Do you have any healthy and delicious breakfasts that you make to get yourself more excited about breakfast?

Alastair A.
This morning, my lovely fiancé made me a wonderful breakfast consisting of plain oatmeal with apples blueberries cashews organic maple syrup and a hint of cinnamon. It was amazing.

Juan S.
Well i try to keep it simple and fast so I domt get bored or lazy
Always make a smoothie, found a very cheap blender. Banana, almond milk some seeds and ready to go
Or make an omelette, is basically just egg, butter for the frying pan and ham or mayonesse. You will be already eating in less than 10 minutes.
Always watch youtube or netflix on your phone while doing it so you trick your mind ypu are procrastinating while doing something

Bonnie T.
Yes! I love to make smoothies so much. They’re the best and tastiest. Usually, during the school week I tend to have a bowl of fruit instead when I’m in a rush.

Carsta P.
I have dark green leafy foods in my freezer. Sometimes I get too kuch fresh and I just toss the bag in. I put this, crumbled, into a blender(3c sometimes) then mix with eggs and call it a spinach omelette with egg. I use nutritional yeast instead of cheese and always have lots of water and a fruit.

Jaxon X.
I love quick, tasty breakfasts! Things I can pack the night before, and eat on the go if I need to. I love making parfaits. Yogurt, with fresh fruit, like strawberries and bananas, and gluten free granola. Another one of my favorites is overnight oats. Usually I stick with 5 ingredients, oats, almond milk, vanilla extract, banana and chia seeds. I’ll add spices too, such as cinnamon, or in the fall pumpkin spice. I’ll switch the bananas and chias to apples and pecans too. So many fun easy options!

Deusdedito Q.
I usually just have a really good egg sandwich with lots of fixings. When I feel like having a bit of gun with cooking I really like to try foreign dishes such as shakshuka, latkes, or tamago kake gohan. It's really fun to try dishes from other places! Protein packed versions of sweet breakfasts like pancakes or muffins are great options too.

Anton W.
Sometimes, when I make my breakfast, I get so excited that I am going to be healthy. But I don’t get excited when I make the breakfast myself. I do it everyday.

Yassine O.
I alternate between:
– Scrambled eggs with buckwheat crackers
– Porridge with almonds and goji berries

That’s my 2 favourites!

Liliane C.
I love doing a overnight oats and chia seed pudding! It's great because its so easy to make, it's just 3 parts oats to 1 part chia seeds, cover it with a little more milk (any kind works) than you think you'll need, add a scoop of yogurt if you like, a spoonful of brown sugar or other sweetener and a pinch of salt. Mix it up before bed, cover it and pop it in the fridge overnight, and it'll be all ready in the morning! The great thing is that it'll last a while, and you can add whatever you like in the morning to mix it up, berries, nuts, seeds, fruit, whatever!

Hunter U.
No not really. I don’t enjoy “healthy” breakfasts so I find it quite difficult to stick to. I don’t like eggs etc. But I am finding that the nut-heavy cereal mixed with a little bit of chocolate cereal is yummy enough and keeps me full till lunch!

Adelaide T.
Scrambled eggs! They’re fast, tasty and can be really healthy 😊 sometimes I mix it up by adding different veg such as spinach or scallion, and cheese to it.

Isa Q.
Baked Eggs or Nut Berry Wraps The Baked eggs are tomato sauce with 2 eggs and grated cheese on top, and then broiled to perfection and I have it with a slice of brown bread!. The nut berry wrap I make with cookie dough nut butter and berries in a whole wheat wrap. So delicious and easy to eat on the go

Martha J.
I really love to make overnight oats the night before because it means that I can wake up and it will be ready for me in the morning. My fav flavour combos are cinnamon and berries, cocoa and orange & apple with spices.
But I also love to have homemade granola constantly in the cupboard so there is always a delicious healthy option whenever I wake up!!!

Phil Y.
I usually make a bowl of different fruits. Tea, fruit juice and I like to try different types of cheese. Every time I buy a different one. Other than that, I also vary the protein (smoked salmon, eggs, ham…). Usually eat it on a rice or corn cake.

Emilie O.
Sandwich with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, basil and some butter for one of the pieces of bread, and a fruit before the sandwich(:

Charlotte O.
Yes, I love the smell of coffee. Toasted brown bread with philadelphia cheese and poached eggs makes my day as well.

One day it was rainy. I was on my way to get my brother's report card. It was very early in the morning. So, obviously I didn't have my breakfast. On my way I found a newly opened place. They were serving healthy and fresh breakfast. In the menu they had avocado toast with honey and mint. This composition of different flavour was totally new for me. I hesitated to order the food. But eventually I did because once something fascinates me I have to try it out.

And it was the most delicious breakfast I had in my life. I always get so worked up to make that recipe.

Don E.
Well, actually I eat the same things every morning but i am perfectly okay with this because i don't have much time. I often change my biscuit's type.

Cameron P.
I prepare yoghurt, nuts, and berries. This mix is light but filling, and makes me feel like I'm eating much healthier food than when I just have toast.

Courtney X.
I’ve been going back to overnight oats. You can do so much with them flavor wise! I use

1/2 cup quick oats
1/2 cup skim milk
2/3 cup no fat plain Greek yogurt (that is one serving, I want all that protein!)
1 tablespoon of chia seeds

as a base. You can add different types of fruit to that, and nuts, and pretty much anything you think would be good! It is easy to put together the night before and pullout of the fridge in the morning. Plus, I tend to get bored eating the same thing over and over. Being able to change the flavors keeps me coming back. If you don’t like the texture of chia seeds, you can leave them out.

Samuel Q.
I love to make porridge, usually organic oats, with almond milk and water so they are nice and creamy. I love to add fresh banana, blueberries, almond butter and sometimes a spoon of honey. A delicious warm breakfast that makes me feel like I've given my body what it deserves…

Alice U.
So many!! I often make avocado toast with chilli pepper flakes or something from the breakfast section of the fabulous cookbook Oh She Glows!!

Lara C.
Eggs are my go to for a healthy breakfast! They are so versatile, and protein helps me feel full and keep my energy level stable all day long. I bought a microwave safe dish that I can scramble an egg into with it without veggies, cheese, etc. I can have an egg ready to go in 40 seconds! So quick and easy.

Fruit like apples and bananas within reach are a great backup. I also keep individual servings of high protein , low sugar Greek yogurt on hand. I love Oikos triple zero. Don’t forget nuts! Portable and easy. I keep those at work as well.

The key for me is to get up a few minutes before anybody else, and take care of me first. Once my kids are up it tends to be all about them.

Soila N.
It varies! I’m on an oatmeal kick right now- oatmeal with a bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, chia and flax seeds. Super filling and I’m not hungry until lunch!
But as the weather changes, I’ll probably switch to smoothies!

Lydia F.
I boil some coconut milk with oats and I add 1 spoon of honey, peanut butter and cocoa powder, when the mixture looks like a cream I put it in a bowl and add some banana, berries and chia seeds. I am always exited to wake up for this breakfast

Heather S.
I always love having a zucchini frittata ready to put in the toaster oven or microwave in the morning ! And overnight oats ! You can have fun with those

Thomas T.
Morning smoothie! Greens collagen powder, berries, bananas/coconut yogurt, water/almond milk, flaxseed, sprinkled with hemp seeds/PB/protein bar crumbled and drizzled with honey!

Raymond Y.
Yeah I surely have I know sometimes it feels like when you wakeup your not really feel like eat something but if you will tell yourself that let's eat my favorite thing for breakfast today . Like it can be Pancakes, scrambled eggs,dalgona coffee,a egg sandwich or Nutella. I am sure this will help you

Bernice W.
Usually, I want to prepare eggs in the morning with a salad because they are easy and fast to make and they contain protein which is a good way to start your day especially if you work out. Proteins will keep you fed until lunch time.

Alma U.
I’ll be eating a piece of toast with peanut butter, some fruit, and decaf earl grey tea! This breakfast makes me feel so good and ready for the rest of my day. It makes me feel better about waking up earlier. I hope to continue to do this and keep this promise to myself. I’m worth it.