I eat eggs and bacon and fruit sometimes too. What do you suggest for a good breakfast?

Andree J.
eat some carbohydrates, maybe tosts with mashed avocado, milk with cornflakes, make a changes dont eat the same food every day. good luck 🥰

Jobe U.
That breakfast is almost a perfect way to start the day, although if it were me I would remove the bacon and put the egg on a nice piece of sourdough bread. Keep up the good work

Christian U.
Variety of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Eggs or salmon; bread or potatoes; avocado, nuts or seeds; plus a vegetable (alfalfa sprouts, spinach, grated zucchini), plis a dairy serve: plain yoghurt, fetta, haloumi.

Gilbert T.
Everything but eating cancer and chloresterole! Your breakfast is horrible, are you trying to be sick? You can eat oat, fruits, veggie smoothies.

Ayushi F.
I have boiled eggs 3-4, a cup of milk coffee or fruit juice with 2 sandwiches or vegetable pancakes. I prefer to have a healthy and heavy breakfast in the morning and light and liquid foods all day with a very light to no food at night.

Bella J.
Eggs are definitely good for breakfast. Make sure to add some bananas and apples in it. A bread toast will make the perfect combo

Sebastian C.
Something of substance that’s going to fuel you. No pop tarts or artificial sugars are going fuel you for a day of work. Eggs, fruits, water, some sort of carbs and maybe a little something sweet for a little reward on making a solid meal to start your day.