What can I put on my bread instead of eggs or tuna if I want to get a lot of protein from plant based products?

Donaldo Q.
II don't know exactly but you could try searching on Google high protein breakfast and I'm sure you'll get very delicious options. Sorry I cannot help more and good luck 😊
Benjamin O.
Hummus! Peanut butter! Any bean-based spread. I personally use black bean paste and some sunflower seeds on top. Just cook the beans and process them into a paste with a pinch of salt.
Nicoline W.
Houmous, peanut-butter (better with no sugar in it), avocado (+tomatoes, that's delicious). banana.
Also you may add to all of this some seeds (pumpkin, beniseed, ect.) and drink some soya milk.
Ritthy L.
Nut or seed butter, hummus, you could make a veggie sandwich with kale and spinach and other vegetables. Veggie burger or black bean burger might be enjoyable.