What are some breakfasts that can be prepared really fast that still fill you up and are healthy?

Kristi P.
Oatmeal or chia seeds and rice milk with berries or bananas can be made the night before and left in the fridge for a quick healthy pre-made breakfast.
Alex E.
Oatmeal can be dressed up many ways both savory and sweet. season with salt, pepper, fill, or other herbs and add some cheese and an egg or go sweet with some dried or fresh fruit and walnuts or pecans. Dates or a small drizzle of honey can add an extra punch of sweetness without going overboard.
I like to prepare several servings in Ziplocs that are easy to pull out, add liquid, and microwave, and I can decide on the fly what flavor I'm craving.
Leonore U.
Some great breakfasts are easy smoothies that are healthy and taste good, you can look them up basically anywhere and there are so many options. Also, energy bars are great as long as they are healthy and there isn’t loads of sugar in them.
Guta F.
I enjoy 1 or 2 boiled or fried eggs. They can fry up quickly or you can hard boil a big batch at a time. I also like a banana or apple. They’re things I can grab or make quickly & they fill me up.
Julie Z.
My mom makes her own granola with lots of toasted nuts, I like eating that with a little Greek yogurt and some agave syrup to sweeten. I also cut up an apple and eat that on the side
Janice C.
Overnight oats instead of porridge is a good one, as all you have to do in the morning is open the fridge and maybe top them off with some honey and fresh fruit.
Same E.
I usually have a smoothie for breakfast because its a meal that can be filler filled with lots of nutrients. You can start simple with one fruit like a whole papaya, or if you have more time you can make a smoothie with other fruits and supplements. My usual is Medical Mediums Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie – banana, wild blueberries, orange, atlantic dulce (seaweed), barley grass, and spirulina. I also add kelp, chaga and aloe gel from the leaf. Its alot, I know but so good for you and filling. If this is too complicated right now then grab any two or three fruits and call that a breakfast.
Jill N.
For a sweet option, I like yogurt with a banana and Cheerios. For a savory option I like eggs with a little bit of ham and a slice of toast or hash brows (not cooked in a ton of oil)
Monik A.
A green smoothie consisting of cucumber, spinach, celery, a slice of pineapple (or frozen), fresh ginger, lemon juice and coconut milk. It will give your body all the nutrients it needs and will keep you satisfied until lunch. Drink a LARGE glass of it every morning. I even add a little chili powder & cayenne pepper for an extra sting and it helps burn fat. Enjoy!
Hector Q.
A few dates, they contain good sugar and are very healthy. Putting a piece of date on a cracker and maybe adding some peanut butter. A glass of oatmilk and a banana/apple.
Karl Q.
Eggs with mushrooms if you want something salty, or low sugar yogurt with peanut butter and a teaspoon of jam if you want something sweet
Chris W.
Hard boiled eggs can be prepped in a big batch at the beginning of the week.

Cottage cheese with canned fruit takes almost no time to prepare and is healthy and delicious.

A cup of yogurt with a handful of granola.

Banana bread muffins

Gudrun X.
Eggs on toast
Oats with raisins and yoghurt
A protein bar (in a pinch!)
Banana and peanut butter (on toast, in a smoothie)
Kalina U.
I usually do smoothies! You can pack them with protein, fibre, and flavour. The fruit tends to brighten my mind and wake up my body without shocking my digestive system.
Jared P.
I can make toast with cottage cheese and apples, and for drink I make a smoothie, I put frozen berries, oatmeal, milk, a little honey and peanut butter.
Audrey P.
Breakfast burritos are good because they are yummy meaning I will eat them. I can freeze them or just leave them in the fridge to be heated up
Sofie G.
I find that a grilled cheese sandwich is one of the quickest meals that i can make. It is only as healthy as the ingredients you put in it however if you can prepare the night before you can add a protein that's not microwaved like bacon or sausage.
Abraham F.
Chia seeds pudding prepared overnight, overnight oats. If you don't wanna do it over night, then oatmeal, eggs, or avocado toast.
Noah P.
Apple and peanut butter with a hard-boiled egg (make enough eggs ahead of time to last the week!)

Put sliced banana in your bowl of oatmeal before you microwave it. This will break it down and sweeten the oatmeal without sugar.

Use half an avacado instead of butter on whole grain toast. Top with smoked salmon for protein.

Kayla O.
I love scrambled eggs with spinach and other vegetables. If you want to be fast , spinach is the best choice because you don't have to cut it up or anything. Then grab an apple on your way out and eat in in the car on the way.
Kathryn O.
I SWEAR by those individual oatmeals you put hot water in. I can make it in less than a minute or two, and it's a good portion (for me, but I don't eat much). They have so many different flavors too! Fruit or yogurt are also good options for no-prep breakfasts!
Liva C.
Scrambled eggs are quick and easy and also very nutritious.
Just beat two eggs vigorously and on medium heat stir it until they get into the consistency you like
Amber N.
I eat vanilla flavoured yoghurt with granola every morning. If you don’t like store-bought granola, you can make it yourself in bulk so you are ready every morning! It literally takes less than 30 seconds to put this breakfast together 🙂
Another option is making a smoothie. Just look up different easy recipes (for example: banana, blueberries, spinach, peanut butter and milk of your choice). I buy all these ingredients in frozen bags because depending on where you live, frozen fruits and veggies will be healthier since they have less preservatives in them. So I just put everything in a blender and I’m good to go! Of you want to use fresh products, wash them in bulk, measure the different portions and put them together in a ziplock bag you put in the freezer. This way, you just put the bag in the blender with some milk and you’re good to go!
Good luck!
Viveque O.
Oats are really amazing! However they can take long traditionally because you have to cook them on the stove. Instead of this maybe look up overnight oats recipes, that way you can prepare the night before or even lots of jars for the coming week. If I feel like hot oats I just boil water in a kettle, pour it into a bowl of oats and put a plate over the bowl to let it soak in (then add milk after for creaminess and taste) Hope this helped!
Brandon N.
Oat meal, banana, apple, and yogurt. All you need is some milk (or water), 2 minute in the microwave, a spoon, and you’re ready to go!