It’s hard to find a vegan and gluten-free breakfast, any ideas?

Brittany U.
Oatmeal is my main go to but when I’m to lazy I stick to fresh fruit or a smoothie or toast with a just (vegan egg sub) omelette
Isabete Q.
My breakfast is made of: soya yoghurt, linseed oil banana apple kiwi one lemon sunflowers seeds grain all mixed together
Hink U.
I am not a vegan so I’m not real familiar with vegan recipes however I found an awesome website called simple-veganista. com. These recipes are also gluten-free sweet potato breakfast hashbrowns looks good. Hope this helps
Riley G.
I’m sorry, but no! I don’t cool gluten free or vegan foods, so unfortunately I wouldn’t know where to start when thinking of meals! Sorry I couldn’t help!
Liva P.
Quaker Oats is fairly strict in how they process their oats, so you can reliably assume their oats are gluten free. Oatmeal can be dressed up so many ways that are vegan-friendly as well! I love mine with some raisins and brown sugar, or with walnuts and cinnamon. Any fresh berry can be a great addition as well!
Gintar R.
I usually have porridge for breakfast (it's gluten free and can be vegan if cooked with water or soy/almond/oat milk) with jam or peanut butter. My other favourite is smashed avocado on toast – you can find gluten free toast these days and vegan butter, everything sprinkled with a mix of toasted seeds. Cereal is another breakfast option that goes with soy/almond/oat milk.
Noa E.
I am a huge fan of chickpea flower. I add some vegetable stock and oregano and frying it in coconut oil to create vegan scrambled eggs. Great things to add: mushrooms, spinach and yeast flakes!
Emily W.
I make smoothies! Frozen strawberries and blueberries, a banana, spinach, dried goji berries, chia seeds, oat milk, honey, almond butter and vanilla extract (I also use greek yoghurt but I'm sure you could omit/substitute for a vegan alternative!)
Abel O.
Smoothie! Plant based yoghurt, orange juice, banana, frozen fruit of choice (mango is a favorite), spinach, cashews. Blend!
Lidia F.
What I like the most in the morning is oat meal. Put 3 spoons of oats, 200 ml of water/milk, half of a banana (the older the better), 1 or 2 eggs. Mix everything together and cook it. Later you can put raspberries or blueberries on the top.
Another favorite of mine are two slices of bread with meshed avokado and egg on top. Put on the side samo tomatoes, too.
And the third breakfast is simple smoothie. Put your favourite fruits, greek yogurt and enjoy it. 🙂
Gertrude E.
Do lots of searching online! No matter what, see the options with a bit of creativity and you'll be surprised what you come up with! Follow pages such as gfcaribbean, healthyfoodadvise and goodforyouglutenfree on IG and taylor their suggestions to suit your needs.
Lena A.
My favorite solution is an app called AllRecipes, you can search recipes by making changes to your food preference and adding certain ingredients and it’ll filter the best recipes that go along with what you’re looking for
Erin Z.
Oatmeal with fruit, berries, nuts. Use gluten free oats. Or, tofu scramble with lots of veggies. Banana with peanut butter. Smoothies made with soymilk (or your plant milk of choice). Unsweetened non dairy yogurt (you can find larger tubs at whole foods, 365 brand or kite hill) with fruit, nuts, gluten free oats.
Dustin T.
With the current self quarantine, you need to stock up on gluten free ingredients to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast you can go for peanut butter, apple and and orange, have some coffee with them and you’ll manage through to lunch. Enjoy!
Lisa O.
Since becoming vegan I definently have to work a little harder for my meals. Meal prep is a great way to get ahead! However, I am lazy and do not enjoy meal prepping. So when I do cook, I try to cut up extra veggies for stir fries or cook extra food so I can have left overs for the mornings or even freeze some. I do a lot of stir fries! You can get pre cut vegetables from grocery stores to save on effort and time. I will add a spoon full of hummus to my food for extra protein if I am feeling too lazy to open a can of beans. If you eat fruit, you can also add a spoon full of nut butter (like peanut or almond) for extra protein as well. I try to sprinkle nuts and seeds on most things I eat. Smoothies and seed/nut bars are a great way to get protein while cutting out oats (Some of my gluten free friends do not eat oats). Quinoa porridge is good for the mornings as well. I will make ahead so all I have to do is warm it up! I follow lots of vegan instagramers/ bloggers (like the lazy vegan) for ideas. I also replaced smashed up beans for eggs. These heat up quickly which is good when I am in a rush! I am not gluten free myself, but I have noticed the more I cook and not buy pre-made, I eat a lot more gluten free and save money! I hope this helps!