Are there any food groups that you would not recommend for one to eat at breakfast time?

Jordan J.
Try to avoid sugar and caffeine first thing in the morning.

Eating sugary foods, including fruits rich in natural sugars, on an empty stomach causes a rapid increase in blood sugar, followed by a sudden drop. This increases feelings of stress, anxiety, and tiredness after you've eaten.

And avoid coffee until, at least until you have completely finished eating your breakfast. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach triggers excess bile to be produced by your stomach AND it causes your kidneys to secrete an inflamed mucus which irritates your gut. These fluids are useful after eating as they can aid digestion, but they are actually harmful to your digestive system when your gut is empty.

Most research now recommends that you eat a breakfast rich in good quality protien and fat. This can be as easy as eating an egg or two that you boiled the night before. Eating high protien & healthy fatty foods in the morning decreases yoir body's production of stress and hunger hormones for the rest of the day 🙂

Walther E.
What you eat or don't eat depends on many factors. Your calorie goal, exercise level, health considerations like diabetes, and how your body reacts to different foods. You are unique and your choices will be specific to you. With all that in mind sugar and carbs will cause some people to crash so I would limit the amount I have at breakfast and focus more on protein which is the fuel you need to power through your morning.
H Lo Se A.
Dont eat fast, oily, or sugery foods. They might give you the flavor and burst of energy you're looking for but they do more harm than good. Once you decide what is healthy to eat in the morning, and you make it a habit, you'll find these foods easier to avoid.
Vanessa X.
Nope! I'd go easy on the fats though. I would suggest that you don't eat carbs unless you are going to burn them off through exercise or eat them first so you burn them off throughout the day. I don't typically eat carbs at night unless I know I'm going to be moving around alot.
Sabrina F.
The three broad food groups are protein, carbohydrates and fats. Each can be broken down further but the one of which to be cautious are the fast-burn sugary and starchy carbs found in popular cereals and white bread. This is the cheapest of fuels and has no staying power and little nutritional value. Come to think of it, they have little flavour – mush, tatt and snake oil! If you want fruit in your breakfast then go for berries, these have the lowest sugary content but are bursting with fibre and vitamins. The best meals (regardless of time of day) will include protein, carbs and fat. Plan your breakfast the night before and prep what you can – it makes the morning far more bearable.
Heidi F.
Meals should be high fiber, low fat, salt and sugar. Wheetabix and oats are healthy. Cocopops are a treat and a fry is also a treat on a day off!
Louise E.
My suggestion would be that one should avoid all types of high calorie, fatty and spicy foods at breakfast. Mouth watering, spicy and oily fast food items should be avoided as far as possible. Fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and fibrous foods should be chosen on priority basis.
Mirela F.
No. All food groups are accepted at breakfast. Some days I feel like carbs and dairy (yogurt and granola with fresh berries) and other days I crave eggs and bacon with sautéed veggies. Balance it out and you will be fine.
Mathis E.
Stay away from sugars found in pastries is a given. If you are like me and workout after breakfast, stay away from drinking orange juice as it causes acid buildup during workout.
Ronald F.
I think it depends on everyone's preferences.
I've found that fruits and yoghurt are not so heavy in the morning or even cereal. I make my lunch a bit bigger and then a small supper again.
I mainly do this because I'm not used to having breakfast either.
I prefer to stay away from too much carbs like bread, pasta, potatoes. Because of it effecting a person's insulin levels and let's me get hungry quicker.
So basically limited protein, fruits and veggies and dairy and NO sugar
Rosalia J.
Scrambled eggs. Personally, I don't feel well after eating it for breakfast. I am not sure if it is true for everyone, however.
Tony S.
Meat, dairy, eggs. It may be a lifestyle switch, but it is hard to ignore the benefits of consuming no cholesterol for breakfast and high fiber.
Fernando Z.
Meats and cheeses. Having gone strict vegan for 6 months, I can say that removing meat and dairy products from my diet was the best thing I'd ever done. This along with only eating non processed whole foods gave me energy, mental clarity and a feeling of well being I've never felt before. Having three young children now means I've lost the time and discipline to eat well. I'm back on meat and cheese and anything else and feel worse for it. Breakfast can be avocado, toast, beans, oats made with soy, banana soy smoothie. Keep it whole unprocessed foods and you'll be fine.
Erlese T.
Anything with lots of sugar. Or just a breakfast smoothie. They do not power the day by themselves or help you go long enough to last. Instead combine them with other healthy options. If you have to have a muffin then put some protein with it so it will stick with you.
Eckhard E.
Well for Breakfast, I personally make sure to eat some form of healthy carbs, usually a fruit like banana (cause its so versatile) and maybe something from the grain group like rolled oats or glute-free bread. I do this to keep my blood sugar stable. I make sure to eat healthy fats like nuts, avocado or nut butters, cause they help to satisfy and to keep me satisfied for longer, as apposed to just having carbs for breakfast. I don't reccomend having any animal products in the morning personally, cause I find they slow me down mentally and physically, and I'm never my best self. And of course, drink about 1 bottle of water in the morning and make sure to not eat any unhealthy treats, as consuming these will set you up for disaster at the end of the day.
Gabe J.
yes, Donuts even though they are sooo yummy they produce a lot of calories! I recommend having eggs with a healthy drink and avocado toast!
Rose N.
I would not recommend refined carbs or sugars (like those found in pastries, breads, most cereals). They can cause a crash and leave you feeling tired.
Angela T.
Carbohydrates with high sugar and/or low fibre.
High have personally been eating high protein/medium fat and have noticed I stay energised for longer, with little cravings.
Ma Lys Y.
High-sugar items. If I eat sugary foods like donuts or sweet muffins without anything else first thing in the morning I feel crummy for at least two hours.