What needs to be happening for you to ensure you make yourself a great breakfast?

Amy N.
I usually find it easier to make myself a great breakfast if I am not rushing. I like to have lots of time in the morning to make all kinds of food and enjoy it before work. To shorten the time I need to make breakfast, I’ll prep it the night before. Just quickly cutting some veggies or getting together fruit for a smoothie is super helpful in the morning.
Josiah F.
Having eggs, cheese and milk in the fridge so I can make myself an omelette.
Also having all the utensils I need clean and ready to use. Also starting the morning with a relaxing coffee before anything else is powerful too. It puts you in the right mindset.
Meta Y.
If i have all the ingrediente and utensils needed to make cooking comfortable, then it is much easier to start. Also a clean kitchen works wonders. Sun shining on through the window also helps. And no hangover 😀
Hadrien S.
I make sure to wake up bright and early. After that, I make sure I shower so I can get my body in the mood to get moving. And finally, I try to keep my breakfast simple, yet healthy, so I don’t have excuses to not cook. I usually have some eggs, beans, and vegetables, and I also try to stick to the same thing everyday; this way I keep it simple.
Martin E.
I have to wake up at a good time and feel motivated to make myself breakfast. I have to choose the healthy choice rather than a junky choice.
Jeppe B.
Для начала, достаточно времени. Когда я собираюсь на работу я предпочитаю поспать, а не завтракать. И еще, нужно точно знать что готовить, чтоб не думать еще кучу времени. И наличие нужных продуктов в холодильнике, конечно
Francis F.
For me, skipping a breakfast ain't a choice. I have always, my whole life, ate a breakfast, and it became more important when I got diabetes type 1. So for me, it needs to be very good reason to skip breakfast, example laboratory blood tests.
Macha O.
Usually I don’t like eating in the morning, afterwards I feel nauseas. But now, I just wake up half an hour earlier and I don’t feel sick anymore. Also, try to prepare your breakfast the day before, so that you don’t lose time. And eat healthy, or you’ll feel super tired. I hope this helped you!