Is it okay to eat a lot of fat for breakfast?

Enes Z.
Personally, due genetics and family medical history, I avoid lots of heavy fats, besides, consuming heavy fats slows me down rather than waking me up. Having a plan breakfast balancing heavy fats and no fats works best for me.
Isabella E.
The answer in one word, is, no. It is good to eat a healthy amount of fats every day but a lot of fats will many more calories to ur every day
Russell O.
I personally don’t think so unless you’re on the keto diet. On the keto diet you would eat 75% protein 20% fat and 5% carbs as a daily intake. Do some research on the keto diet for more information. I hope this helps
Teresa U.
Consuming a lot of fat is not good for health anyway. Fat can be consumed but in a measurable amount. Include more fruits in breakfast. You'll end up having havy and healthy breakfast.

Lyna O.
Essential fats (ie: good fats) are great as part of a balanced breakfast. This will help you get through the morning and have enough fuel until lunch. Ensure that you avoid unnecessary fats which can increase your cholesterol and glucose levels.
Irma T.
Depends on your diet, if you are on a low carb diet then yes , but if you were following a healthy diet or a normal diet then you might reconsider the amount of fat you want to include in your breakfast
Alexandra J.
I do disagree with this idea.In my opinion we should eat whatever our body needs. Such as protein and calcium. A little bit of fat is needed but not a lot. We should always care about amount.
Lauriana P.
Not really, only 30% of caloties, maximum, should come from fats. 12-15% from protein, and the rest from carbohydrates.
Catalina Z.
The inportent meal of thé day is breakfasts, you van eat eggs whit beacon off with sausage if you want i bit more fat in your breakfast you can eat croissants , pan cakes with syrup, yoghurt , cearels , hole greans , look for a good breakfast on Google .
Christoffer C.
Surely it's ok. Not against the law anywhere on earth, and probably not even morally questionable 😉 Healthwise I guess it depends on what sort of fat, what you consider a lot, and if your body can digest it. It is for sure also healthy or unhealthy depending on what you combine it with.
Eni Q.
Depends on the kind – if you’re eating a ton of animal fat I’d say no. If you’re having avocado and flax seeds, for sure!
Tyrone C.
Absolutely not .. always remember it's never okay to have alot of fat regardless of the time of day more so in the morning..the healthier the better and the longer your energy lasts fats are quick burning in your body
Julia J.
Maybe don’t eat a really fatty breakfast often, it’ll lead to lower energy levels going into the afternoon, making you less likely to maintain focus and get through the day. But if you have a chill day ahead? Go off!!
N Ia F.
It is never OK to eat a lot of anything, moderation is the key! Some fat is good, especially those seen as healthy fats such as avocado and eggs, both of which are great for breakfast
Mya Z.
Personally, I feel ill if I eat too much fat…Fat for breakfast probably isn't great – it's fast energy that will burn off/get stored in your body very quickly, causing you to be hungry sooner
Roberta Z.
I would say NO…. you have to privilege carbs …but…maybe, it is ok to eat a little fat (not a lot) because fat tend to "burn" slowly…. so getting some fat in the morning should be good to get some energy reserve through the day….right?
Jayden F.
No, fatty and high sugar cause use to crash mid morning and feel Hungary. We need high protein foods to give us energy all morning.
Robin E.

Fat is a highly-processed "food item" which is *very calorie-dense, unhealthy, and unnecessary for our sustenance. (Many people, myself included, avoid all processed fats).

Choose healthy otions instead: nuts & seeds (all types, particularly walnuts and linseeds(flaxaeeds); or avocados.

Oscar E.
It depends on the type of dietary lifestyle you are creating. I am starting my 4th week of keto so cheese and eggs and bacon or sausage for breakfast. Talk with a nutritionist about the goals you want to achieve or your doctor.
Al Cia F.
No it’s not. I met with a nutritionist and she advised me that you want to have a balanced amount of fat per meal that way you can include it in each meal. Healthy fats though of course 🙂 I hope that helps!
Lucile E.
It’s okay to eat fats for breakfasts but some fats aren’t better than others . For example, turkey bacon has fat but it is has less fat and healthier than pork or traditional bacon. Your body will burn fat as energy, but if you ear carbs too (sugars and starches) it will burn those first before it gets to the fat so watch those carbs.
Anna Maria Z.
I suppose it depends on they type of fats and quality of your food. Good fats like eggs and avacado are great sources of healthy fats. As with all things moderation is the best policy.
Annette Z.
It depends on what you mean by fat. If you mean an avocado, yes that's great, if you mean half a wheel of cheese, deep fried and battered and a whole packet of sausages, then no, that's bad for you.
Alexander Y.
It is actually ideal to eat a breakfast that is high in fat and protein. Foods that are too heavy in carbs – such as processed cereal, or a bagel and orange juice – spike blood sugar and lead to low energy and poor concentration in the subsequent hours (likely increasing demand on caffeine). High fat and high protein (eggs, etc) balanced with some clean carbs (green smoothie) or complex carbs (whole grains) will stabilize blood sugar much better and increase overall performance throughout the day.
Keep up the great work!
Pacal Z.
I’m not sure, maybe. I’m healing from an injury and my personal trainer advised me to eat less fat in the morning and more at night. More carbs in the morning and less at night. Steady protein throughout the day. Maybe find out what your ideal daily macronutrients goal could be.
Silas C.
It really depends on the type of fat. Having good fats (olive oil, avocado, nuts) is a great way to have long lasting energy and for your cholesterol
Marie U.
Isn’t ok do that, because, the breakfast is the must importan meal of the day. An everything that you eat will be reflected in your energy and body. Recommend healthy options, balance your cabs, proteins and fruits.
Martiniano E.
It really depends on what type of fat you would want to eat healthy fats and not junk food so fats found in nuts or peanut butter
Alejandra O.
I don’t think so. Unhealthy fats are not good for breakfast and will leave you feeling sluggish. Healthy fats from cheese, dairy, and fish are good and full you with energy.
Cameron F.
Yes but not too much but it's better to have it in the morning so you can burn it off in the day as a posed to it turning into fat overnight
Augustin O.
Yes healthy fats like avocado or nuts are a great way to feel you up satisfy your craving, pay less attention to macros and call and more attention to the quality of ur food, low sugar and few preservatives!!!
Rosvita A.
Yes! As long as your portions are appropriate and they are healthy naturally occurring fats. It can be unhealthy to diet restrictively so if it what’s your body is craving it’s probably what it needs.
Axelle S.
Depends on the type of fat. If you're going to do something that requires moving alot then definitely but if you are going to at rest tgen having fat in moderation is better
Margot C.
It is like adding a lot of heavy accessories to your vehicle for impressive good looks. It slows down your vehicle but you enjoy the comments and amazed looks of people whom you want to impress! Hence adding fat is a choice you make between what you want to show and what you want to do! As a field engineer during construction of Heat Transport System at Rajasthan Atomic Power Project, I was necessarily required to move between floor levels at 1168’ to 1225’ MSL I am thankful to an egg sandwich in breakfast that gave me the ability to enjoy the freedom to run up and down four to six time every day! My counterparts in the admin building would spend their busy work hours at the desk on first floor and the lunch arrived at their table! They could not even move 10’ up and down in a day! So lucky I am that even today, I enjoy the stairs overriding the elevator that stops at every floor!! Those who retired at the desk, enjoy watching TV serials and cricket even though they do not play the game. So, you have a choice to make!
Shane N.
If you're trying to imply via this app that I'm potentially eating the wrong thing, this is the wrong way to go about it.
Hanspeter U.
Not for everyone.For those who do intense daily activities they can use fat. Like athletes and bodybuilders .but not a lot
Hans G Nter T.
I wouldn't say a lot of fat would be good for breakfast, but it's good to have some fat for breakfast. A glass of whole milk would be good.
Sofie C.
Actually for most people it is, of course, not okay. But i do not hesitate when eating fat for breakfast because of my low weight.
Sofia P.
If its good fat and has protein it's good and will keep you full longer. Eggs and protein rich waffle are a great breakfast that keep me until a late lunch time. Cake or chips, for example, would not be a good fat for breakfast.
Eva E.
Depends on how your schedule for the day. If you hv loads of work to do then eating a lot of fat for breakfast should be fine. But don’t practice it everyday! Take protein instead 👍🏻
Sara E.
It depends on what kind – fats from things like avocado are good in moderation, but you don't want to start your day with a plateful or bacon and butter!
Edith E.
No, because it cycles through ur body so fast. While eggs, yogurt and spinach stay in you for longer. So it keeps you energized
Benjamin W.
I think its okay for breakfast cause we need much energy to start the day. And maybe the fat we consume to that time will burns before the day end, specially to those active people
Jessica O.
I don't focus on fat, but on protein. I make sure its a low sugar high protein breakfast so have energy for the whole day.
Carl W.
i looked it up on Google, because I am not a health guru 😂, it told me that eating a heavy breakfast will curb your appetite throughout the day, helping you to lose weight. You should eat protein for breakfast as well since it keeps your blood sugar in control and helps you avoid cravings and energy crashes. Hope this helps!
Tracy J.
It depends on the kind of fat(s). Eating a breakfast of eggs with either bacon or sausage is considered very fat, but they are good fats. Eating fats from sugar will only make one sluggish throughout the day. Eating fats is also dependent on what diet Simone’s going for. I suggest looking into Keto recipes for healthy fat, breakfast ideas🤗
Jacob E.
No. It's rather better to get some carbo based foods and proteins for breakfast to give you the needed energy for your day
Julie Z.
I think it is always better to have a balanced diet and try to fit in more fibre and protein. However not all fats are bad fats and an avacado and egg
Kelly E.
That's a really interesting question. It's important to look at your diet as a whole. Some people follow the keto diet, which is very high in fat and low in carbohydrates. There are many stories of great results.
Personally, I feel very unwell after eating high fat foods and couldn't imagine anything worse for breakfast!
Listen to your body, it's your best guide.
L Rke C.
No. A lot of anything is bad for you. If I must eat fat for breakfast, I like avocado toast! But I do eat butter. More butter than I should. Lol.
Eurico N.
I would certainly recommend healthy fats to be included in a balanced breakfast: as long as you eat your fresh vegetables, it is ok to include a good amount of healthy fats as well… and don’t forget to exercise! Remember that fat is energy (more than double the energy of protein or carbs) so as long as you are using it and getting enough nutrients (vitamins and minerals) from healthy natural sources, don’t worry about the amount of fat. In other words, eat your veggies and proteins first and top up the rest of the energy you require for your activities with healthy fats (unprocessed raw fats).