If you don’t have much time, what’s a good quick and healthy breakfast that isn’t cereal?

Phoebe E.
I’m always in a rush to get to work on time in the morning, so I have a tiny container where I throw in some mixed nuts and raspberries to have later when I sit down at my desk. I usually also bring a snack like an cereal/fruit bar to have later in the morning because the nuts/raspberry mix isn’t really enough to keep me going the whole morning. Still exploring options!

Anton Z.
Loaded toast with like eggs with peppers and avocados etc, or toast with peanut butter and fruits, or make breakfast sandwiches the night before and just microwave em (or a toaster over which I recommend) Pinterest has a lot of ideas for fast breakfast!

Melissa F.
I would meal prep for breakfast if you can. You can do overnight oats, eggs, etc, and just put it in the microwave for a minute. If you don’t have time for that, yogurt is always super easy.

Kirk C.
A good quick and healthy breakfast for me is a couple of fruits and children mashed fruits in a cool-aid like package 🙂

Arnold O.
Always keep eggs in the fridge, fry an egg or two, roast a thin slice of bread in the pan with the eggs. Add diced tomato or salsa or what ever veggie or cold cut You have at hand. This is usually as fast as making a cup of coffee!

Enora O.
If you have a smoothie maker that is quite quick. Or overnight Oats you can prepare at the start of the week and make interesting with fruit and nut butter and jams/honey/sweetener.

Tom U.
I like smoothies with almond milk. Oats and fruits are my favorite. I usually put soices and seeds as well toncomplement

Nandielly B.
Banana; wholewheat cracker with peanut butter – or healthy Bread with peanut butter – eat on the go… plus Apple as desert

Jas O P.
Make a green smoothie with spinach, banana, almond milk, frozen berries, chia and flax seeds and healthy powders like beetroot or maca powder (whatever blend you like). If you really want to save time, get the dry ingredients (seeds and powders) into the blender the night before and put the fresh/frozen ingredients in right before you blend it up. You can drink it on the way to the bus or train, or in the car.

Luise S.
Eggs (cooked however you like—I prefer hard boiled with a creamy center) and veggies, or avocado toast and fruit, are great options. And always make sure to have water with it! Coffee and tea are fine, as long as the drinks aren’t loaded with sugar from add-ons.

Mathew N.
Overnight oats. It works superb for me and I don't have to get myself into the mess of preparing breakfast in the morning. I love how it comes out.
Top it up with fresh fruits and nuts. Check out the amazing combinations on internet! Hope this helps. morning

Sara P.
A good breakfast that has a variety of options would be a scramble! If meal prep is an option, cut up the veggies ahead of time and the options are endless. I really like broccoli with feta cheese and kalamata (sp?) olives. It’s tangy but it works.
Also, I’m not sure if you’re considering oatmeal to be an option but something like overnight oats is super quick! And you can add things like chia seeds or ground flaxseed for fiber

Gavin J.
Apples are really great and easy. Also instant oatmeal is one of my favorites, it comes in little packages that tell you how much water to add and then you just pop it in the microwave

Stanley Z.
*Eggs: in all forms next to it at least one kind of vegetable. *Peanut butter toast
*tuna and lotus toast
All thses take no time and you deserve a good breakfast! Hope this helped

Marshall T.
The combo of an apple, yogurt, and eggs is super nutritious and won’t leave you feeling greasy like bacon and buttered toast will.

Caleb W.
Microwave a sweet potato and smash an avocado into it. Eat it on a rice cracker with some walnuts! If you can wake up just ten minutes earlier to eat slow —your energy and body will thank you for it all day long.

Emily O.
I like protein smoothies. Because you get in all the things you’d like (fruit, veggie, extra) and can often just swap tops and take your blender to go. Quick, packed with essentials, and easy to make. I still look up recipes but once I got accustomed to measurements and ingredients to use for desired textures, getting creative with flavor combinations has been fun.

Micheal S.
Firstly the quickest idea is a couple pieces of fruit (banana and Apple maybe) with some form of nut butter. Or you can have a yogurt and fruit. If u have a little longer try eggs or mushrooms on toast

Priteche Q.
omelettes or scrambled egg is quick and easy. Scrambled egg is really nice if you add some scallions, feta and tomato. if you dont have time to cook then full fat greek yoghurt with blueberries, strawberries and some walnuts or seeds or cocoa nibs are good too

Rosenira Q.
I always stick to oat bran combined with a few blueberries, one tbsp chia seeds and one tbsp flaxseed powder with lacto-free milk (I’m dairy intolerant). Less than 3 minutes to prepare and eat!

Lena Z.
You can have toast with anything such as peanut butter, slices of cheese and vegetable (cucumbers, tomatoes and some lettuce ) you can make a sandwich ingredients before you sleep or at least prepare the kitchen for a quick meal like putting a pan on the stove for a quick eggs

Al Sia Z.
Scrambled egg in a mug. Microwave it in 30 second intervals (with stirring in between) until it's done. You can add all your favorite omelette toppings.