How to make a breakfast in less than 10 minutes?

Alexandra P.
By Organizing everything you need the night before, doing that you will be faster and more efficient when you are preparing your breakfast, plus is easier.
Felix P.
Use quick oats for morning oatmeal! They can cook in less than 5 minutes on a stove, or just mix boiling water into them. Then top with nuts, fruit, honey, and a splash of milk!
Yogurt is a good option too – I buy it plain and mix it up with some dries fruit, nuts, granola, and a little maple syrup for sweetener. Sliced apples and peanut butter with a serving of cheese is great for a small quick breakfast as well. You can also add a hard boiled egg or two to these options! You can make those days ahead and have enough eggs already made for the week!
Phyllis O.
Crustless quiches in a muffin tin, with a range of veggies and cheeses. You can make enough for a week.

Once you’re in the habit you can make scrambled or fried eggs very quickly.

Cook and freeze sausages or bacon and microwave just what you need that day.

Bircher muesli is made the night before. Just add some nuts and yoghurt in the morning.

Xochitl Y.
Boil a few cups of water with some salt, set a timer for 4 mins and drop two whole eggs in there, shell and all. Wait a few more minutes if you don't like runny yolk!

Meanwhile, toast some bread or grab some rice cakes (Tomato and Basil Ones are my fave!). Slice an avocado, take half and mash with fork. Add a squeeze of lime, salt, and a few chopped cherry tomatoes. Mix it up!

Add to toast or rice cake, slice eggs in half, and add on top! Sprinkle paprika and pepper to your liking, and voila! 1-2 servings!

C Lia F.
I like to multi-task! For example, my go-to breakfast is avocado on toast with fried egg and hemps seeds so I will start on the eggs while the bread is in the toaster and while I spread the avocado, I will boil hot water (for my coffee) and cook my eggs! It takes a couple tries to figure out the perfect pathway for you, but I find it helps me get into a rhythm of some sort. Hope this helped!!^^
Ruby F.
It’s quite easy actually! All you need is fruit, milk or yogurt, and honey or nuts if you want them. You could make a smoothie just by chucking some frozen fruit and milk in the blender (but I like to but a tiny bit of honey in my smoothie as well to take away the sourness of frozen berries). Or you could have a dollop of low fat yogurt with berries and banana. This option is amazing with chopped nuts and natural honey on top of it!
Nely Z.
You make breakfast day before, perhaps you boil or scrambled a couple eggs in the afternoon then pop them in the fridge for tomorrow. Preparing food the day before is a great way to have a quick breakfast. If you’re more of a grain person there are somebody good instant breakfasts such as oatmeal which only requires boiling water. It’s also an option to slap together a sandwich using some deli meats or maybe precooked chicken as your protein source. There are probably a few videos on this topic on YouTube so try checking out some on “breakfast meal planning” or something like that or “quick healthy breakfast ideas” even websites like Pinterest shouldn’t have ideas too. Just look for some ideas and be patient. Godspeed mate.
Lina P.
No cook breakfasts are great. Cereal and fruit. Toast with spread and fruit. Smoothies. Yogurt and fruit. Leftovers from dinner. Overnight oats with fruit.
Cristina F.
Make overnight oats. It’s a healthy breakfast you can batch make for the week. It’s essentially no cook oatmeal. Rich in protein, fibre, antioxidants and keeps you fuller for longer. We use oats, chia seeds, almond milk and vanilla extract for the base. each day we top with a different combination of fruits, spices, nuts etc. There’s loads of different recipes and methods online. It’s a quick, easy breakfast 🙂
Arron W.
Most of the times I just eat an apple of some yoghurt with strawberry.. When I don't have that much time I put an Apple in my back and eat it on the way.
Let Cia S.
I usually eat porridge for breakfast. It's comforting, nutritious and gives you energy until lunch time. I also add a piece of fruit and that's it!
Vancl Ia E.
Something simple but nutritious to keep you going until lunch

I like peanut butter and banana on rye, or avocado and ham on rye with salt and pepper (both of these have protein, healthy fats and carbs so should last until lunch time). I also like rolled oats in coconut yoghurt with blueberries.

Daniel J.
You can do a single egg on a toasted English muffin with cheese and a slice of Canadian bacon and have everything clean in less than 10 minutes. Especially if you get one of those tiny single-egg skillets. I also do toasted English muffin with peanut butter, or cottage cheese and fruit, or yogurt, or some combo of the above.
Danny N.
Preparation is paramount to efficiency. What do you like in a breakfast, what is your goal? For instance, if you enjoy a simple bowl of cereal or oats, preparing an “overnight oats” recipe in a jar the night before allows you to quickly grab and eat. If you prefer a heartier meal, think eggs and toast, then set yourself up the night prior: keep the bread slice(s) conveniently placed and covered, eggs where you can grab them, have the oil or pat of butter nearby as well; pan out on the stove ready to be warmed. You’ll find a routine that works for you and realize that with preparation and coordination the whole plate can come together in 5 minutes. If you enjoy coffee in the morning, invest in a drip coffee maker and set it on automatic, or if you’re an enthusiast invest in a good kettle, pre-filled and have the coffee grounds at the ready so you can brew as the eggs sizzle and the bread toasts in the oven. Preparation is key!
Ilija E.
I make overnight oats, they take about 5 minutes to put together then they stay in the fridge for the night and when I get up it is ready so takes no time at all.
Nanna C.
There are a couple of options. You could make breakfast the night before (hard boiled egg with spinach? Or overnight oats?), or you could make a simple breakfast in the morning. Granola with greek yogurt and a piece of fruit takes no time at all to prepare!
Enzo E.
In my case, I simply put my morning snack/breakfast next to my bed so that I have zero effort to make in the morning. It includes my bottle of water, mixed nuts, protein bar, V8 vegetables juice. Afterward, Once I get out of bed, I sometimes make myself oatmeal, coffee/tea and drink a tiny bit of orange juice.