For health reasons it is best for me to have 13 hours of overnight fasting. I try to do this by stopping all eating at a certain time the night before. But if I can’t do that, what’s a good way to have a “good breakfast” mid-morning at my work/office desk (I do not work at home)?

Joshua Q.
What helps me is meal prepping a few breakfast eitems for the work week on the weekend. You can have over night oats or some instant ones already put aside with some nuts and fruit if you can or make little muffin sized egg quiches that can be put into ziploc sanwitch bags so you can take one and go.

Alice A.
After you get ready for the day it’s better to relax and enjoy a great breakfast to start your day on a good track so you have a positive mind through out the day I suggest if you live with family you may want to wait till they get up so that you get a great breakfast and spend more time with family at the table

Marshall F.
Pack a hard boiled egg to take with you and some fruit? Or, a quinoa salad in a Tupperware. You could batch cool for 2 or 3 days at a time.

Claire U.
Can you make up a filling smoothie to take with you (incl flaxseed and chia seeds, nuts, fruits etc)? Alternatively if your work place provides milk, how about taking some granola or museli in a takeaway container and eating that mid morning.
For a more savory option you could pre make some veggie muffins or burritos and then microwave them there?
Good luck!

Daria R.
I suggest preparing a little lunch box the day before.If you don't have time make it in the weeknds for the week ahead.Or just try boiled eggs 🙂 They're healthy ,keep you full for a longer time,don't take long to make and are easy to take with you!The only downside is they smell a little nasty.

Rh P.
My first suggestion is mixed nuts as they are easy to grab and bite at work.
The daily recommended amount is 25g. That can be 2 walnuts, 4 cashews, 8 almonds, and a teaspoon of pumpkin seeds, to avoid taking too many calories. Can carry them in a small container to work.

Secondly, I recommend rice roll. Can cook the rice for a week’s breakfast and freeze. In the morning, grab one portion, flat it into a thin layer and put eggs, cheese, vegetables, and some dressing, then roll it into a rice roll. Wrap in a plastic wrap and Since the rice is sticky, the food do not drop out when you eat. This is gluten free.
Hope this help!

Lily Z.
I have been loving smoothies recently! They are not only time effective but are a good way to get all of your important food groups in. Smoothies are good because you can blend everything up and then take it on the go!

Superawesomebrittni N.
It's good to try to keep some easy things right at your desk. Maybe some mixed nuts, an apple, kiwi, pre-prepped avocado or other fruit, dried fruit, peanut butter, whatever combination you prefer. My go to for a quick filling breakfast is peanut butter and two sliced apples to dip. Avocado toast is another good option. Or a mix of dried fruit and nuts. Don't forget some water. I'm not sure if that would be filling enough for you but bring some healthy snacks also.

Radhika Z.
You can grab few nuts (almonds, peanuts, dried gram) or 2-3 pieces of dried coconut. They are filled with essential fatty acids, amino acids and. This way you are avoiding sugar from granola bars, feel filled and eating right to balance hormones.

Dianne X.
I have found that overnight oats made in a mason jar with milk/yogurt, fruit, and crushed nuts is a filling breakfast that travels well to work. You could also cook a large egg frittata with vegetables and lean protein that can easily be brought to work and reheated. Packets of plain oatmeal also can be reheated at the office and can be supplemented with a banana/apple/orange, hard-boiled eggs, or nuts.

Mallika N.
Anything portable is easy- smoothies, yogurt with fruit/granola, egg sandwich, overnight oats. Many of these things can be prepared the night before as well, so it makes for an easy morning.

Alexa X.
Fruit, yoghurt and seeds would be a healthy breakfast with lots of energy. Even if you don't have a fridge at work a yoghurt should survive until mid morning if you don't live anywhere too hot. Soya yoghurt might last longer as an alternative. You can also prep it the night before so you don't have a hurdle to cross in the morning.

Kathleen W.
I love bringing hard boiled eggs to work. They are super easy to make the night before, easy to pack, and are a great healthy snack once youre at work. I also love trail mix and yogurt at work!

Karen L.
When I was going to the office, I meal prepped breakfast on Sundays. Put it in containers and freeze/refrigerate. If you don’t have a microwave at work, warm your food before you leave home and put it in an insulated lunch box so it’s still warm when you make it to work. My go-to is a hearty breakfast scramble. It takes about 20 minutes to prep a full weeks worth. Chop red potatoes, get bacon bits (or bacon substitute), eggs/egg substitute and put them all in a large skillet with olive oils and your choice seasoning (I suggest sage, salt and pepper). It cooks in maybe 10 minutes. Also, boiled eggs, fruit and peanut butter toast are easy to pack too. Keep nuts and peanut butter crackers at your desk in case you forget one day.

Adriel G.
Bring ready to eat healthy food. It depends on your area on what's easiest to buy.
One I recommend is a banana. It is easy to peel and not messy and has lots of nutrients like potassium that can restore the nutrients you lost from fasting. Don't be afraid of sugar that you may get from fruits. They are natural ones. Avoid those that are chemically made. Why be afraid of fruit sugar? While other people are drinking softdrinks daily but do not die in an instant (But htese carbonated drinks are killing them softly).
I also suggest tuna sandwich if you can make night before. It's easy to grab before going to the office. 😊