What are some healthy, fast, fruit-based breakfast ideas? No time to cook in the morning and not a big fan of eggs or other savory breakfast foods.

Ekkehart O.
Do some prep one evening by making smoothie-packs, so that the ingredients for one portioned smoothie just have to be blended in the morning. Or, a banana or apple out the door is convenient, too.
Softboii N.
Fruit parfait or overnight oatmeal! You can prep both on a Sunday/ your last free day. One of my favorite easy meals is cottage cheese with sliced peaches.
Adlin A.
Overnight oats can be great, loads with fruits and nut, chia seeds and other seeds. You can use mixed nut and dried fruit as the easiest options as nothing to be washed or peeled or cut. But grabbing fresh fruits is great too for more fibre and vitamins
Christine X.
I sometimes like the instant oatmeal. Some are fruit flavored like apple cinnamon. I have maple brown sugar. It's been a long time and I can't wait to have it again. I hope you like it.