam N.
I actually don't stick to one particular breakfast. What I mostly eat though is cereal with milk, bread with butter and honey, a banana or a chocolate soft cookie.
Millie V.
Weetabix and banana if we have any in. Other days may be toast or like today a sausage and bacon sandwich (on brown bread)
Cristiano N.
My school lessons begin really early hence I have limited time to prepare my breakfast. Instead of having a stereotypical healthy breakfast, I try to have a healthier breakfast than I would normally have. Example, adding fruits or vegetables on top of my breakfast.
Loren E.
typically i would skip breakfast but since starting to build my routine i like to have a bagel with cream cheese on one and honey on the other side. sometimes i like to pair it with fruit ( banana, plum, peach,etc) as well to finish it off i drink some more water.
M G.
Eggs and beans and cheese on toast pr crumpets, sometimes scrambled, sometimes fried. Add bacon some mornings, make a sandwich to change it up.
Zoe O.
I often eat Greek yogurt for breakfast. I add healthy granola, fresh berries, crushed walnuts, and then I drizzle honey on the mixture. It tastes really good!