Do you find time to cook a proper breakfast or have a quick grab and dash breakfast?

Kota O.
Depends on the day, generally i now wake up early enough to cook for myself but if i’m not feeling it or i’m pressed for time, i’ll try to do something quick but nourishing!
Evaldo P.
Well if i wake up early in the morning i have a proper time to cook a breakfast and do my other work because i have to go for school afterwards
Falaq V.
I am still young and don't know how to cook. My mom makes a proper breakfast. On school days i have a quick grab because i am always running late😂
Tereza Y.
Most of the time i try to cook something thats is easy to make but is proper for eating. When i know ill need time i wake up early since its better to have a proper breakfast than the dash one
Bryan T.
Personally, if I go to bed early and sleep bed, I wake up energetic so I'd prepare a proper breakfast. But especially on weekdays I go for something easier. Hope this helps 👍🏻
Marius Z.
Depends on the day and what time my child wakes up. If she sleeps later I make breakfast. We eat eggs together and toast and sit down together. If she is up early she doesn't eat breakfast right away so then I eat a granola bar.
Ramon J.
I make time to make my breakfast. Since i started, it makes me feel better n fuller all day. So yes, i make time for me n my breakfast. Nothing fancy, just a couple of eggs n some veggies, frozen or fresh.
Mary E.
I used to get up at 6.30 for work and grab a quick snack. But now I get up 10 mins earlier and make porridge everyday. Feel so much better for the rest of the day.