Is it okay to eat just fruit for breakfast without any carbs or proteins?

Saher N.
No you basically need a complete meal at the start of your day that must include carbs, proteins, fats and essential minerals and vitamins which makes it a balanced meal. And as breakfast is the first meal of your day Soo u should be eating like a king. Each and every aspect of nutrition should be included.

Hanspeter F.
I can but not on a daily basis. Having carbs and proteins are nicer because having them makes me feel more energized and happy.

Nina O.
Yes of course to eat fruit for breakfast it’s also good to have a little bit of protein in the morning like eggs and sausage with grapes if you didn’t want to have toast at all or English muffins, I could understand that

Same Z.
I wish it could, but no it's not… I mean I suppose… as it leads me midmorning hunger again. A consistent breakfast is best