What do you do for breakfast on days when you have to head right out the door?

Marie O.
I eat a bowl of fruit with peanuts, granola, and peanut butter for breakfast every morning . Since it does not need to be warmed you can make it whenever you have time, even the day before, and just grab it on your way out.

Zoe P.
1. Plan ahead. Prepare overnight oats and berries and pack in coolbag ready to grab

2. Get up earlier

3. Make a banana and berry smoothie.

4. Grab 2 Hifi bars

Margot S.
I have on hand high protein food like cheese sticks and lunch meat, then I add a fruit or a veggie. It’s not a fully well rounded meal but it is very filling.

Marie Luise U.
Prepare food in advance, like on Sundays. Make biscuits or breakfast bars, or fruit pies, lil quiche sized ones you can freeze then grab quickly and eat once thawed in your bag. Always have fruit with peels handy, like apples or oranges, the sort that can survive hasty grabbing and that aren't difficult to disassemble.

Marie T.
If you are going straight to work, buy a tub of peanut butter and keep it at work. Snag a banana as you run out the door as well. A scoop of peanut butter with a banana is a healthy, high protein breakfast. I can't eat a lot in the mornings without feeling nautious so this is the perfect balance for me.

Thibault Q.
One serving cups of natural yogurt (bad for the environment though!) and a piece of fruit. Always keep this at home as it also a good option for a healthy and quick snack.

Victoire S.
Smoothie – make a big batch and freeze servings in jars, pull a jar out the night before you need it.
Quinoa breakfast – cooked with coconut milk qnd maple syrup, this is also good to freeze in portions and that the night before. It's quick to eat so you only need a few minutes
"Bulletproof" coffee – I skip the branded items but make my coffee with coconut milk & oil and it helps as a morning snack

Curtis O.
A bagle and cream cheese so it's easy to take with me if necessary. I'm frequently incredibly nauseous in the mornings and sometimes I need more time before I eat. This is very useful on those days.

Freddie R.
I start my week by boiling some eggs or having some yogurt and granola premade. On busy days I can just grab and go and have some protein to start my day!

Isaac T.
I hard boil a stash of eggs every Sunday for grab and go, and always have apples and peanut butter on hand for a quick breakfast during my commute.

Remi F.
I like to have a couple of options on hand for days when I just don't have time in the morning. I might make breakfast cookies (oats, banana, peanut butter, berries, bake for 20 min at 350) on Sunday and bag up three each. Or make a few smoothies on Sunday, toss them in the freezer and pull one into the fridge the night before I'll need it.

Hans Theo J.
I will usually make sure that I have something that provides enough protein to last me until lunch such as almond butter protein bar then have some string cheese and an apple if it one of those mornings…What I have started to do the night before is make boiled eggs and ground turkey sausage patties to I can grab them and go in the mornings.

Katrin U.
I often make oatmeal pancakes in advance and keep them wrapped in the fridge. Oats and eggs in the mix give me plenty of protein and “still full” feeling all day.
I can either eat them warm (microwave for 30seconds) with fresh fruit and yoghurt, or if I’m in a hurry I will spread thinly with 100% peanut butter (I avoid palm oil), roll up and eat as a wrap on the go. If I don’t have time to sit and eat breakfast properly I always pop an apple into my pocket as a second hurried breakfast when I have a break in the morning.

Cameron Z.
Instant oatmea! Grab a coffee thermos or paper coffee cup and a plastic spoon. I eat at my desk or driving to work. Nice and quick! Otherwise I make a protein smoothie the night before and drink that.

Neiva Y.
Overnight oats. There are loads of recipes online but essentially you are mixing porridge oats with a bit of yoghurt and milk and leaving overnight, add some fruit or anything you like really for flavour. I tend to do banana or apple and cinnamon or vanilla most often.

Zo E.
2 Eggs, some cheese, and a scoop of store bought guacamole all wrapped in a flower tortilla. Takes me about 8 minutes to make eat and clean it up and it keeps me full for hours.

Arnold T.
I grab some fruit, either frozen or normal, and take it with me to work. I have a smoothie maker there so if I’m running late, I can make my smoothie there

Clara C.
I keep plenty of choices ready at all times. For example, I have some low carb bread, natural sugar free peanut butter, some fruits, nuts, Greek yoghurt, museli, chia seeds, and an assortment of protein bars!

This guarantees that I’m never out of healthy choices that are ready at all times!

Ribca Z.
I make a vegetable & fruit smoothie.
Coconut milk
Frozen green mixture
It has….
Collard greens
Dandelion greens
1/2 banana
Frozen berries
Veggie protein powder
If it too thick because of the frozen veg. & fruit add water.
Sometimes I add pure Dutch coco powder.

Helier Q.
I prepare something light the night before to take with me in the morning – what I love the most is a blended mix of carrot, orange and apple (I grew up on that!), with added protein powder and some cinnamon. Food of the gods! 😀

Patrick C.
If I know I need to be out the door fast, I make a plan the night before. If I know I will have a few minutes to get settled at work before my first meeting or patient, I will make a yogurt parfait in a Tupperware container. I put plain Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, chia seeds, ground flax seeds, and almond butter in the container the night before. I’ll also bring a small bag of granola to add to it. If I know that I will have to hit the ground running right away as soon as I get to work, I’ll make a shake that I can drink in the car. I usually make an Isagenix shake.

Floyd F.
I make a fruit milkshake with low sugar yoghurt. This way I can drink it on the go and still have a protein and slowly releasing sugar breakfast

Irma U.
I eat banana and peanut butter. Quick and easy and very filling! I also keep mixed nuts in stock or a quick 3 ingredient smoothie . Milk banana strawberries or orange juice banana and strawberries. Cheers!

Lena P.
heading right out the door indocates I over slept. Best advice to make sure that doesn't happen is waking up a few minutes earlier (I am the snoozing type with 4-5 alarms). On days that does happen, I try to prepare some food I can eat on my way to work/school (quick sandwich), I also once filled a thermal flask (where you put in coffee to keep it hot) with yoghurt and grabbed a small bags with cereal and dried fruits, worked good. If that's not an option, or if I know beforehand that I'll be on the late side I prep it the night before. If I take bread I take some frozen bread that I make and put that in the fridge, by morning the bread is soft and still tastes good. With other things I put them in small tupperware that I can take with me.
Hope it helps!

Sandro E.
I always eat breakfast. If I don't, I have a dip during the morning. When I am rushed, I take my breakfast while putting on clothing, personal wash en brushing teeth. I eat meusli because that contains a lot of energy and nutrients for a small quantity to eat. I also try to drink a fruit smoothie each morning. Fluid fruit eats quicker than solid. Breakfast does not take that long and is still tasteful.

Harvey T.
I always have something healthy prepared in the refrigerator that are microwaveable for to-go. Or I just take an energy bar to go.

Toni O.
You could do a smoothie or just some oatmeal. I like to get up a little earlier and have my regular good breakfast. This is because if you experiment you might find it doesn’t hold you up and if you’re out and about you might eat something not as healthy because you need food. My fav rn is seeded bread with avocado topped with a couple of eggs. Mostly I do this bc I’m following an anti inflammation diet and I want to be sure and get my daily avocado in along with the other foods contained in thei breakfast that are some of the top anti inflammatory foods.

Mathilde A.
I have a stash of grab and go breakfast options- oatmeal in a cup w/lid that I can heat up when I get where I am going, granola bars, or yogurt. Also with just 3 or 4 ingredients and 3 or 4 minutes I can make a smoothie that I can take with me in a travel mug straight out the door (my go-to ingredients: frozen fruit, yogurt, PB2 or protein powder, and any liquid I have on hand: soy or coconut milk, juice, or even water works fine). If I’ve run out of easy breakfast options at home, I’ll try to find something healthyish in a vending machine at work like nuts or crackers with peanut butter.

Lisa T.
I will take a gluten free waffle with me to work with a little almond butter on it. If I am still hungry, I follow that up with a boiled egg or low sugar greek yogurt, which I bring almost every day in my lunch.

Craig Z.
I usually try to scarf down a small bowl of cereal. Most of the time I chose something more filling if I’m in a rush. I’m usually able to do this in 2-5 minutes, including preparation.

Ma L C.
I am incorporating more Protein into my daily eats. I will have Protein Shakes on hand or Boiled Eggs in the refrigerator to just grab on my way out. I try to think ahead and have a form of Protein readily available.

Freja C.
I drink Plenny Shake (a beverage like Soylent), which allows me to get all the nutrients, protein, etc that I need in a really easy and fast way.

Rica Q.
Well I would go ahead and just grab a banana smush it and add some fruit and head out the door right away and eat it on the way where ever I’m going

Valentim W.
A sandwitch. I just cut the bread roll and put whatever I have in the fridge inside. This way I can eat it while I'm heading out.

Tracy J.
Option 1: half a banana and a handful of trail mix
Option 2: protein meal replacement shake
Option 3: (make ahead) hard boiled eggs and surimi stick
Option 4: (make ahead) scrambled egg bake in a muffin tin

Lucas Z.
The best thing you can do is prepare your breakfast the night before that way you can grab and go to eat on the way or once you have arrived at work.

Emilie C.
Put a scoop of protein powder in my coffee. Bring a bag of turkey jerky or make 3 frozen meatballs in the microwave to pop for breakfast when on the go

Jonas Y.
If I remember to or am hungry enough, I'd drop by a bakery for some sandwiches. More often though, I usually just skip breakfast. I suppose a healthier option would be to buy apples for such an emergency or prepare a breakfast the night before and eat it in the car.

Emily U.
Personally, I never let this happen. Breakfast is non-negotiable for me and I can't function without it. Because it's a priority, I always factor a minimum of 10 minutes into my morning to ensure I at least have time for a bowl of muesli. I think this all comes back to priorities and how determined you are to make something happen. It comes back to that saying: 'if it's important to you, you'll find a way. If it isn't, you'll find an excuse.'
When you say you have to head 'straight out the door', what do you mean by that? Do you mean you have ridiculously early starts, or that you don't allow enough time to prepare for the day? Perhaps reframe this question to be 'how can I allow myself the time I need to prepare for my day?'.
If you really do need to go immediately from bed to the front door, you could prepare some overnight oats or similar to eat on the go. It will involve going from bed to the fridge to the door, but I think you can afford this detour. Otherwise, grab a healthy takeaway breakfast from a cafe or even bring some muesli to work and prepare it in the kitchen. There's always some way around it.

Luis A.
Being a mom has made me a pro at scarfing food. I’ll usually bring coffee with me and gobble down some yogurt. Greek is best, because of the high protein. Will keep you fuller longer!

Hunter O.
If I am pressed for time in the morning, I get a slice of cheese and a piece of fruit. Or I take it with me and eat as soon as I can sit down.

Silje W.
I will grab a banana and a protein bar (I really like power crunch bars because they are crunchy like kit kats instead of mushy, they are about 200 calories) and if I don't have time to brew coffee I will also grab a v8 energy drink which tastes like juice and is in a small 8oz can but has the caffeine of a cup of coffee. 50 calories.

Frederik U.
I always have breakfast, either eggs with kale or porridge. Worst case scenario I’ll take something like malt loaf on the go, but so rarely.