What would be good for breakfast that contains iron?

Rosana S.
Strawberries with low-fat yogurt along with pumpkin or sunflower seeds would be great. Try to avoid drinking tea or coffee with breakfast as those items inhibit iron absorption.

Lauren C.
Anything with peanut butter!! I personally prepare overnight oatmeal with peanut butter, cinnamon, greek yogurt, milk, banana, and any nuts (cashews, almonds) I have lying around. A peanut butter and banana sandwich is also a good option. 🙂

Mar Lia Q.
That is a really good question, anything with spinach or dark green leafy vegetables is always good! Also, the best thing to take with iron is eat things with vitamin c because it helps iron absorb. Also a whole egg is a good choice!

Antje S.
Any food containing spinach, an omelette, a smoothie, a salad, anything like that. Surprisingly also cereal, most cereals have added iron to make up for the lack of natural iron. One important thing as well, is to pair your iron with a drink or snack high with vitamin c as it helps the body absorb iron.

Arnold O.
Eggs, beef, and pork all contain iron. So if you want to eat iron, eggs, sausage, and ham are good options. A vegan option is dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale contain iron. Hope this helps😄

Justus X.
Spirulina. It's an algae. Start with a small amount, just half a teaspoon, if you're not used yo it. I put a bit of spirulina on my fruit salad, or in the yogurt, or in the scrambled eggs, or stirfry, soup, etc. It's high in fibre, proteins and iron. A pack of spirulina might not be cheap but it'll last you for ages.

L Andre E.
I am not sure about traditional breakfast foods but I do know that green vegetables tend to have a good bit if Iron in them. Say get some cottage cheese (protein) raw spinach (iron) and mandarin oranges (heathy sugar) in a bowl and eat it for breakfast.

Alwina X.
A few things: some of the nuts like cashews, spinach, apricots, sardines… perhaps I would put some spinach in an egg for omelet, but since I'm trying to be vegan, I wild probably have some cashews and tea for breakfast. Perhaps I would also heat up some lentils… lighter healthier foods, or a little bit of heavier foods

Sophie Y.
Red meat is the most bioavailable source of hemeiron, the iron your blood uses and needs. Any kind of red meat is good, but steak is a very classic breakfast with eggs. You could also try beef bacon, or thin sliced strips of any beef cut, stir fried. Homemade beef or chicken liver patè is another good option, if you want something served cold.

Cust Dia Q.
Spinach. You can do an omelette or just a side of it. Some people do smoothies with fruit and spinach. You can hardly taste it, but it’s got all kinds of great nutrients, including iron.

Ava O.
Egg cups prepared in a muffin tin. Add 2 eggs, a pinch of spinach or kale, and any other seasonings/ingredients that you like.

Adiel Z.
Things like beef, so steak and eggs is a good, high protein and iron meal, also things like
leafy greens like spinach, tofu, lentils, chicken and things of the like. Google is my best friend for that kind of information.