Oatmeal and eggs are easy and quick options. Any other suggestions that aren’t expensive??

Ashleigh S.
Bacon and sausage are also surprisingly quick options! I buy the irregular sliced bacon to make it cheaper, and maple sausage links are super yummy.
Lucas Z.
One of my favorite breakfast options is cooked buckwheat cereal (it's similar to grits). It only takes about as much time as oatmeal from scratch, but it's more filling, has more complex carbs, and you can do anything with it as a base (adding garlic butter and cheese, honey, or a little fruit jam on top.) It shouldn't be any more expensive than oats if you buy it in bulk or from the right place.

It's a bummer that a lot of what we call "healthy" options are expensive, but that's partially because what's healthy is defined by people with agendas, beliefs, and workout plans to sell. Even foods that are "scientifically proven" to be healthier only have that effect if you're using the resources they provide in the best way.

(That's my long winded way of saying: don't freak about fat. It's the foundation of flavor, and it's better to consistently eat food you want to eat than try to force yourself to a bare, unpleasant and strict diet, which is easy to abandon or crash from.) Good luck! Enjoy!

Priscilla O.
Yoghur and cornflakes! Not expensive and you are full for a few hours and you have more energie 🙂 i have online class and now i eat this every morning and it keeps me more awake lmak xD hahha hope this helped you out a little bit (little tip : put honey rings in it, it makes it more sweet or put banana slices in it :D)
Ma Line Z.
Sautéed vegetables like kale, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach or onions make a great side to the eggs. I fry frozen plantations in coconut oil for a sweet addition to some my mornings. Cut up some fresh seasonal fruit, add it to homemade yogurt and homemade granola. (Yogurt can easily be made in a slow cooker.) Sweet potato hash is relatively inexpensive as well as smoothies made with your homemade yogurt and seasonal fruits.
Bessie Z.
Bread (any kind of bread that you like, I prefer whole wheat bread) and jam, milk or plant based milk, leftover rice to make fried rice. If you're vegan/vegetarian, use anything you like!
Imti Islam Paul V.
Bananas 🍌 and Apples 🍎 are less expensive and contains fiber which helps in quick waste excretion and they also don't let much carbohydrate absorved by the body.
Provides much more energy and helps to reduce fat.
Vale P.
An apple with homemade peanut butter.
Another option can be cookies of oatmeal, they are really easy to made you just need oatmeal and a banana.
Daniel S.
I sometimes have some fried bread with butter and honey and a cup of tea.
It pleases me so much that storm of tastes between that crunchy bread and the salty butter battling with the sweet honey, yummy 🤤.
It’s a good way to start the day.
Daniela S.
Smoothies and smoothie bowls are also really good. Just get some fruits that are in season or frozen fruit which is perfectly fine.
Kayla U.
I would recommend a healthy cereal brand or a yogurt with fruit for best ones but i would really recommend something high in fibre to start your day well try not to have super big portions aswell x
Franco A.
You can quickly prepare some red lentils and quinoa (or oats) in a pan (bring to a boil and simmer for 15-20 min) or pressure cooker (cook for about 30 seconds under pressure then let the pressure release; takes about 20-25 min max). Put in onion, garlic, herbs, spices, and whatever vegetables you have. You can put a bit of peanut butter or something similar after if you would like. I always put in mashed avocado mixed with apple cider vinegar and minced garlic. It should take you about 35 min (or less if you are quick with the cutting) in total.
Santiago T.
Toast is not expensive. Apples, bananas and fruits in general aren’t that expensive either. Add some nuts and you’ve got yourself quite a spread from where to choose from.
Lola E.
A tea or an orange juice always feel good to start a day! And bread with peanut butter! Or oat pancakes! You can prepare the solid mixture in a jar and just add the liquid ingredients in the morning! 😉