High protein vegan breakfast ideas?

Luis U.
This can be difficult but I'll give you a sweet and a savory idea- I buy a pre-spiced block of tofu and make a big batch of tofu scramble (tofu, cauliflower, onions, bell peppers) to have during the week. Then I heat it up in the pan and add some greens every morning. If you have more of a sweet tooth at breakfast, I'd recommend smoothies with silken tofu, seeds, some pea-based milk, and all the tasty fruit you can think of. Another savory- spread some vegan refried black beans on your avocado toast for more protein. And one more sweet- overnight oats with some added pumpkin-based protein powder. Add cinnamon and other pumpkiny things to make more sense. Keep on that plant based path 🙂

Dylan J.
Unsweetened vanilla almond milk smoothie with frozen greens, fruit, and vegan protein powder and a handful of pistachios

Shawn Q.
I’ve been doing morning breakfast smoothies with all types of fruit and it’s been great! Buy some frozen fruit and keep in the freezer. Buy some almond milk, almond butter, and flax seeds to add for additional vegan nutrients. You can even buy ‘Vega Sport’ vegan protein powder and add it to your smoothie for an extra boost! Blending only takes 30 seconds. Just have a travel cup and grab and go!

Margaux N.
There are some high protein cereals out there. I use almond milk. They also have have tons of granola bars. I'll eat them and a banana occasionally. I have also seen a high protein frozen waffle. I'm not a huge fan of sweet things in the morning so I don't usually get it. You could always go with some sort of peanut butter toast or even some nice smoothies and put protein powder in it.

Rui C.
Banana, peanut butter, rolled oats, soy yogurt and soy milk. Mix everything in a mason jar and leave in the fridge overnight. Add chocolate chips and honey/vanilla to taste. Try mixing in different fruits and replacing the peanut butter for vegan flavoured protein powders for different flavours and textures.