How to take breakfast if you awake late and have no time

Cauani Z.
I usually get a protein smoothie ready for my wife which is low fat low(ish) sugar but high protein that keeps her going. Or have an emergency shop bought protein shake in the fridge in case you really have no time
Neil U.
I think having some healthy snack items may help because you can grab those on the go, like nuts or a protein bar and some fruit.
M Line T.
Probably have some fruit you can grab Ike an apple or a banana as well as something like maybe a little gun of Greek style yoghurt
Ciro Z.
I pre-prep hard boiled eggs. I have healthy yogurt options What I do most days is frozen strawberries/bannana/blueberries/protein powder (Vanilla) and orange juice/splash of milk. Blend that together using a Ninja or similar with individual blender cups and your DONE!
Carlos Z.
Sometimes I wake up later than planned. I used to buy my breakfast on my way to work when that happened. Breakfast meant coffee and cheese croissants. That left me tired and always feeling a bit guilty because it's not healthy and it costs a lot of money. Now I have several types of breakfast ready: almonds, fruit, dried fruit, proteine bars etc. Now I never have to leave my house without a proper breakfast. It's also nice that I can vary now.
Kim N.
Have a stash of protein bars ready to go if you need something healthy to grab really quickly. Better yet, just always carry one in your car or bag. You'll never know when you'll need food fast.
Maya B.
Just make systems to not wake up late. Don't plan for this or it will happen. If you are having problems getting up, that really means that you are having problems going to bed. You need to go to bed at a consistent time and get enough sleep.
Philip Z.
Take a some fruit and coffee with you. Or make the "running late" package just in case. Example nuts, protein bar and fruitsauce?jam?without added sugar (I dont know what to call that in english) and u can eat it on the way or the first break.
Walther M.
Always have an "on the run" solution, like a cereal bar or a turkey sandwich. Even though it's better to take some time to eat, eating on the way is better than nothing and can help to make eating breakfast a habit
Brandon E.
I tend to go for something quick and easy. So eggs are a perfect breakfast for me. They are so versatile so I never get bored. But if I have the time I try to make my breakfast a bit more interesting so I add veggies such as avocado and tomatoes.
Johanne G.
I take along a banana with me every day on my drive to work. Bananas are exceptionally good for you, filling and easy to eat on the run. I occasionally take along an energy bar and an apple depending on when I will be able to eat my next meal. My schedule is quite hectic so this keeps me full and energized until I can sit down to eat my lunch.
Blanka S.
A piece of fruit and a handful of nuts works great for a breakfast to go! Or a smoothie is quick and easy to take with you too.
Miriam U.
Cereal bars, bananas or dried fruit and nut mix all make good, quick breakfasts on the go which take no time to prepare. Also smoothies or a glass of fruit juice could give you energy quickly.
Solveig S.
First of all you probably should try to not awake late. It sounds stupid, but just going to bed early and not snoozing will make sure you have plenty of time to have breakfast properly. It also gives you a nice startup to your day.

If you do wake up late ( maybe you slept through an alarm or something?) You can make sure you have some on the go food ready in your pantry. Bananas, apples and energy bars are good examples.

Emmerich J.
Try to buy a bunch of bananas or seasonal fruit on a Sunday so you always have some on hand to grab on your way out. Or pick one up a shop, healthy fruit and nut bars are good also. Eating ASAP in the morning is better than not at all.
Lisa E.
Simply skip it. One missed breakfast don't kill you, but this case will teach you a lesson and next time you will be more eager to wake up earlier and/or take bead time earlier. Cheers.
Almurt O Q.
Make it the night before! I make overnight oats – 1/2 cup each of whole oats, milk, Greek yogurt, and frozen fruit. Let it sit overnight in the fridge and the oats soften and absorb the liquid.
Jessie J.
On weekends prepare small bags with the ingredients for a smoothie, enough for a single serving. Each day pour one into the blender with either milk or water and blend. . 10 seconds. Add a scoop of protein powder and reblend 5 seconds.
Est Ban Y.
I think it’s easiest to have breakfast prepared the night prior. In the event you have an emergency and can’t execute your plan, then it’s a good idea to have a breakfast/protein bar on hand as a (near) substitute.
Krin X.
Load ceŕeal into a jar or drink bottle with wide mouth, chop fruit small then add more milk or juice than usual so you can drink it on the run!
Javier F.
Try Quaker 1 or 3 minute oatmeal plus frozen fruit – you can stock up on those once in a month and have breakfast every day in 15 min: you first spend ~4 min on heating the oats and then add frozen fruit to make the temperature bearable so that you can eat it quickly. That’s my go to recipe. Good luck! 🙂
Justine Z.
Have fruit out. Whenever I wake up and I’m in a hurry, a grab a piece of fruit and make myself a cup of orange juice or cold water if I have time. And if worse comes to worse, eat your lunch early and have brunch.
Maur Lio Z.
You need 15 minutes for scrambled eggs or 5 minutes for good healthy sandwiches and vechetables, especially if you arrange everything in the evening before.
Reinhild O.
Start with a ritual that is scalable. For example, I bought a smoothie maker. I throw in some veggies, fruit, cruesli and milk and then blend it all into a smoothie. If I have the time I sit down and drink it, if I'm in a hurry I put a cap on the blender bottle and run off.
Benjamin U.
This is a good question 😂. I am late at school literally every day but trust me breakfast is SUPER important. I try to take a croissant or something like that and eat it on my way to school. A snack is better that nothing at all 🤷🏼‍♀️
Brad E.
I always wake up one hour before to eat good breakfast and get prepared. But if I have no time I take banana and oat with me and buy yoghert so I can eat it in the train on my way to work
Cecil P.
First you can get like a granola bar or a banana for breakfast and for a drink you can have some water or just a juice like Capri Sun.
Gunnar Y.
Try keeping some healthful snacks such as nuts, pb, and dried fruit in your desk at work. Also, a little preparation such as boiling and peeling eggs and making a few snack-sized baggies with vegetables before the start of the work week provide a great “grab and go” breakfast.
Ana S Y.
You have to slow down and eat without rushing, it's better to enjoy your food even if you are late. Just eat something smaller and ready to go
Emanuela Y.
Just eat something quickly or prepare it from night like gather fruits for smothie. If you cant prepare it at night then eat nuts in various forms like chocolate or gajak or just simply roast it and eat it eat fruits ,or like articles said put peanut butter on Apple and that's it .I hope this help
Marine Y.
Awake 10’ earlier, leave the coffee maker ready the night before, and a toast in the oven. Have a peanut butter toast with coffee and cramberies, it will take 10’ pf your life!!
Ella U.
I like to have things like protein bars or fruit on hand for when I happen to need to rush out of the house. If I know I’m going to have little time in the morning I prep food for breakfast the night before. Like leave out some fruit and nuts or make and overnight oatmeal. If you’re more of an eggs person, you can also make little breakfast burritos with eggs and veggies. Making them your self and wrapping them in parchment in a big freezer bag lets you have that warm protein filled breakfast that’s especially nice in the winter without having to spend much time on them in the morning.
L Andre Q.
Just put a piece of fruit/energy bars in your work bag the night before so you don't even have to worry about getting anything ready in the morning. Your future self will thank you 🙂
Isab U Q.
If you woke up late and don't have enough time to eat, then don't worry about it. Make sure you drink alot of water and it will help you last until you eat your lunch or dinner. Next time to prevent it from happening, plan out a few days where you will fix a quick breakfast like cereal serving size or quick oatmeal. You can also try using breakfast drinks.
Stephanie F.
Always have fruit, granola and yogurt on hand to easily take and eat on the go. All are great, simple and quick options.
Lucille J.
I use Vega One protein shakes. They're super easy to make and drink and you can have 20g vegan protein in 5 min. Also, Bulletproof coffee is quick and easy and keeps you going for hours!! Remember: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make time for it and set yourself up for success!! Good luck!
Erik U.
I like to have a small breakfast ready to just grab because I never have enough time to make a big breakfast since I’m always rushing out the door. So a fruit or something to pop in the microwave or toaster for a couple minutes while you finish gathering and getting out is good, as is yogurt and like things that you can just grab and go
Sohan E.
I found that I have my breakfast meet my schedule.
On bussy days (and I have those often), I prepare a quick couscous: the water is boilled while I take the shower, then I put 50grams of couscous in 100ml water and add some flavours. While that is soaking I get myself dressed for work. So by the time I'm dressed there is a wonderful meal of couscoussoup ready, which only takes 5 minutes to eat.
Mathilda X.
I prep my breakfast for the week so it's grab and go. I make muffin tin recipes. See Pinterest for dozens of ideas. Last night I made egg frittatas in muffin pan and pancakes, low fat low carb, high protein Kodiak cakes. Pop one in micro in morning take on the go to eat.
Catherine J.
Take away; it's the easiest and best solution ever. Before leaving home, just take a fruit and/or some crackers that you can eat on your way! If you prefer the bar instead, you can take a coffee, but avoid sweet foods if possible; even in this case a fruit would be the best option!
Peter X.
The best answer is to set having a nutritious breakfast as a priority then plan to succeed by having something on hand at all times. Boil eggs and peel them and place one or two in a container. Reusable containers with nut butters and slices of cheese or chopped veggies. Keep fresh fruit on hand too then you can grab and go and eat on the way to work or upon arriving. Another suggestion is to make containers with all the ingredients for a smoothie and freeze. Then all you have to do is add the contents and liquid, blend and pour into a lidded container and drink on the go.
Joanne Z.
Have something prepared the night before, I take yoghurt & fruit, which I can eat whilst travelling to work, not ideal – but better than going without.