How soon after you wake are you hungry?

Rianne W.
Depends if I wake up Early in the morning than it takes some time for me to get hungry but if I wake u late than somethimes I'm already hungry when I'm still in bed
Paul E.
It depends. I'm usually not hungry at all and will wait until lunch time to eat. But that isn't healthy, so try to eat 1 or 2 hours after I wake up so I'm not so hugry at the end of the day.
Jenny E.
I am usually hungry within the first hour of waking up in the morning. However, there have been some occasions where I woke up without eating.
Muzaffer X.
It depends if I ate something that is not very light last night. If i ate something light, I will probably be hungry in the morning! I am not hungry very often, but I try to eat a nice breakfast whenever I get up!
Hannah N.
Depends on what time I get up. If it’s early, it can take up to an hour before I actively start feeling hungry. When I wake up a bit later, it usually takes about 15-30mins.
Nancy O.
Sometimes I wake feeling hungry, but it goes away as soon as I drink a glass of water. Most of the time, I'm actually hungry within an hour of waking.
Daisi E.
I don’t feel hunger but i do often wake up with hunger pains. Other times, it would take me about an hour to feel the hunger pain and dizziness
Marcella N.
Actually I’m not hungry at all in the morning. I started having breakfast with a cup of coffee and that was a big step for me, then my body begun to need the coffee in the morning even if I don’t feel the sense of hunger. Now I’m trying to add some fruit to my breakfast routine and even if I don’t feel to eat my body doesn’t deny a banana or an apple. I think being consistent helps my body to accept each little change I do in my life. Start slow and even if you don’t fell hungry in the morning, eat your breakfast: your body will thank you.
Marco N.
About 30-45 minutes. I try to get my morning self care and chores done first thing, by the time I’m done I realise that I’m awake and my body begins telling me to eat.
Olga Z.
If I don't drink water, I feel hungry when I wake. With a cup of water, I can wait a hour (so much time I need for my morning routine)
Gabriella J.
Hi dear strange friend 🙂
I usually felt hungry after almost 1 hour and I hadn’t energy to workout that much. However because of my condition I started my day by drinking a glass of apple cider vinegar tea with a little bit maple syrup. When I drink it I have enough energy to my morning workout and preparing breakfast. It worked great for me but if you want try it I recommend you to inform your primary doctor. It can be harmful for people with certain kind of health issues. Wish you safe, health and happiness. Be successful
Derrick U.
I dont think I get very hungry right when I wake up… it could take a while and i usually dont eat a lot right after waking up… sometimes if i do i get sick. So… i eat a little and a little after i eat better
Freya O.
I'm usually hungry right after a hot bath in the morning. Water really helps to build an appetite as well as energises and awakens me.
Arson U.
I usually feel hungry after 30-45 minutes from waking up.I don't know why I don't feel hungry just as I woke up but I am okay with that because I have time to meditate and shower before breakfast
Olive X.
When i wake up on weekends I sometimes sleep late and wake up late, before I knew that it’s a bad habit to wake up and go on my ipad I try to get up, wash fase and maybe change clothes, and watch tv but it takes like 30 minutes after I wake up for my stomach to start grumbling and i get hungry then.
S O.
I do not feel hungry at all after I wake up. Only time I'm hungry is after a workout . This just shows how much fat I have stored in my body. I have been trying intermittent fasting lately
Louis U.
Honestly it depends on how long I ate before bed. If it was way before bed, then yes I wake up hungry. If it was right before and I was able to digest, I can usually go about 3 hours before I get hungry but that just could be due to body training from years of eating mainly once, sometimes twice, a day in the afternoon or evening. With that being said if I fall asleep without digesting I wake up with a stomachache and very hungry.
Mathias Z.
I can wake up hungry. Most of the time I get hungry like half an hour after I wake up. Some days I get hungry an hour or 2 after I wake up.