I’m always running late. What are some quick and simple breakfast ideas?

C Me O.
Hard boiled egg prepared in advance. Or a handful of nuts. I can also have some cereal or get some higher quality cereal.
Ikigai G.
Well, you can always have fruit or cereal bars. Even cereal will work too. Or before the day your important events make something with fruits and oats.
Edouard C.
I prepare my breakfast in the evening, put it in the fridge and in the morning I take it with me to the office. Eg. joghurt with oatflakes,cinnamon and cutted orange, all mixed together.
Roy Y.
Preparing some hard boiled eggs to grab in the morning is a good idea. Also some quick and easy fruits like bananas or apples that you can eat on the way are good. Or just get some good breakfast protein bars that you can grab in a hurry would even be good.
Daryl F.
Get things ready the night before and pack them up in your bag: fruit, nuts, or energy Bars are easy choices. If you like eggs you can boil one. Don’t forget to go shopping and get breakfast items. Oatmeal is often on my list; you can do baked oatmeal and eat a square of it cold when you are in a hurry
Celan V.
Some of the best quick and healthy breakfasts are : fried or boiled eggs, oatmeal(on water) with jam, or you could at least grab a banana or an apple. They request 5 minutes. Like for me, I’m boiling some eggs before I go to sleep, and in the morning I just eat and am ready to go