I need my breakfast to keep me feeling full till noon. What’s the best food to eat?

Fatima Z.
Cereal or maybe if you're lactose intolerant eat fruits or maybe first honey with yogurt mixed it's healthy and delicious pancakes I don't know if it keeps you energized but maybe pancakes with a fried egg.
Daniel G.
Being gluten free it can be difficult to find breakfast foods that keep me full until lunch.
I like to have something that is high in fibre but Lo GI, so it takes longer to digest. I also like a touch of something sweet to give me some energy straight away. At the moment, my go to is GF Weetbix with honey.
Honey U.
Fiber and proteins such as eggs, salmon or bacon, avocado, tomatoes carrots some vegetables and fruits. Lots of fruits…
Plus an apple a day at anytime of the day actually (some say it keeps the doctor away 🙃)