How can I have a great breakfast without spending too much?

Kind F.
I live off of food stamps so this question feels right up my alley. It’s the answer we all dread- meal plan. Seriously! When you give yourself a couple of options per week and you already know which meals to cook, how much they cost, and how many ingredients you’ll need- it becomes less stressful as you get into it. You will not enjoy the upfront work but i promise its much better than knowingly starving
Emilie N.
I guess atleast you should do one time investment like if you want to lead a healthy life then buy a kettle or an induction if you are staying away from your parents. Or home
Its better to have these from this you can make anything booling milk and eggs, omelete, oats with some fruits and honey and many more
Like if you can’t afford this then you can have idli its the best superfood and even oats you can soak them overninght and have them