Do you have any suggestions for breakfast that doesn’t include eggs?

Angelo P.
u can eat avocado, apple, or banana, but for the same nutrition of eggs, u can eat a soy, chicken fillet, or a meat for breakfast
Rayra Y.
Breakfast cereal with soy milk, just milk or yogurt. Oat porridge. Wholemeal bread and olive oil. Simple sandwich of wholemeal bread and meat (chicken breast is a good option).
Nabia N.
1. Banana shake
2. Veg sandwich
3. Fruit salad
You can add these items to your breakfast. These are healthy as well as taste super good.
When in a hurry a glass od banana shake is a good option.
Will A.
As simple as it sounds, cereal can be an awesome breakfast. I typically mix my favorite healthy cereal with granola, frozen blueberries and sometimes a banana. Each time you need to restock you can change up the cereal so it keeps things fresh instead of the same eggs and bacon every day.
Lemuel B.
Whenever I don't want to eat eggs, I often change my breakfast to a smoothie. It may seem not that much, but it contains the nutrients needed for you to start the day.
Leu V.
toast with cheese (or what u want to put on top) and vegetable salad (I like to to cook some vegetables in the pan) or sometimes I love drinking smoothies or milkshakes.