Is there any suggested breakfasts

Fabiane A.
The Fabulous app suggests something that has a high protein. I personally find that a bowl of porridge is a great way to start the day: porridge, nuts, honey some chopped fruits on top (strawberries when in season, bananas, kiwis, apples etc) and some chia seeds. Enjoy!
Julian U.
I love bacon, sausage, potato and cheese burrito in the morning, but I also like to eat Waffles French toast. I always love to have french fries in the morning it may be more of a lunch or night time kind of food but I love it in the morning because it taste really good.
Kaylee E.
Since I have a sensitive digestive system I tend to have a light and simple breakfast. Usually tea, some fruit and toast
Daniel S.
Porridge with fruit, cereals which are low in sugar, toast and spread, pre-soaked oats, a cheese sandwich, a selection of cut up vegetable slices and hummus?
Rosa C.
Healthy breakfasts always gets me off to a great start to my day. I love green smoothies. Any bright color will do too. Green apples, spinach, kale and brown sugar makes for a delicious smoothie. I recommend yogurts too. My favorites are strawberry, blueberries and banana. Eggs are good with toast. You can also eat a bowl of fruits with orange juice.
Beatrice Z.
I make my self a couple of things, so first one is a breakfast sandwic. Basically cook a egg on a pan until it is medium. Then spice it with garlic salt and steak salt, so you don't get a full egg toast hiwiaan bagel for extra flavor. Also get some meat and shredded cheese, and don't forget garden vegetables cream cheese. So once that is all made here is how you later it. Bagel, cream cheese, shredded cheese, egg right off the pan, meat, cream cheese, then bagel to finish it. Also bring paper towels, it can get messy. Eat it with a fruit of choice and coffee, water or milk. Next breakfast ramen. Get water to a boil and add flavor packet. Put your ramen in and canned chicken and a egg straight into it. Cook for 3 minutes. Eat it with fruit of choice and water, coffee, or milk. Or just wake up late and have to make nothing, don't do that
Frank Peter U.
Hi there! I hope you’re enjoying your fab journey. I thought I’d respond to this with what I like to eat for breakfast. This morning I made a smoothie with Spinach, Frozen Berries, Protein Powder, plain oat milk and a little bit of cashew butter. It’s a delicious way to start your morning off with greens, berries and protein to strengthen the mind. I suggest getting a magic bullet from Target or Amazon! Best of luck to you on introducing a healthy breakfast to your day.
Eloides A.
Dietician recommends that the plate repartition of your meal looks like 1/2 of fruit and vegetables, 1/4 of lean meat or protein and 1/4 of whole grains. Suggested breakfast would be to follow these guidelines. I also like to remind people that a meal is a meal, having specific food for specific period of the day is cultural. There isn't any suggested food for breakfast and you should look at traditional breakfast around the world to see it. As long as it's balanced you can eat pretty much anything!
Caroline N.
I am a guy so I can eat anything usually the easier the better for me in the morning. So i usually just drink eggs beaters from the carton. Quick easy and satisfying.
Just hope they don't go bad or have a recall.
William P.
The best breakfast includes fiber, protein, complex carbs and healthy fat.

Try some almonds and an egg, or some brown bread toast with avocado and sliced ham, or if you're into that a smoothie bowl with some nuts on top. The most important thing is that you enjoy it.

If you're really in a hurry, copk some eggs before hand and keep them in the frodge for breakfast. An egg and a piece of fruit will fill you up nicely and keep you full, too.

Bob F.
I'm digging the spoonful of peanut butter. I keep a jar by my bed so I remember to have breakfast. The app said keep it simple if you're not used to it so that's what I do
Milton T.
Breakfast depends on whether you have a diet or if you're aiming for something in particular but typically you want to eat foods that give you energy such as eggs grits oatmeal if you eat things that have a lot of sugar it will drain you and make you tired
Cemal Z.
For me I'm not hungry when I just wake up so I drink some yogurt and fruit, or cereals with soy milk (fiber cereals) hope this will be useful for you!
Isolino I.
Eggs are a good choice. Plenty of protein, and with the addition of toast, lasting sugars rather than crash sugars. I personally like to add other meats, but that's your choice. Oatmeal is also a fine choice.
Troy X.
Suggested breakfasts include oatmeal, eggs, and fruits. Outside of that, you can look up easy recipes for overnight oats online. Most recipes consist of equal parts of rolled oats and almond milk (or some substitute) put in a mason jar and left overnight to soak. I usually add chia seeds as well. These are great for meal prep and you can make a ton over the weekend and grab them on the way out the door throughout the week. You can also mix in whatever you want: almonds, walnuts, fresh fruit, protein powder, cinnamon, peanut butter. It’s up to you. Another great breakfast option are smoothies. You can use fresh/frozen fruit and orange juice, almond milk, or whatever you prefer. Again, play around with it and find what you like. You can either make quick smoothies in the morning with a small blender (such as a magic bullet), or you can use a larger blender and store any extra for another breakfast later on.
Rosa U.
Oatmeal with fruit and nuts is always a good breakfast. My go to seems to be a egg and sausage breakfast sandwich. I would like to be more diverse in my choices for breakfast. I sometimes don’t feel like I made the best choice when it comes to that.
Lana T.
I find overnight oats great. I put all my seeds in it and frozen fruit. Tastes delicious and I don't like porridge
Jonathan Z.
At the beginning of the week, I hard-book a few eggs so that I always have some quick protein to add in on those days I need to rush to get ready. On days that I have more time I make double the fruit so I have it for Thebes next morning or as snacks throughout the day.
Carmen Z.
A well rounded breakfast
6 grams protein
15 grams grain
A fruit
5 grams fat

Example- peanut butter (2 tablespoons) On toast with banana and a cup of milk