Could you suggest me an application for meditation?

Victor W.
I love the Calm app, although you need to pay to get premium (it’s free for teachers though!) I know my mom and sister love Insight Timer and I know a lot of people love the Headspace App too. I would give some a try and see what you like best!
Alina Y.
I have been shopping around and trying several. Recently I have been using simple habit. I have also tried headspace and calm. All those are good. I am yet to find one that I love enough to pay for. If you want something very simple, Oak is good.
Noah B.
fabulos has behavioral change challanges including a lot of meditation, but I am sure there are many more that I don't know of
Manon O.
If you are a fabulous user so you don't need to ask this question , if you're not then you have asked your question in right place FABULOUS is perfect app to make you fabulous in every field of life
Carter X.
I use daily yoga application. It has meditation and yoga programs also. You need to buy pro membership to access all programs. But there are some good options for non-pro users.
Louisa N.
The Headspace app is a good place to start if you want to go direct to purely meditation. However sometimes it’s hard to make the jump to independent meditation. It’s more challenging than you may think.
Sometimes a more gradual option is to start with Guided Imagery and the to progress to meditation. Guided imagery can be more helpful as far as visualizing goals and specific healing. It’s quite different than meditation frankly, but is goo practice in simply being still and with your thoughts.
Joaquim B.
I like to use guided meditations on youtube. "Chakra balancing meditation" brings up a range of great choices from 10mins to an half hour or more.
Another option is a moving meditation. Go for a walk with a gentle affirmation in mind. Or when doing a chore just immerse yourself fully as if you have never done the task before. If you are washing dishes, for example, see the shapes the bubbles make, feel the silkiness of the water on your skin and hear the sound of the sponge caressing the plates and glasses. Each moment is an opportunity to get into a meditative, mindful awareness.
Otto C.
There are a few with good reputations. Sam Harris' Waking Up might suit you. So might 10%. Headspace is another. Most have free trials, so maybe a bit of googling, try some out and see what suits.
Jobst U.
I’m quite fond of Headspace. But also in addition to that I’ve also found a lot of excellent meditations through my Apple Music subscription.
Katrina S.
Yes. I use 10% happier, and I find the best one so far. There is a good amount of free meditations and the courses are easy to follow. I also really like the evolution of the user experience, now its more clear.
Ajuricaba E.
It could be Fabulous, or (but for this app I think it is better to go on 10 day course first to proper learn the technique), Headspace mabye.
Lea Y.
I recommend you use Calm, it’s the best meditation app for any one now getting into meditation, it’ll personally help you through your journey of meditating towards a calmer mind and greater day
Valentine Q.
I like the Toobee app. It gives out notifications every hour for your mantra of the day so I get to pause for a while, even for just 2 to 5 minutes and do short meditations during those times.
Kaylee Y.
I like the headspace app. I was never much into meditation, and I needed a kickstart. The headspace app has a 5 minute mediation option which was perfect for me. They also guide you with a voice through the beginning and end of the meditation; which helped me focus if my mind started to wander (or if i started to get bored.)
Bill O.
It depends depends on what kind of meditation you want SoundCloud got variety what I use on SoundCloud is the compassionate mind foundation and I use The Happiness Trap app for mindfulness meditation and then you can Google Kristin neff she's got some great again compassionate exercises on her website depends on your what you looking for really you've got headspace app that's one you pay for. Play store has more.
Meik X.
Like a phone app? There is one called Calm that’s pretty good for guided meditation. They also have calming sounds to put in the background if you get into a pattern and don’t want the guided voice. I also have book called Moon Magic that has meditation passages based on moon phases. I like it because I like to meditate at night, and the moon has a very strong energy. Hope this helped!
Annette Z.
I've found both Calm and Headspace to be pretty good, though you have to pay for the full versions. This app also has a handful of guided meditations of you haven't already tried them.
Tamara X.
The best app for meditation is Audiojoy. It might cost a little bit to get the full app but it's worth every penny. It's an amazing app
Enrique U.
I use Fabulous because it has everything you need. Meditation, coaching, challenges, routines. However if you’re looking for something more simple I suggest TinyGain. I’m
Howard U.
It really depends on the type of meditation you want to do, I use 2 apps: 1 for breathing and one for meditation. For breathing I use ‘Oak’ and for meditation I use ‘Breathe’.
Nicklas W.
One application for meditation is lowering your blood pressure by reduce your stress level. Taking time to meditate by yourself let you with time to see ideas and concerns coming up in your mind randomly. Let them go slowly one by one. Live in the moment. Breath slowly, count your breaths, listen to your breathing. Let go and relax.
Rodolfo Q.
I like Headspace. It has a lot of options for what you need. Is it stress? A headache? Mindfulness? Sleep? It has options for many things and options by time—shirt meditations or more intensive and graduated meditations. Good luck!
N I E.
Stop, Breathe & Think has by far been my favorite go to meditation app! I primarily use the meditation timer because I love the choices to change length as my meditation practice becomes stronger as well as the peaceful nature and sound healing vibes you can choose along with it. Another great feature that has me always returning is the sticker system which rewards you with a nice badge for accomplishing certain feats like days in a row, checking in with how you’re feeling as well as some others. They also have a breath timer which is a great tool to set the pattern of breath for what you are looking achieve whether it be energizing or calming. Guided meditations are also included that are excellent to begin with if you are just starting and I haven’t paid a penny to use it at all! Been dedicated since 2016!