What is the first drink you go for when you head to the kitchen?

Martyna U.
Usually a tea, especially in the morning. I don't add sugar coz I don't like to. During the day it's more likely to be water
Isabe Lle Not Lla N.
When I go to the kitchen I usually want to drink tea. My favorite is lemon tea that I put a bit of milk in if I want a sweeter drink.
Lisa F.
Ice cold water, it feels so refreshing to my tongue and mouth. I can feel it traveling down my throat and into my stomach. It’s such a feeling of satisfaction, knowing I am giving my body exactly what it needs and wants.
Денис Токмаков N.
I have a bottle in my refrigerator with water and lemons. This is my choice number one. Some days I don’t have this bottle prepared and then I drink just a glass of water from our kitchen filter.
James U.
I usually drink water because that's what quenches thirst. Even when I am feeling hungry, I consider when the last time I ate was and frequently opt for water to see if perhaps really I was just thirsty and misinterpreted it. I will also drink sparkling water to add variety. If I decide I truly want something else, I might opt for some juice, and I will almost always drink a mix of half juice and half–you guessed it–water! 🤣
Elissa E.
In the morning I usually tend to lean towards warm water to help my metabolism because it helps me to stay full. In the afternoon and evening I drink room temperature or cold water.
Maicy Z.
Water of any kind. Depends on how i feel. If i feel bloated or something, I have hot water with half a lemon sliced up. If I feel okay, freezing cold water lol.
Carl F.
It's definitely water every morning I wake up. Water is life and once I drink it in the morning first hand, I receive invigoration and all. I keep coming back to water as a good and basic drink to have.