What foods have a lot of proteins? When should I eat my breakfast, right after I wake up? What fruits are the best for breakfast?

Baptiste U.
Well, to start with if you exercice or meditate in the morning you should do it before breakfast. The first thing to do in the morning is to drink water.
Therefore one of the healthiest breakfast is oatmeal (12% protein) cooked or not (it tastes better cooked but you're not forced to). Then you add whatever fruit you want (better if it's a season fruit). Furthermore you can eat some eggs to have a good portion of protein. If you're an adult, I don't recomand you to drink cow-milk but just water or non-animal milk. I highly advise you to drink green tea. It's healthier than coffee.
Another great source of protein is red lentils (25g) and quinoa (15g)
I'm not an expert and
It's a really important question so you should watch some really interesting youtube videos on this topic to get more informed.
By the way happy new year!
Brent O.
In my country there is a food called tempe,it has a lot of protein,and its a plant based food,so there is nothing to worry if you are a vegetarian.I think for breakfast its better if you take a mild sugar – fruit and i dont think you should take a glucose based food.Eat breakfast in your scheduled time and stick to it.take it when you want to start your activity
Alberte C.
I'm not an expert, so you should ask other people too. I think that you shouldn't eat right away after you wake up. First you brush your teeth very carefully, then drink a whole cup of water. That water will bust your organism and will let you know if you really want to eat, give it some time. If you already know that you want to eat, then after drinking water you start to cook your meal. In this case your organism has the time that you won't waste, to realize that it wants to eat. Also the smell of preparing food is a good stimulator. If you need to go to work/school and you don't have the time neither to eat it nor cook it, you could cook it in the evening, put into a container and just warm it up a bit in microwave, take it to your work/school and eat there already. The products rich in proteins are nuts, eggs, meat i guess. Again, I'm not the expert. And in my opinion the best fruit for breakfast is apple, but as far as I know, it stimulates the gastric acid, so you'll want to eat after that. In this case it is better you eat it with something proteic. That's all for now. Hope that this helps! Have a nice day!)
Daria V.
Meat, animal products, lentils have a lot of proteins. Breakfast should not be eatan right after waking up but later, 30 min after drinking a glass of water. Best fruits for this are forest fruits