Do you think that pancakes are good for you to eat for breakfast?

Calvin T.
Although pancakes are great to have but they contain refined flour and isn't much filling so its better to have oats, eggs and fruits for breakfast or something rich in protein to keep us full and energetic till mid day.
Alexa F.
They are better than nothing but usually they are not very healthy so not a great way to start your day. If you really want to eat pancakes, try to include as much fruit as possible with them. The problem with pancakes is that they are very sweet, especially with maple syrup, so will cause you to crash later in the day when the sugar has been used
Lucas F.
Yes, of course, it also depends what you put on the pancakes and how many do you eat. Don't over do it and keep it healthy with fruits and honey 🙂
Kat N.
It depends on the pancakes and what else you are eating with them. In general, you want to get about 30% of your calories from protein, 30% from fat, and 40% from carbs. This can vary by person, but that is a general starting place. If you can balance your breakfast that way you will be in better shape for the day! Personally, I rest like Kodiak Cakes pancake mixes, as you can get some extra protein compared to other ones!
Frida W.
Pancakes tends to be very heavy also what it eaten with tends to be quite sweet. This wont make a good breakfast as you feel tired from the heaviness and loss energy gradually because of the sweetness. It doesn't supplement a good start to the day.
Anouk P.
Well it depends on what you mean with what is good for you. So I’ll try and answer the question based on that.
1. Good for you means the food is nutritious. Again, it depends what kind of pancakes you make. I like to mix 2 eggs with a banana as the batter. Then topping it with strawberries, blueberries and a drizzle of maple syrup. If you want more protein, you could add a scoop of protein powder. I would encourage incorporating protein in your breakfast, as it prevents insulin spikes (causing drowsiness), giving you more energy throughout the day. If you use regular pancake batter and cover it in syrup and butter, that would generally not be considered super nutritious.
2. That being said, I would recommend enjoying your breakfast. So if that is what you mean with “good for you”, then if you enjoy eating pancakes, I would say go for it! These days diet culture is so prevalent, and so many people have an unhealthy relationship with food, labeling certain foods as bad, and others as good, making us feel guilty for eating certain foods (or even food groups). I think it is incredibly important to find pleasure in eating. So if for you, that means eating pancakes, do it!
To conclude, try and enjoy your food, while still making sure you do get your daily healthy vitamins, carbs, proteins and fats in. Hope this helps 🙂
Umapati F.
Not for me. I’m 42 and a bit overweight. Anything rich in sugar makes me lethargic. And if this happens in the morning, my entire day is ruined because I just cannot recover until I go through the reset process overnight.
Claus Dieter F.
I do believe that pancakes are a enjoyable breakfast. But it should be a healthy substitut instead of an classic unhealthy pancake. A breakfast should be filling and nutritional. But it should also be enjoyable. That is why my answer is yes.
Cas Z.
No. Not traditional pancakes anyways. They will lead to elevated insulin levels and eventually cause a crash. Try looking up some recipes for banana protein pancakes instead. Stick to complex carbs and ensure you are getting adequate protein with your breakfast.
Lila Z.
It is a Sunday brunch meal. You can eat them with fresh berries and honey to increase nutritional value. You can experiment with a batter. Try adding a bit of chickpea flour or other magical flowers. Just be careful not to overdo it. These strange flours change the taste.
Kristall F.
In moderation, sure. But make sure to eat protein as well. I recommend eggs because you should really stay away from red meat. The protein will keep you energized throughout the day, and you’ll need that extra energy since you ate carbs and sugar first thing in the morning.
Nicoline F.
My last diet had 3 small pancakes and a cup of porridge as breakfast, the diet was a high protein one to gain muscle. Carbs are good for you cause they are slow glucose releasers. If you feel like having pancakes every day for breakfast but you're not comfortable with the idea, why don't you try and make banana pancakes or substitute plain flour for oats. This can give you a healthier perspective and make you feel more on track.
Nasia I.
Well it depends on the quantity. In itself, eating pankaces won't keep you full since they are quickly metabolised carbohydrates and sugars. However if you accompany them with some good protein (eggs or yoghurt) and maybe fibre (fruts) I think that yes, you can.I wouldn't say not to do it if you really want to ♡. Eating healthlily is not about depriving yourself of all the pleasant foods, but rather minimizing their consumption.
Maria Z.
I will suggest to have a breakfast that is high in healthy fats and also protein. My breakfast is avacado and 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg. I just make it like a salad. This keeps me full until lunch. Whereas having only carbs elevates my craving for more carb rich foods.
Thea C.
It depends on what kind. If they are multigrain pancakes they are healthier than just normal pancakes. And sugarfree syrup is also better for you than normal syrup.
Cathy O.
I think it's a good option if you do not eat the same breakfast every day, because our body needs more nutrients and minerals.
Joel E.
No, because they contain a lot of fat especially when it's already made pancake mix. However you can make pancakes healthy by making pancakes with fruit in them.(in the batter)
Monica C.
I think the answer to your question depends on the way that you make and eat the pancakes. Ultimately, eating refined sugar for breakfast is never recommended – it sets you up for a lethargic and unproductive day! 🙁

Having said that, I believe pancakes are a food that is commonly eaten with sugar syrup, hazelnut spread and other sugarey accompaniments. If possible avoid pancakes unless you can eat them healthily – i.e. less sugar, more eggs and fibre to start your day off right!

Nicolas O.
Its depends on the sort of pancakes, what you have with them and the serving size. I make banana and egg pancakes and have with berries and yoghurt.
Isabella C.
Yes, as long as you do not put too much sugar. Sometimes you can treat yourself but not every day. Also you can put fruit on the pancakes!
Lawrence P.
As i’m working towards becoming a true intuitive eater, it’s important to recognize that sure, pancakes can be a good breakfast. They can be a good lunch or dinner too. Is it something i crave often? Not really, I typically enjoy light meals that are more nutritionally dense, but that does not mean I wouldn’t love a small portion of pancakes. I just don’t like feeling crappy/sluggish after eating and i know it usually happens if i eat only pancakes for breakfast. Will i eat them anyway once in a while? Definitely.
Aliona P.
Pancakes are only a good choice for breakfast if:
A. You bake them yourself
B. You do 10 squats for every pancake you bake and 10 more for every pancake you eat
C. You drink your glass of water first
D. You skip syrup and replace it with berries. Not even a banana! Berries.
E. You have them once or twice a week.
Then pancakes are a good food for breakfast. Otherwise- no.
Havana Z.
personally, I don't like pancakes. I do like waffles & I think they are good to eat for breakfast! the two are close enough that I would say pancakes are good to eat for breakfast too. I usually pair my waffles with fruit
Manel E.
Yes, if they are balanced with fruit and something else. A whole stack of pancakes can be very filling and a carb load. If you balance your diet they may be a nice surprise meal.
Calvin Y.
Pancakes are a great breakfast option once in a while, but should not be eaten regularly. Pancakes and syrup are carb and sugar-heavy, which may cause you to wish for a nap! Better breakfast options will include eggs and whole grains. Try oatmeal with some trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, coconut) and fresh fruit (peaches, apples) mixed in. Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and Greek yogurt. Experiment! Good luck!
Cortni W.
Pancakes are a simple carb with high levels of processed sugar. They do not provide a complete source of nutrition or protein for breakfast and do not make a good breakfast choice as they will not satisfy your hunger through the morning nor will they supply adequate energy to tackle the day head on. If you really want pancakes, I would recommend opting for a higher protein option such as kodiak cakes.
Caitlin N.
Well I love pancakes but the thing is we usually don't have milk or the ingredients or I have a short time for my breakfast so I can't actually cook
Alana P.
If you can use a wholegrain flour instead like buckwheat or oat rather than refined flour and serve it with healthy options I think you can make a healthy breakfast dish with pancakes. Easy on the maple! Preferably without? Perhaps fresh fruit and mint?
Raymund F.
No, unless they are made by Matt. His are made with Love and gives me an major boost in happiness and that, is very healthy.
Ludwig X.
Absolutely not. Suger is not a good thing to eat in the morning. You need a salty meal like omlet with a salad on the side and some cheese. Or anything else that is with no sugar in it.
Eva F.
Pancakes are my favorite, and while I know they are not the most nutritional option for breakfast, sometimes they are the best option for the soul
Ariovanda Z.
Only every once in a while. If you’re eating pancakes all the time, it is unhealthy. Please stick to healthier foods, such as nuts, fruits, eggs, etc. 🙂
Morgan P.
No I don’t believe pancakes are a good breakfast. I feel that they are tasty but do not have a long lasting fill or protein to give energy throughout the day.
Michelle J.
Yes! But, in moderation.

A spinach and red pepper omelet would be much healthier than a pancake with butter and syrup. And, most of the time, I choose the healthier option because it gives me the nutrients I need to start my day, and it is often still very delicious. But, SOMETIMES, treat yo' self! Start whipping up some batter, and get the blueberry pancakes going! — Because mental and emotional health are important too.

I believe in switching it up, and keeping it interesting and fun!

Stephanie E.
It's a good comfort food and can make you happy. However as it is fast sugars it will give you energy for 30 minutes and then you will experience a crash in your energy levels. Choose protein and slow sugars to remain energised all the way to lunch !
Robin T.
Unfortunately not. Taste great with jam but you will feel hungry again in an hour or so. Maybe a treat but with nuts and fruit