How important is to have breakfast every day? Can you skip it and have your first meal at lunchtime?

Magnus C.
It's best to have breakfast every morning, to kick-start your metabolism. If you don't have time, grab a banana or an apple for on the go. Or prepare breakfast the night before.

Sofia F.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy for the whole day. And it's very important to not skip it.

Ling Y.
I skip breakfast sometimes when I'm running late or I don't have anything to make breakfast. But when I skip breakfast I sometimes feel tired during the afternoon

Iwona Z.
It's important to get energy for the rest of the day, it benefits your health and gets you motivated, it also helps you to focus on work instead of cravings.

You shouldn't skip it, or else, mornings would be a disaster.

Justadd Z.
Don’t skip breakfast. It’s a very important part of your meals. It gives you the energy you need to get the day started.

Katie W.
Very important it nourishes your body and give you energy for the day. Do not skip the first meal because you will be hungry at odd times

Rasmus P.
Breakfasr is our energy booster. We feel happy and energy after having an healthy breakfast. They help us to start our day with lot of energy which we need whole day. So never skip breakfast.

Des N.
It’s really important to eat breakfast for me because although I may not always feel like eating it, I won’t necessarily have enough energy through the morning and afternoon time.