I hate eating a breakfast because I drink coffee when I wake up… so?

Abigayle S.
It's better to fuel your body with water and not oil. Coffee has many disadvantages. Water has benefits all around it.
Voltage E.
First off hate is a strong word. If you use words like this to associate it with things you don’t like then I can assure you, you will never learn to like it. First change your outlook. Even if you don’t like it then just say “I don’t like it yet”. Then speak to me after.
Livramento C.
I feels similarly. Part of this is a habit, the just drinking coffee. And I tried to force myself to eat and then just felt gross, almost sick. In the process of trying understand how I could eat a breakfast I found that individual serving pouches of mixed nuts, seeds and fruit worked really well. They are small amounts and high nutrients value. I ate something, didn't really feel like it but in about 30-60min I felt the energy boost and it lasted.