Does eating breakfast have long term effects on habits?

Silke F.
I am not sure. I am trying to lose weight so skipping breakfast is ok for me. I do eat a small fruit though if I am hungry
Gitte T.
I workout out in the mornings so for me it makes all the difference because it allows me to have a source of protein after my workout. As far as building habits I think it’s good to eat breakfast because once you do it a few times it will give you more structure in your routine!
Keerthana T.
Yes ..eating breakfast have long term effects on habits . Because I was person who would just skip the breakfast and go for my works, but skipping breakfast made me so lazy and dizzy.But then I tried to eat my breakfast and it gives the whole day energy and fitness.
Jared F.
It does have a long term effect. When you don’t eat your breakfast your body doesn’t have what it needs to wake up and function. along with this it also slows down your metabolism over time as your body doesn’t know when it’ll get its next meal
Fiete N.
yes, the breakfast is the principal meal of the day. It bring you the energy necesary to start and maintain you in focus.
Keerthana T.
I think it kick starts the day with thinking about what to eat next. Suddenly you’re curious what to plan for lunch, what are you going to eat for dinner? Soon, you get creative with your meals. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day not only for brain function but also thinking of the next goal in mind. You already have dirty dishes from Breakfast so that gives you a new goal to step towards everyday. If you wash your dishes right after breakfast everyday your starting a new routine with better goals that make it easier in the future.
Barac Z.
Breakfast food and timing should be tailored to each individual to achieve success. For example, I can't eat right after waking up. I have my coffee and I stretch it out. At some point, I have an organic banana and later I make myself a big fresh salad from 7 veggies – my vitamin bomb. This works for me where I follow my body and give it nutrition – no heavy greasy stuff. The rest of the day becomes easier.
Willard X.
Eating breakfast gives you energy for the emtire day . Helps you control your hanger and lets you think more positive . So, yes ,eating breakfast has long term effects on habits and keeps you in better shape