Do you take the time to prepare veggies the night before. I would like to fry onions and peppers with eggs and small tomatoes sometimes, but I never plan, by doing in the evening.

Didi F.
For me prepare for breakfast the night before and put in my lunchbox for work, however in weekends i don’t prepare for breakfast from the night.. but I think it is a good idea if you will have a breakfast that will take time in the morning, but for the veggies i think it loses some of its nutrients if it was cut and left .. it is better to eat it fresh:)
Terri S.
I have food prepped a little bit but like to wake up early and have a slow brekkie so do some cooking in the morning too!
Justin G.
I actually just have scrambled eggs, I do have cut up bell peppers ina ziplock that I bring to work for a snack, but for breakfast just the 5 eggs and a little milk, 1/4 of shredded cheese and I’ve got the protein and fat my brain and body need to start a great day!!
Karlfried U.
I don’t. I try to prepare tofu scrambles and rice so that I can just re heat and eat. With my newborn I don’t really have time cook myself meals. I take advantage to cook when my husband is home or he cooks us the meals.
Ma Va Q.
Preparing the night before is certainly good. You can always prepare the veggies the day of, but preparing them the night before will give you more time in the morning.
Jayden I.
Depending on where you live you can buy frozen pre-cut veggies so you can just take the portion in the morning that you need for your eggs 🙂 I also love veggies in my scrambled eggs! I love diced tomatoes to add some freshness!
Amanda N.
I never think about it the night before. I start thinking when I’m already hungry this way I just grab to unhealthy stuff
Jesus U.
No I do not. I get up very early in the morning 4:00 a.m. get a walk in and then do my domestic prep then when I get back after or before work