How can you avoid eating too much sugar at breakfast time?

Julie A.
I just try not buy any sugar added products (read the ingredients label when doing grocery) and choose those better for me ex: non cage eggs, Greek yogurt, skim milk, almond milk…
Frida F.
Have a simple healthy breakfast meal such as drinking plenty of water and milk. You can have fruits and yoghurt or cereal. Avoid eating desserts in the morning such as chocolate or ice cream.
Jason P.
If you are the type of person who likes to add sugar to items like tea or coffee, try drinking your beverage with just milk instead, or finding a new flavor or roast that is more pleasing to your palate without added sugar. Skip foods like oatmeal that you may be in the habit of sweetening with sugar and try a savory item that’s just as filling, like avocado toast. I read an article on breakfast salads that really blew my mind- maybe this could be your new thing? If you need something sweet, stick to natural sugars from fruit only, whether it’s a basic sliced apple or a yummy smoothie (using water as your base instead of milk).
Signe W.
I dont know. I eat fruits: banana, apple, orange, seeds, walnut, milk. After charity dried almonds too. Mabye dried food and too ripe fruits have more sugar.
Alexander U.
I don't know what country you come from, cause I can guess there's a lot off differences in food culture in different countries. Collect different recipes of things that look good and feel good and try to slowly go less sugar. And I don't think you need to skip it fully, just not make the biggest part of you meal full of sugar (like müsli). Today I'm eating a nice Greek yoghurt with almonds and a little bit of honey on top for taste.
Brandon J.
Try to eat fruit instead such as an apple or an orange because it’s healthy, you’ll gain energy and not feel gross, and it tastes great!
Joseph N.
Eat whole foods like eggs, meat or oatmeal. High protein and high fibre food also make you feel full longer and help stabilize your blood sugar through the day.
Julia J.
I have a way protein shake with frozen berries and ground flax and ground oats was 2% milk and two large spoonfuls of Greek yogurt.
Irmhild Q.
#1 change your morning coffee: swap creamers and milk that have sugar, etc for: cinnamon and/or pumpkin pie spice, homemade golden milk, and/or coconut oil.

If you're craving carb sugars:
— try sweet potato toast or multigrain & seeded bread with almond butter, banana, and cacao nibs (a drizzle of honey every once in awhile)
— overnight chia oats with nut milk, nut butter, banana, cacao nibs

Healthy substitutes are key!

Enzo S.
Read read the labels on the box. Try to avoid cereals, but if you like them, go for the ones that don’t have much sugar. For example choosing Cheerios rather than honey nut Cheerios will decrease the amount of sugar. Make your own yogurt so that you can control how much sugar or sweetness Goes into your yogurt. Eke yogurt which is high in protein with a splash of maple syrup some fresh fruit like blueberries would be great. Avoid things like waffles and pancakes because they are just syrup sponges.
Joshua P.
Get the sweetness you want from fruit instead of sweeteners (like sugar, Splenda, etc.) The fruits are full of fiber which will help motivate any sugar spikes from the sugars in the fruit. If needed, add some local honey (sparingly!) to make things a bit sweeter. Works really well for yogurt, but even just having eggs and fruit works really well.
Lise Y.
Try and discover foods that still taste good and are enjoyable but aren’t as bad. Search for healthy substitutes and expand food palette
Alberte W.
Having some form of protein and some carbs will help in avoiding sugar, but having fruit is still a good idea. As long as you keep your breakfast healthy, your fruit will simply curb your sweet tooth in place of a donut or cookie!
Adam T.
To eat low sugar fruits like oranges, strawberries, peaches, blackberries, lemons, grapefruits, avocados. Not too ripe and not too unripe fruits.
Edward O.
If you drink a lot of water before breakfast it helps you not crave sugar so much. If you have had a small but filling dinner the day before, you don't wake up feeling too hungry. In this case your body tends to want a filling breakfast and you can feel yourself wanting more carbs and protein instead of sugar.
Miguel O.
Mornings isn't my sugar time. I usually want something sweet after my lunch. However , I am trying to have something sweet always at home. Sweet yes , but without sugar. I make my own sweet snacks using honey or maple syrup or agave syrup. That works for me.
Freja Z.
I always have oatmeal with bananas, oat milk, cashews and raspberries. It’s so good. If you have a sweet tooth start by switching out sugar for honey – it’s a bit less sweet (you’ll get used to less sweet things) and have a hot drink that’s sugar-less (or with a bit of honey) e.g. black coffee or green tea. This curbs your sweet tooth.
Silje Z.
I don't eat/buy cereal. Sometimes if I want to eat chocolate, I have chocolate on breakfast. I try to eat more protein like boiled egg, steam egg.
Quentin T.
Easy! Just plan your meals! If you eat every day about the same things or plan it prewiously you will stick to the plan =)
Peggy E.
By choosing to make breakfast instead of processed quick foods like sugary cereal or oatmeal that is infused with sugar additives.
Mildred Y.
I make overnight oats using soya milk, oats and dairy free yogurt. I suppress my sugar cravings by adding frozen mixed berries and leaving overnight to soak.
Sebastian Y.
Have some whole grain stuff, like bread or groats. Include increased ammount of protein and healthy fats. Eggs, legumes, avocados.
Vito G.
Avoiding sugar at breakfast time is easiest when you've had an amazing sleep, because you're not craving as much energy "boosting" carbohydrates then. Drink water beforehand to properly assess your hunger levels. Swap sugary foods for delicious fresh fruits to start swapping out sugar. Eat protein with this meal and try replacing sugar in coffee/tea with honey or stevia!
Jim T.
Being intentional on buying foods that are calorie dense with complex carbohydrates and tracking the nutritional values. Also being sure to wake up early enough to prepare a meal like a bagel or eggs instead of rushing with sugary cereals
Adriza N.
Can use less sugar in milk. Fruit juice without sugar works well. Replacing Spicy breakfast instead of Sweety one would also help!
Fabio E.
Honestly, I don't personally worry about it. I'm a Baker, I can't really avoid it. I just try to make sure I eat decent food like eggs and fruits. You can't avoid sugar completely without losing things like fruits and veggies, and some other things. It's a naturally produced item, just don't go nuts.
Hanns T.
I remember how I feel when I consume sugar in the morning. I am left feeling hungry, tired and unfulfilled. A healthy breakfast does so much more for me! It fuels me for the day, gives my body nutrients, and leaves me feeling happy & healthy 😊
Lawrence T.
Eat breakfast at home.
Try to eat fresh, raw ingredients instead of buying breakfast at the store/cafe. I usually eat oatmeal, boiled eggs and fruits. I sometimes have coffee in the morning, but I never add any sugar in my coffee.
Rosa E.
This is my weakness!
W wFirst, you need to get educated 👩🏻‍🎓on nutrition, what foods are high or low in sugar, what makes up a nutritionally balanced meal and what adjustments to make if you need to lose or gain weight🥞, or reduce your sugar intake.

Second, make it a habit to read labels 🥫so you can avoid foods with a high concentration of sugar. You may already know that sugar has different names, like fructose or dextrose, so be careful not to unknowingly sabotage yourself. Note: Fruit juices are notoriously high in sugar and calories. You can squeeze your own🍊🍍🍋, using a natural sugar like Stevia for sweetness with 0 calories.

Third, plan your meals🍳 in advance so you can regulate the amount of sugar and other nutrition before you eat! Obviously, you want to avoid donuts 🍩and other pastries🥐! 😳

Thankfully, there are terrific apps available these days to help with this step. I personally like using health and fitness devices like the Fitbit⌚️. Depending on your needs, you can track your heart rate, steps, stairs, nutritional intake and calories burned via sports ⛹🏻‍♀️⛷🤾🏻‍♀️🏇🏻, exercising🚴🏻‍♀️🥊, walking🚶🏻‍♀️🏌🏻‍♂️, running🏃🏻‍♀️, swimming🏊‍♀️ or gardening👩🏻‍🌾, etc.

Last, please be kind to yourself 🥰 if you slip up. And it’s ok to treat yourself over the holidays or on your birthday 🎂 . Just remember, everything in moderation, and get back to your routine the next day! Sugar, especially via chocolate 🍫 , is an addiction for me so it’s critical that I avoid foods like🍦and 🍪 at all costs. I am NOT always successful!🥺 I wish you all the best.

Albert W.
I just eat the sugar from fruits (ussually berries and bananas), I mix them with oats, water and seeds (chia, sesame and linseed) and I drink herbal tea without sugar or sweetener, roiboos tea is awsome for start!
Est Ban T.
Find a yummy breakfast without sugar or with very little. A couple of my favorites are…

Hot oats with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and flax seeds. I like to add blueberries and a little protein powder. You can also have this cold as overnight oats.

Toasted wholemeal/sourdough bread with hummus, avocado, tomato and black pepper. Sometimes I add a little balsamic glaze but if you are avoiding sugar maybe not.

There are heaps of recipes online, try Deliciously Ella for some great healthy ideas.

Kunibert T.
Rather eat food rich in proteins. Sugar from fruits is a better choice. Avoid processed sugar in coffee. If needed only add milk.
Daisy X.
No sugar in coffee, plan your meals (protein shakes with various ingredients), no processed cereals, limit juice or if juice – use fresh squeezed unprocessed
Jessie U.
Luckily, I love savoury foods for breakfast. I enjoy typical breakfast foods like eggs and bacon, and often add a side of veggies. I also will sometimes eat leftover dinner foods for breakfast. In many cultures savoury foods are normal for breakfast – we’re just conditioned in North America to eat sweet foods for breakfast so that non-sweet foods seem wrong. But in reality, food is food and who said you can’t eat steak for breakfast?
Lance J.
I totally understand that sweet tooth my friend! My trick is to eat fruit in my breakfast (I love a good banana and peanut butter smootie yummmm), that way I get something sweet but it is so nutritious and adds a lot of good fibre to my diet. When I have more time, I go for a really satisfying breakfast with more protein like a scrumptious tofu scramble (I’m vegan, if you aren’t try some scrambled eggs 🥚) and I love to have veggies for breakfast on those days, like adding onion and green pepper to the scramble or some sautéed spinach on the side. Make breakfast fun and feel the benefits all day! Enjoy experimenting! ☺️💛
Scott E.
I don’t eat too much sugar at breakfast. We grew up eating plain cereal (puffed rice or puffed wheat), or eggs, toast and milk or fried bologna, toast and milk. Maybe once a week we’d have pancakes & milk. My downfall related to sugar is in the evening.
Elya O.
I don't eat refined sugar for 1 month. But I eat 3-4 dates on breakfast, also I eat some honey. But not too much as I say again. 🌼
Bastien E.
Just. Don’t eat it. If you can’t resist though, eat only one sugary item with your breakfast, like jam on toast or orange juice. It balances well with an omelette.
Steve S.
Your body needs sugar. It's ok. But replace it by eating some apples, bananas or drinking some orange juice or another fruit juice.
Alexandre E.
In order to avoid eating sugar at breakfast is recommend to eat more vegetables or meat containing proteins wich will.absorb the sugars, or just don't eat doughnuts at breakfast. 😉
Gabriela U.
Think about how you'll feel after you finish eating, if you eat healthy you'll feel rejuvenated and feel more confident about your actions through out the day
L Rke C.
I have just removed sugar from my coffee routine. Aside from coffee, I don’t have any eating habits that involve shugar save for an occasional fruit.
Ralph B.
I am a very big sugar fan, I love sweet things, all of them, from fruits to cakes and pies and oh, those heavenly marshmallows cooked on a campfire… But here’s the deal – I got fat. I ate so much sugar my internal organs started to get messed up and I’m only 28. This had made me stop and think, and think hard…. But as much as I thought, it was a habit to take the first sweet I saw into my mouth without thinking. And at first I tried to limit myself, to really cut down sugar but it just made me feel down and depressed and punished… So I tried a different approach. Instead of focusing on what I can’t eat, I focused on what I can. I can eat fruits, certain fruits more than others, I can drink coconut milk, which in itself is sweet but has very little sugar additives. I started looking at labels and told myself that I CAN eat only the products that have 10g sugar per 100g or less. That helped me, that really helped me. And additionally I started putting healthy snacks all over the place. There’s a fruit bowl on my table all the time, so when I have the urge to snack my pain away I have a healthy option like nuts instead of a ton of sugars. So maybe try focusing on what you can eat too, not what you shouldn’t. Hope this helps you, even if a little, to make your life a little bit healthier.
Julie N.
Make healthy foods that don't need sugar to be good like oatmeal or a fruit smoothie. Make sure sugar isn't around. Use honey or dates to sweeten
Maya Z.
I have found that it is so much easier to not buy sugary foods than it is to not eat them if I have them in my pantry. My advice: throw away the bad breakfast foods and instead stock your kitchen with the good ones.
Annika O.
I’m not really sure about that, avoiding sugary foods like pastries and cakes should be an example and eating healthier options of food should work, I think !