Don’t you think changing breakfast habit for a day or two (not having breakfast) helps with controlling your hunger?

Johnni O.
It could be helpful. But sometimes I feel like im still really hungry come noon but im thinking it might be because I need to eat a little later to time it with the lunch time I have every day. I dont really wake up hungry either.

Jimmy J.
As I practice intermittent fasting ,I don't eat breakfast until 10 am. Thus, my breakfast typically is my largest meal. I don't feel hungry or have craving much anymore as long as I have enough protein and drink enough water in my day.

Tania E.
I've spent a lot of years skipping breakfast – well, I had a cup of coffee in the morning, and called it breakfast. I usually felt tired and irritable very early on – and definitely quite hungry. Since I've started eating a proper breakfast every morning, I've felt better. I definitely don't feel as hungry as much throughout the day, but the improvement in my mood has been the biggest change.

Natalia V.
You can’t control you’re hunger. Hunger isn't a bad thing. Hunger is your body telling you that you need food. You can’t skip breakfast! That’s the most important meal of the day! It keeps you going for the rest of the day, and idea you have a healthy big breakfast, it will boost your mood and give you energy!

Karma N.
Not really. Having a satisfying, nutritious breakfast sets me up for success. I stay fuller for longer, have more energy through the day and am less likely to want a sugary snack or extra caffeine in the afternoon. Starting with a healthy breakfast everyday makes it easier to accomplish my goals. 💗

Kimberly Z.
I don't think that not eating breakfast will help with hunger, body between not having it and having it. So for example I didn't have a healthy breakfast this morning after 41 days of having a healthy breakfast. I realized that my body that I was sluggish, I had no energy and I just didn't want to do anything. as opposed to when I have a healthy breakfast I have energy I'm able to get through the day and everything's great.

Victoire S.
I do not feel problems with controlling my hunger… I have never tried skipping breakfast on purpose though. I do want to try out fasting in the future. We shall see how it affects my perception of hunger.

Rebecca N.
In summer, I love to have something simple like fruits or a smoothie but I find it much harder when it’s cold as I want something warm which takes longer to make. I don’t notice that changing habits helps control my hunger, as I find that I end up snacking throughout the day, leading to unhealthy food habits and a weird loving of sweet snacks. I control my hunger much better with a healthy breakfast as it starts my day in a good way and helps to motivate me.

Dijana E.
No, I get hungry earlier and have to get lunch earlier and end up either eating more if I have a dinner or I stay hungry until the next day.

Chloe J.
I believe it is a matter of how you feel by doing it. As long as you eat enough and you feel comfortable I think its healthy. When you choose to do this because of losing weight but feel miserable or even sick then dont do it. You must create a healthy lifestyle that fits you on the long term! Goodluck<3

Fabio O.
No matter if you change/skip the habit of having breakfast for a day or two, it will not help with hunger control.
When you eat breakfast in the morning it activates your metabolism, which means your body starts to digest the food you've consumed. That is why you get hungry later in the day.
Ever noticed that you're not so hungry during the day if you didn't have breakfast? This is why.

Laura F.
i’m honestly not sure about this answer because i used to never eat breakfast before this. Since starting to eat breakfast daily i feel like my mood has changed throughout the day. When i wasn’t eating breakfast I would eat when i got home from work (2-4pm) then again at like 8-9pm. Since starting to eat breakfast i feel i have started feeling healthier in general and hungrier when needed. I feel like skipping days of breakfast with throw off your eating schedule, making you hungrier at night and making you not want to eat breakfast the next day as well

Fabiana N.
In my experience, skipping breakfast is never a good idea. You may not feel hungry, but your body needs "fuel". Changing what you eat at breakfast might be the clue: preferring proteins over sugar, having integral bread instead of white bread (higher fiber intake), adding some almonds… these will allow your blood sugar levels to remain within a certain range and will not trigger "hunger attacks" in two hours.

Riu Q.
I think having breakfast is a good way to start the day, obviously I don't love breakfast but it's an important part of your day.

Warren P.
Yes actually! I think it's been very good for fuelling my day and I feel really capable to complete what I set out to do! Would recommend and I'm going to continue doing it.

Becky W.
There is no scientific evidence to suggest that would be the case. In fact, it would likely make you very hungry on those days you decide to skip breakfast. Intermittent fasting changes the time intervals between meals but it also relies on its own scheduling and habits. Another approach to consider is intuitive eating. While we might want to control the amount we eat, we should be mindful that feeling hungry is a way for our body to tell us what it needs.

El I S.
I think it depends on the person. In my case, I enjoy having breakfast hours after I wake up, so I think it would be nice not having breakfast. But, if it's for a really long time you'll be hungry, you'll need energy, and food is our fuel 🙂

Martina Z.
No, because I have physically hard work and sometimes no time for lunch, so I would feel weak. Breakfast is very important to me.

Artemis C.
I don’t necessarily think so. I have found have breakfast means I don’t feel hungry until around or just after my normal lunch time. It helps me not to snack throughout the day and be more conscientious about what I’m putting in my body and when.

Ray P.
Maybe , but my suggestion or preference is to stay consistent with eating breakfast every day because it kickstarts your metabolism… a healthy breakfast provides nutrition… if you experienced hunger something like a banana or smoothie will help… personally,, missing breakfast for me does not help with curbing my hunger! But if it helps you then maybe it’s a good thing! Hope you have success with whatever you choose

Claar R.
I skip breakfast every now and then. Especially when I have a migraine. I usually eat something savoury when I skip breakfast around midday.

Amy A.
No, because it's important to have breakfast each day, unless you are feeling ill. I personally feel much hungrier if I do not each breakfast, but I also understand where you're coming from. It's important to each three meals a day in order to provide your body with enough energy for the day 🙂

Henrietta N.
For me, I have to have breakfast each day to help regulate my hunger and eat better throughout the day. I suffer from low blood sugar sometimes (which became a lot more troublesome when I was pregnant) and I have found that having a decent breakfast is the best way to insure against feeling faint or suddenly feeling starving for high sugar foods. If I have a high sugar breakfast (pastries, sweetened yoghurt, toast and jam), I can still feel faint later and have a blood sugar crash so it has to be a good breakfast of slow-releasing energy foods, ideally with some protein.

Izalino Q.
Breakfast was not an easy one for me. Working night shifts sometimes I wake up at 2 or 3pm and I just wanna eat the whole fridge or nothing at all. However, I realized that eating a slice of bread with gouda cheese or a slice of smoked turkey or even honey has helped me keep a healthy diet and eating schedule no matter what time I wake up.
I say this because one of my goals is losing weight. Our body needs food to lose weight. But good food. Eating in the morning makes me hungry for the whole day indeed but in a good way. I try to eat small snacks in between big meals, for example fruit or nuts that give me energy and make myself feel full.
The bug challenge is in your mind. Managing to eat breakfast every morning helped me eat small snacks, retain a healthy eating habit and definitely lose weight! I can now fit in jeans one size smaller, exciting?!!!
If you cannot eat a big meal even just some nuts in the morning or a bowl of corn flakes will wake up your mind 🤗

B Bor O.
I don't think so. But if you are hungry you might want to eat more wholesome meals. Some people eat less but more often and they don't feel hungry. But you should listen to your body and be intuitive.

Sarah I.
Eating a healthy breakfast every morning is essential for weight maintenance and weight loss. It gets your metabolism going in the morning. If you don't eat breakfast by 10 or 11 in the morning your body is going to be craving simple sugars like donuts. Eating a healthy breakfast with nutritious fruit, grain, and milk will help stabilize your blood sugars for the day.

Brad Q.
I think this depends on the person. I know people who say eating breakfast makes them less hungry throughout the day. Personally, I find the opposite. BUT, I do better mentally when I just eat when I want to, and it’s not a priority for me to lose weight right now so that’s what I do. It’s about what works best for you.

Michael Z.
My work schedule right now doesn’t always allow me to have lunch, so I always have something for breakfast like cheese, eggs, maybe some yogurt. If I don’t I can get pretty hungry late in the day which can be distracting for me.