How consistent are you with your meal times? Is that something you’d like to be better at?

Hanne Lore W.
Hi…I try to have my breakfast before 8am…if not possible a rusk or quick cereal and then a more like brunch at 10 to 11…sometimes I will grab a quick scrambled egg/ protien shake , to se me through until brunch
Walda P.
Yes. I am consistent at lunch time as it happens to be in office and scheduled by someone else. Breakfast and dinner times are heavily messed up.
Brandon Y.
During the week, I eat at the same time. On weekends, I try tor get up early and not brush my routine, but I don't get myself down if I lie in bed a bit longer.
Laly T.
“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” Douglas Adams

In other words, no. I’m dealing with lupus daily so my focus is more on what I need for my body to be healthier in this moment. Plus i have a sleeping disorder and that leads to problems even getting up at the same time. So i do my best but it’s not ideal.

Bertram Z.
Because I get my son ready for school in the mornings, during the week I'm pretty consistent about breakfast. It's easier when I've gone to the store and have a lot of easy stuff on hand like eggs, bread for toast, yogurt, fruits. The weekends I'm terrible about a normal schedule, but I just take the loss and get back to it again on Monday!
Charbel G.
I’m not very consistent at this stage in my life. I just had a baby so my meal times are short, sometimes nonexistent, and are based around the baby’s feedings. It is something I’d like to be more consistent with eventually but if I’m eating right now at all I consider it a win.
Lillian N.
I tend to be pretty consistent with what time we serve breakfast. I have 3 children in diapers that wake up at 7:30 every morning. After we change them and have the toddlers try to go potty, we start straight away on breakfast because we're all pretty hungry. We treat preparing breakfast as an activity, something fun to do that gets the kids engaged with us and their day.
Caroline B.
Not extremely consistent, especially breakfast… have had two young children hasn’t helped but as they get older it’s getting easier to keep a schedule
Lya Q.
I love food so am very consistent with my meals. However the time of day I eat depends on what’s going on. We adapt but sometimes that means it’s quite late. We need to avoid eating cake at the end of the day.
Ella U.
I’m not consistent with meal times AT ALL. Especially when I work full time and being a mom of an extremely active toddler. I want to be able to eat “on time” everyday, and not eat after 9pm at night as I realize it makes me feel icky in the morning after doing that.
Iago Q.
I try to eat 3 full meals a day, at least, but I have trouble remembering to est dinner or after 5pm in general. I am consistent with breakfast and munch but after that, it’s never certain.
Odete F.
I am not consistent. It's hard to be when I tend to eat after exercise or the morning routine. It depends on when I finish everything else.
Ronja O.
I am fairly consistent on weekdays, though not so much on weekends. I have just started a diet with all three meals and two snacks this week so hopefully that will help me get better 🙂
Kylie T.
I am working on consistency with meal times. I started with setting up a brunch reminder as I normally have coffee (with add-ons) for breakfast.
Victoria O.
Terrible….partly because I rebel at any routine… probably would get more done and be healthier if I could embrace routine
Emil W.
I'm pretty consistent, I find myself getting hungry around dinner time if I eat breakfast and the same goes for tea as well
I just make sure to plan ahead with my routine to make sure I have time for breakfast and tea in between getting ready for work and the gym
Dion Ia C.
Weekdays I am able to be consistent because of work. I get up earlier so that I have time to make breakfast and eat.
I previously used to take rushed breakfasts, unhealthy choices, to work and eat at my desk. By getting up earlier, I’m now able to eat a healthier breakfast at the house – taking time to reflect and enjoy it.
Weekends my breakfast times are a little more sporadic, and usually muc later in the mornings than my weekdays.
Hans W.
I consider my meal times fairly consistent. I eat dinner every evening at 18:30 -19:00. I eat breakfast soon after i wake up. I have snacks for lunch
Soham P.
I would love to be more consistent with my meal times because it's better to control cravings. It's difficult many times because of work and school but I want to try as hard as I can
Elisa W.
It varies, a lot! Given the fact that we need to send the kids to the school and only then take our morning एवं together.
Wayne O.
I have medication that I take which decreases my appetite. I set alarms to remind myself to eat because if left to my own devices I won’t do it.
Eduarda A.
I am not very consistent time wise, but I do make sure to have healthy meals 3 times a day (plus a couple of small snacks in between).
Valeria U.
Weekdays are always the same bc of school but that also has me w small boring meals. Weekends I sometimes make something bigger but not on any schedule