What is your favorite breakfast that is also nutritious?

Daisy N.
Scrambled eggs with wheat English muffin and avocado… sometimes a sausage patty and some fruit like an apple or a banana
Hannah M.
I really enjoy eggs with onions, peppers, and mozzarella cheese. In addition, to get more protein in, I have two slices of turkey bacon. Then two slices of bread with Avacado. May seem like a lot which it is but full of nutritional values and super yummy.
Flower G.
I really like to make a smoothie bowl. U can make it with your favourite fruit and search recipes on google or pinterest!
Weirdo C.
I always go for either peanut butter toast with banana or an egg sandwich. Both are easier to make and they help you feel full.
Owen P.
Talk about your mental health and paying attention to the changes in your body and mind and if it’s major things hurting you to seek counseling
Leana N.
One of my favorite breakfast foods has got to be eggs. Not only are they delicious, but they're also nutritious! I like my eggs over-easy most of the time, but every now and then, I'll make scrambled eggs and add spinach into them for an extra health boost. Along with the food, I also try to drink a cup of either water or milk with it to start my day off right.
Paige P.
I really like just a fruit and some peanut butter. It’s really quick and easy and there’s no mess to clean up afterwards.
Abbey L.
I’m a big fan of a bowl of rice with zucchini or cucumber & sunny side up eggs! You can flavor it many ways and it contains lots of nutrients.
A C.
Honestly I feel most of my breakfasts are pretty healthy but, Greek yogurts, eggs, vegetables, fruits, non processed foods, things that make a breakfast more nutritional. My #1 would be protein pancakes or egg waffles
Tania U.
My absolute favorite breakfast to eat that’s also nutritious is buttermilk pancakes with scrambled eggs. Most days I can’t have they though since I have to be out the door by 6:20AM, so I have a granola bar type thing. The brand name is KIND and they’re so good.
Sara T.
A breakfast made mostly from scratch like oatmeal with shredded almonds and peanuts, orange zest, blueberries and maple syrup.
Lonnie E.
I love making sausage and eggs for breakfast. I caramelize onions before I crack the eggs, and put a little minced garlic in the pan with the onions. For the sausage I make this sause with crushed dried tomatoes, Dijon mustard, and some salt and pepper. I put those in a separate frying pan than the eggs so I can cook them at the same time. After they're both done, I fold them in together. It's delicious especially with some of my fruit salad I make.
Frederik E.
An omelette! I make mine with two eggs, a little cheese, and whatever veggies I have on hand. Onions and bell peppers are my favorites. Sometimes I might add some diced ham if I’m feeling like I need to extra protein.
Autumn N.
I love a “Sunday breakfast”. I love to have a pancake (or waffle), eggs, sausage, and fruit. And a nice drink! Usually water.
Megsta N.
I quite like a smoothie bowl with a few pieces of dark chocolate on, as well as oats and drizzled honey on. I will also put protein powder in the smoothie.
Jodi O.
I love to have a burger patty with cucumber and tomatoes on bread. You are covering a lot of the different food groups but that also works for a lunch. Sometimes I have muesli with fruit and yogurt which is also very nutritious
Rehan N.
4 egg omelette with sausage cheese and vegetables— it’s a great starter if you have it with black coffee and I just love how my day starts then.

Don’t forget atleast 300ml water as soon as you wake up

Marjorie Q.
well, i sometimes eat a banana, apple, and yogurt. my mom works at a gym so she wants us to eat healthy all the time. shes also a personal trainer at her gym.
Isabel F.
A smoothie with lots of different fruits and a simpel sandwich. Also a sandwich with hummus with a fruit on the side and a nice gup of thee.
Orfeas F.
Hi there! It's yoghurt with corn flakes/granola/muesli and some sort of seasonal fruit. I'm partial to apples, strawberries, nectarines and grapes. You can also add honey if you like!
Nicklas W.
My favorite nutritious breakfast would be porridge and fruit, I always had it when I was younger and it was really good.
Albert X.
My favorite breakfast would have to be a good stack of protein pancakes, two sunny-side-up eggs, one avocado toast with tomatoes on top, and a bowl of PB2 oatmeal:)
Abigail Y.
Oatmeal is one that your can really easily make and is very healthy! It can be overnight oats or just oats you make right before you eat them! I have only ever had overnight oats once but they were very tasty. My actual favourite breakfast is french toast but it is not healthy or good for you so I recommend that when you need energy on a dull day or whenever its like a day pff or something to make you feel full!
Karolka N.
I’m not a morning person, so need a breakfast that is quick and yummy so that I would actually make it – banana and frozen fruit smoothie with oat milk is my go to.
Ellen I.
I like porridge (with milk) with a spoon of peanutbutter, banana and blue berries. Or with honey and apple.
Strawberry yoghurt with raspberries and blackberries is a nice alternative.
When I'm in a hurry, I eat protein bars or oatmeal cookies 🙂
Rosemary N.
Fresh fruit like banana, pineapple, Watermelon grapes peaches cherries apple. Or oat meal with fresh fruit I use oat milk in my oatmeal
Ritthy W.
Dear user,
My favorite breakfast has to be warm milk in winter with an apple and, in summer, cold milk with coffee with a banana
Albin X.
Burmese breakfast including Burmese rice pancake, coconut milk noodle, Mont hinga, fried rice with peas, milk tea, yogurt
Benjamin U.
I would prefer pancakes with a side of salad while reading a book! It fills me up, let’s me eat nutritious food while helping me not to procrastinate and have a healthy diet. Eating something with less sugar also helps me concentrate!
Arina O.
My favorite meal is porridge with milk, but I don't have much time to cook it daily, so the one meal that I try to eat every day and nothing else at breakfast is protein bars. They are easy to take in a hurry and will make you not to feel hunger for more time than fruits.
Jade M.
I like to have a range of different fruits with nuts and yoghurt or a omelette with diffuser toppings like cheese and onion etc. I hope this helps 🙂
Anna U.
I love smoothies. And it’s fun to try different kinds and experiment. Sometimes I’m truly surprised by what I actually like and don’t like! Yogurt with berries and grain free granola is also a treat for me – all high quality ingredients are absolutely essential.
Silje P.
At the moment, yogurt with chia seeds and cereal! I’ll also have fruit if we have that around. It’s the best with blueberries!
Christian W.
I think a simple smoothie, with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and milk is a good breakfast. It gives energy and nutrition without too much calories, good for weight loss, and very simple to make for anyone at any age if they have a blender.
Vera O.
I usually like to eat bread for breakfast. but i also often eat rice during breakfast so it's hard to choose but of course bread is more nutritious.
Romarilda S.
I know eggs have alot of protein and I love wheat bread or oatmeal. I just like my oatmeal the way my grandma in mexico makes it so that takes a little longer to make. But I try to match egg with a healthy or semi healthy carbohydrate and I definitely need my coffee in the morning. If I'm in a rush I make eggo waffles with sugar free applesauce on top. Great combo that keeps me feeling full.
Maja W.
My favourite breakfast that is nutritious is a fruit salad. I love every fruit so i can have a fruit salad out of any fruit. My favourite fruits are bananas and strawberries and all kinds of berries and watermelon,basically my favourite fruits are all the fruits that i can think of.
Anton Y.
i think that is cappuccino and porridge with dark chocolate and some berries. I’m going to try the porridge with honey because i love it
Billy O.
Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso with a Ciabatta roll with one side having almond butter and the other side sliced avocado
Sofie B.
I made myself a sandwich which has 2 eggs, turkey salam (3 thin slice), tomatoe, pepper, cheese. It's kinda healthy and also delicious. :))
Tiara S.
🥑 toast (mashed) using Oatnut bread with hard boiled 🥚 on top , olive oil, 🍋 juice, 🧂 and pepper in the mashed 🥑 as well as on top or either with Everything Bagel Seasoning sprinkled on top, 🦃 bacon and sliced 🍓 and 🍌 the side with 🍋 water or some kind of juice or smoothie.
Rose Y.
My favourite book is maze runner ( book 1 ) as it has a well thought out story line and has a range of motion throughout the book
Gabriele F.
Well, I'd say something that you like, and something that you actually know it's good for you. When I went to gym I used to eat eggs the days I'd go there, and that made me feel much better!
Willibert X.
I like to eat avena porridge, with honey and some burberries. I like ti drink americano coffee and an Orange juice. I would like to stop drink coffee in the future..
Sheas C.
I wouldn’t say favorite because I like too much lol! I do enjoy making avocado toast on rye bread with an boiled egg and slices of oranges!
Stanley J.
Eggs, boiled or fried, are a great source of protein. Sometimes, I like to start my day with fruit, like watermelon right now during the summer, or apples. I try to get my carbs from rice, some veggies leftover from last night, and meat.
Sabri J.
I have a tall glass of water, half of a glass with orange juice and then yoghurt. I have a cup of coffee with milk and an egg and jam omelette
Zanete Q.
Scrambled eggs with some herbs and spices like cumin, chilli powder and dill + baby spinach, maybe add a slice of cheese + cup of warm green tea
Courtney U.
Greek yogurt with oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, goji or cranberries. Fast, easy and it keeps you hungry long enough to not have time to think about lunch. If I have more time, a healthy omlette keeps me full for longer
Irma O.
My favorite breakfast that is actually nutritious and healthy would have to be some whole grain cereal or a bowl of fruit, as both give me the energy and nutrients I need to get through the day. I hope this helps you in finding exactly what’s going to help you become a healthier person overall.
Val Rio T.
I love my version of cheesy scrambled eggs with a piece of English muffin bread toasted and spread with butter and another topping such as cream cheese.
Ines A.
Well, today i ate my first “complete” breakfast. Before today, i didn’t eat on mornings, if i was a bit hungry i would just drink a glass of milk or something. Based on what i found (on this app, etc.) what i ate it’s not that bad. I ate some fruit (banana for example. apple is a good option too), and a protein bar. Then i drank a cup of tea.
Cali X.
When I do eat breakfast, I’ll usually have a banana with Nutella and a bagel with Nutella. Sometimes if I remember to make it the night before, I’ll eat a yogurt popsicle.
E F.
According to my calories intake, Boiled eggs with one toast plus one avocado fruit with one slice of emmental cheese and one slice of turkey, end with one cup of American coffee.
Stella N.
I LOVE AVOCADO TOAST so if u are like me i used to HATEEEEE avocado i would avoid it at all costs but trust me it is the best most versatile food ever. so every morning i make 2 slices using sourdough, then i spread some kewpie mayo on the toast and place chicken ham on both slices. then i mash my avocado with some lemon onto both slices and crack some pepper on top! this plus an oat milk latte is the best start to my day :)))
Judith P.
Khadi cakes is my favorite. They are like pancakes but my own healthy homemade version. I’m eating some right now in fact. They contain Dates, fresh ground cinnamon and nutmeg, local river salt, a banana, milk (camels preferably), eggs, grated coconut and honey with a local wheat flour as the base. Oh yeah and a couple drops of ACV and virgin coconut oil. Sometimes I’ll throw in some fresh ground cacao. Real butter and blended frozen fruit to top it off and the is off to an energetic start guaranteed to make my bowels move. 😉
Louie B.
My favorite early morning breakfast is a homemade basil pesto over easy egg on toast or bagel smothered in cream cheese or avocado. A small bowl of yogurt with seasonal berries/fruits (peaches are my favorite), granola, and honey on the side, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.
Fadak X.
Tomatoe and paprika with two eggs all in the pan and half a loaf of bread and the other half with honey, then a cup of cappuccino
Trixie N.
Overnight oats- my favorite includes roasted coconut (unsweetened) and nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds) then oats and any seeds ( flax, chia) I wish to add. I make this on Sunday. Every evening I add about a half cup of this mixture with a few raisins or a half a mashed banana and almond or flax seeds milk. This goes I to the fridge and tada breakfast is ready in the morning. When I’m really rushed I’ll make it in a to go container
Mariana S.
Homemade fruit smoothie (I usually make mine with fresh blueberries, yogurt, spinach, frozen strawberries, cinnamon powder, a ground tumeric), a bowl of miso soup for probiotics, eggs for protein, and then a side of choice to go with my eggs (I go with either kimchi, spinach, rice, or whatever I have on hand.)
Allegra O.
I recently discovered porridge. Not sure if it's properly nutritious but always better that pastries.
Due to cultural reasons I can't eat eggs or bacon for breakfast, seem pretty nasty to me.
Fruit, honey and nuts are still the best option
Gabriela N.
I’m not an expert. I just start the day with something I love and know, will make me feel great and energised. I often eat yoghurt with granola, chia seeds and fruit. And if I have time, I will prepare some eggs with an avocaco toast. Yum! Everything with my caramel coffee or tea ☕️ Even when I’m in a rush I make sure to grab a piece of fruit or some nuts and water to go 🌷
Brooke F.
I like to cook an egg and sauté on the side spinach tomatoes and onions and garlic. Then I add a side of plain wheat toast and a tiny portion of yogurt or drink some milk. It’s so filling and delicious
Mary N.
I like bread and butter bc it gives me calories and tastes good. The warmth of the bread and deliciousness of the creamy butter is awesome to start out the day with.
Justin W.
I enjoy eating a banana or an apple for breakfast on the weekdays. On the weekends I love to eat eggs and avocado toast and throw in some bacon
Lauriana Y.
My favorite nutritious breakfast is: boiled oats with various fruits and nuts. I usually eat it with a glass of orange juice
Juan P.
An oatmeal shake. It is high in fiber, which keeps you full and improves your gut health. It’s also rich in slow carbs that release energy trough the day. Oats also provide triptophane, which is a precursor of some neurotransmitters. I usually add chia and flaxseed for an added omega-3 bonus. I add different fruits to improve the taste. You can make it really fast and you can even eat it on the go
Jane O.
I used to like cereal and soybean milk. But, I also knew that some type of cereal is sweet and kinda unhealthy and soybean milk can contains sugar too. I think that having a nutty breakfast is enough for me 😊👍.
Anna J.
I like hard boiled eggs & a banana. Some other ideas would be oatmeal, yogurt, or a homemade smoothie. You could put some peanut butter on a slice of whole wheat bread. Also, you don’t necessarily have to eat “traditional” breakfast foods for breakfast. Sometimes I like to heat up leftovers from dinner the night before, so I’ll eat chicken and green beans or something along those lines for breakfast.
Hania N.
Well my fav breakfast is a bit of fruits such as oranges bananas apples or mangoes and strawberries as well as a boiled egg and a cup of milk or coffee or milk tea
Lvia Q.
Boiled eggs with sauges and tea. It's my comfort food and as I don't like to cook much as I wake up, I like the breakfasts which requires less preparation and also delicious.
Leta U.
I like breakfasts which soothes and cools my stomach. Like veg or fruit salad, oats, sundal, smoothies etc. Less oil, less masala, less sour, less salt.
D N.
Welllll if I’m not hungry then eating a banana, yogurt, and some nuts is good! Though usually i would eat eggs or toast with milk and fruit. And tea every morning !!
Gilca E.
I love to change every morning and try new recipes for breakfast. But i can say that my favorite is definitely porridge, or everything with oat, like mugcake or overnight oats.
Bridie Z.
my breakfast is usually after the gym so it consist of a protein shake and a protein bar and fruit. One of the most important times to get protein in is after a workout to help further promote muscle protein synthesis and start your day on the good foot
Victor F.
I think a great breakfast would be some eggs, rice and ulam. I really like ulam (vians) like corned beef, tapa, or tocino in the morning to start my day (very Filipino type of silog breakfast). Right now however, I’ve been trying to do intermittent fasting where I only eat for 8 hours in the day and thus I have been cutting out breakfast.
Charlotte Y.
My favourite breakfast is: eggs(scramble or not), sausage, hash brown, mushroom, beans sometime I eat porridge with cinnamon and honey as well, love it. I like to have a glass of apple juice and one of orange juice and I think that will be it
Klaus Q.
It's fruits and green tea with a boiled egg , it gives me all the vitamins , proteins I need to kick start my day also it makes me feel full untill lunch time.
Malthe Z.
My favourite breakfast is eggs and bacon. I like eating them because they give me lots of energy for the day. And it feels good to know I ate something healthy.
Gwendlyn J.
My favorite breakfast is overnight oats, where you make it with mixed frozen berries and chia seeds. I don't have it as often as I should
Michaele T.
I really love oatmeal in the mornings! It's nutritious and there's plenty of ways to customize it so it doesn't get old! I like putting whatever fruit I have around the house in mine and making new combinations!
Charlie G.
A shake. My mom usually makes a shake for me before she leaves for work. It has to be dairy-free, so she usually uses plant milk, such as almond or soya. Then she freezes fruit to put in as well (banana, strawberry, avo). She also adds futurelife and cocoa powder sometimes
Maria W.
Avocado toast!! I’ll make it with whole wheat bread, mashed avocado and some scrambled eggs on top!! Super yummy and we get all the healthy fats and proteins!
Sebastian F.
Oatmeal with fruita and nuts there is something about the creamy Oatmeal, sweet fruit and savory nuts that makes it taste delicious
Simauro P.
I love overnight oats. they are quick and easy to make and allow you a guaranteed healthy breakfast. Right before I go to bed I take a mason jar and fill it up one thirds with oats and 2/3 with water. I then go in with two scoops of plain vanilla yogurt and top it off with chocolate chips. You mix it all together and close it off with a lid or plastic wrap. And tomorrow morning you have a delicious breakfast. You can also put fruit on top are usually eat bananas or strawberries.
Olivia Z.
Poached eggs on whole grain toast with butter and avocado but the avocado has to be slightly under ripe and then tomato and chorizo salsa with tomato sauce
Kathy X.
Well, I just started eating yogurt bowls. I just put some plain, European-style yogurt, granola, bananas, and occasionally broken up cookies in a bowl and drizzle some honey over it. If I want to switch things up, I might add matcha or pumpkin seeds. If I’m still hungry, I supplement my yogurt with an egg, sunny-side up.
Ann E.
oatmeal is a personal favorite right now, and i've enjoyed having some oatmeal everyday as well as adding a fresh fruit to it like berries or an apple, and it has been fueling me very well for the entire day and giving me a lot of heart healthy nutrients and allowing me to rebuild a healthy relationship with food by allowing me to begin a routine of eating breakfast everyday.
Danielle F.
Well almost every morning I have a poached egg on multigrain toast, but tomorrow I think I will add cottage cheese and a bananathen I have coffee
Nidhi F.
Indian breakfast recipes are a really healthy option and they also make you feel full for the next few hours. My favorite ones are making savory pancakes of different kinds. Or poha and upma that can also be quick and easy.
Rene S.
I like to have Cheerio Crunch with Keto Coconut granola. And I use Lactide 2% milk. Other days I do a yogurt smoothie that has low fat yogurt with Fruit juice and fresh fruit. 1/2 serving of organic Protein powder
Kasper A.
My favourite breakfast includes egg which is very rich in many nutrients that give you energy and help you lose weight too
Bia Z.
I enjoy eating a protein like mixed eggs and a carbohydrate like a toast or some cereals, joined by some milk (doesn't have to be an animal derived milk).
I think this makes my breakfast the most nutritious.
Alberte P.
I really like avocado toast. It’s a new recipe I discovered a long time ago but I started cooking it only since a few time. The mix between the avocado, so the lemon juice, and the eggs is soooo good
Tobias C.
A breakfast burrito or breakfast sandwich, it has the protein I need in it’s eggs and meat, and it doesn’t take too long to make and it always tastes amazing 🙂
Sammy T.
My go to breakfast is always a smoothie! Strawberry, banana, blueberries, Greek yogurt, and oat milk. I top it off with a bit of almond whipped cream and it's my favourite way to start the day 🙂
Suzy S.
I usually eat some oatmeal with some bananas, nuts, and raisins. I also then might have a orange and tangerine for fruit, and then depending on if I’m still hungry I might have one or two hard boiled eggs, and I have some water as well.
Johanne B.
My favorite breakfast is fruit. Any type of fruit esp apples because they are fulfilling for me and have lots of vitamins and rich in fiber, which is needed in my diet. 😄
Andr T.
I have a really hard time stomaching breakfast in the morning, so some of my go-tos are yogurt, fruit, cereal bar or granola bar, muffin, or if I'm feeling up to it, a small bowl of cereal (usually rice crispys).
Malak F.
I usually skip breakfast but sometimes I like to eat things like avocado toast and eggs, they’re excellent sources of fiber and protein. You could also replace your typical oj drink with carrot juice, I like to remind myself to include some veggies in all my meals, following with some fruit, either dry or fresh. If I don’t feel like going for a meal, I’ll sometimes try making a smoothie using things I already have!
Charles E.
Eggs are a favorite breakfast item of mine. You can make scrambled eggs, eggs overneasy (or medium or hard), hardboiled/softboiled eggs, or eggs the goldenrod. There are so many ways to prepare eggs and so many sides that you can have with them. You could have bacon, scrapple, fried zucinni, hashbrowns, and so much more! Hope that helps!
Kiana I.
I like having some maltomeal for the iron and low fiber, you can switch it out with oatmeal if you want the fiber. Then I like to have a couple of hard boiled eggs with seasoned salt and pepper. You can make eggs however you like each morning, I just like the ease of hard boiled eggs. I also like to have at least 1-2 different types of fruit depending on what I have so I have at least one whole serving each morning. I also recommend drinking at least one or two glasses of water before your morning coffee or tea.
Daisy F.
SMOOTHIES. All the way! They are super nutritious and very delicious for a morning treat, whilst being happy and healthy. Add some Greek yoghurt with honey and frozen berries, this tastes SO good!!
Isidro Q.
my favourite breakfast that is always nutritious is mini chocolate chip wheatabix with a bowl of mango and grapes on the side and a cup of yorkshire tea, it tastes so good and makes me feel healthy
Cherie N.
Having some proteins in the morning to boost up my mood is the best part of my day, some boiled eggs and a good cup of hot milk to kick my morning
Carmen Z.
I sometimes have what people don't consider an omelet, but I do. I get an egg and scramble it. Then, I make it flat and in one piece. When it’s almost done, I put a slice of cheese on a side of the egg. I get the egg on a plate and put a tiny bit of ketchup on the cheese and then fold the egg. For me, it’s the best nutritious thing that I can actually make with my horrible cooking skills.
Leo T.
My favourite breakfast which is also nutritious recently would be toast, mushed avocado on top with a fried egg along with a mug of coffee- no sugar and a tiny bit of milk. Really fuels me for the day.

Remember, you'll find your own favourite and nutritious breakfast which works for you.

Keep going on your fabulous journey!

Eust Quio P.
My favorite breakfast is fried egg with bacon, little cheese and some sald, maybe tomatoes or cucumber. That's what I love the most and that's what suit me perfect.
Elise I.
Ooh- okay well I am a vegetarian and if you want a really healthy meal with a kick of protein, I’ve got you. First up, a smoothie with cocoa powder, peanut or almond butter, pb protein powder, milk, and banana. Sometimes I add raspberries. After that I have rice cakes with avocado on top and a serving of yogurt with granola, blueberries and thinly sliced strawberries and that’s it! Hopefully you try it!!
Felix Y.
Hi there, I have skipped breakfast for quite some time. But this week I ordered a case of smoothie starters from a company called, Daily Harvest. This app has encouraged me to stop skipping breakfast. So each morning, I’ll sip a smoothie instead.
Elias T.
My favorite breakfast is whole-bread with cream cheese. I prefer this because I have no excuses to not make it because it literally takes less than 2 minutes. Sometimes I switch it up and add slices of hard boiled eggs with some black pepper.
Samantha P.
my favorite breakfast that is also nutritious (hear me out) is mango in oatmeal. i have no idea how or why this combo is so good but i 100% recommend; oatmeal and nutrition doesn’t have to be boring!! put fruit in breakfast if you like sweet stuff to pair it with stuff that you normally wouldn’t like the taste of 🙂
Jessica O.
I like to have a fruit smoothie – strawberry, kiwi, orange juice and yogurt. Also a good oat & protein bar, not the ones that taste like cardboard.
Edmero Q.
My favorite breakfast that is well nutritious. Is oatmeal, any type of fruit. With one egg on the side and whole wheat toast. To drink with this meal would be a good source of tea.
Daniel P.
Overnight oats is great because you can prepare it the night before and make sure to include whichever healthy additions you’d like! I also like making smoothies by blending frozen blueberries, almond butter, oat milk, and whichever other healthy additions I have around.
Sergei E.
I like to start my day with tea, for hydration. To eat I like plain bread with cheese or cheese and ham. Sometimes I just make some oatmeal with nuts and honey.
Janhavi Q.
As for me I don't feel that hungry in the morning so I tend go for an apple or a banana. But most of the time I just grab handfuls of dry fruits and nuts . For the days I feel really hungry then I prefer eating some oats or upma(a indian dish).
Meli F.
A apple or banana provide lots of energy for the day and will get you through your busy morning and can eat it on the go.
Amanda S.
Hi! My favorite breakfast actually is eggs and aimpim( it's kind of a potato) with coffee and milk. I really like and I don't know if it's the more nutritios, but I believe that's healthy and it's delicious! 😋
Ella P.
Currently my favorite breakfast is a toasted everything or cinnamon raisin bagel with a little bit of whipped cream cheese and two scrambled eggs and ham or smoked salmon as sides. It has a nice balance of protein, carbs, and fat. It tastes good and keeps me full. I either have just water or black coffee along with it.
Emily N.
I love breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches, but those take prep sometimes. My favorite quick and easy breakfast is toast with avocado and lemon pepper or peanut butter and bananas 😋
Gene P.
I personally love Oatmeal. Its easy to eat and clean up after haha but like that I can add my favorite fruits to it as well like blueberries or strawberries with a dash of brown sugar and some almond milk, and to have a hot cup of coffee during the inter or a cold coffee during the summer makes it better 😋
Mal Z.
Scrambled eggs and 1/2 avocado on an organic rice cake! Protein shake with powdered greens on the side. This is a great option to add before the gym (I lift heavy)
Sena O.
I love having cooked oatmeal as a start of the day. Depending on what I have at home, I change the ingredients of mt oatmeal but my favourite one definitely is the one with banana, nuts and a little bit of peanut butter.
Sisha N.
My favourite breakfast right now is a poppy seed bagel with raspberry jam and lactose free philadelphia cream cheese. Some might think this is not nutritional but the jam has lots of vitamin A which is good for your eyesight and skin. The cream cheese also contains some fat is essential for energy. Fat is not bad for you and is actually vital for your normal bodily function. The bagel also provides some carbohydrates to provide energy throughout the day.
Tatiana B.
A costarrican dish called “gallopinto”, which is rice and beans mixed with sliced onion, sweet pepper and cilantro basically, with a fried egg and any fruit on the side.
Lulu N.
Oatmeal pancakes! You adjust the sweetness as you’re liking, also u can add chia seeds and protein powder and u wont taste both of them!
Victor J.
I don’t have a lot of time in the morning so I rotate between quick and easy breakfasts. These days I’ll have an apple with peanut butter, or some yogurt with granola and dried fruit on top. Sometimes I’ll make overnight oats with non dairy milk, peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, and bananas.
Sadie F.
I love eating smoothie bowls if I have the frozen fruits or you can just use fresh fruits and ice. I love this breakfast because it is so easy to make and so delicious!
Sunniee Y.
Peanut butter and banana! The sugars in the banana are slowly absorbed because of the protein in the peanut butter, which makes it much more healthy
Karl Dieter U.
Omelets or grits. In an omelet I can put all my favorite things in one dish and it still be yummy. And with grits it’s soothing and relaxes me
Diana T.
A banana oatmeal smoothie without added sugar is one of my favorites. Another breakfast that's one of my favorites is an egg or two, a serving of fruit and a cup of soy milk.
Andrea E.
Anti inflammatory banana pancakes are my favorite with raspberries on top. They are good cold too… sometimes I just grab two out of the fridge and eat the in the car. Dr. Josh Axe has the best recipe for them!
Milton T.
My mom makes really nice smoothies for me in the morning, she usually make enough for two portions so I have the second one around lunch time
Allison C.
I really like eating a full bowl of cereal in the morning. The cereal has protein, carbs, fruit, and it tastes delicious. Plus it’s a great way to consume enough milk for the day.
Nathali Z.
I love spreading peanut butter on whole wheat toast and topping it with sliced bananas and chia seeds. It tastes absolutely fantastic and makes me feel great paired with a nice cup of steaming green tea.
Fathima S.
I have many options for breakfast but my go to is sunny side up eggs seasoned with chilli flakes,salt and pepper. Of course with butter toasted bread, it's better to do it on a pan. It's super easy and it's filling. You could also go gir a fruit bowl and a glass of cold milk, flavouring can be added if you don't like milk plain.
Emad X.
My favorite breakfast are Green veggies along with a Fruit and milk I'd also like to make A salad made of Letus, So far I ate Bananas Every morning
Alexandra E.
My favourite breakfast that is also nutritious is two slices of whole wheat bread, with avocado spread, tomato slices and omelet! It is very easy, and fast to make. In addition, it is nutritious, and gives me energy until lunch!
Otac Lia Q.
I usually rush breakfast, so it's often something simple like brown bread with egg. Sounds gross, but trust me it tastes better than it sounds!
Mir Ia E.
I love breakfast sandwiches. Any fruit too. Making breakfast smoothies is both fun and allows me to decide what nutrients I want in my smoothie
Di Q.
I'm honestly fine with eating lunch or dinner foods for breakfast. As long as there's protein, something green, and something sweet😊
Nurhusnina F.
1. Scramble eggs with tomatoes

2. Warm Green tea

3. Something that have a lot of protein like boiled chicken

4. Fruits such as avocado and banana

5. Cold pressed juice usually apple + calery + pear

Olivia Z.
Yogurt with fruit when I make it look like it’s a Pinterest photo or some sort of pastry and orange juice – again like a photo
Gianna N.
My favorite breakfast this is also nutritious is Dave’s killer bread w a lil bit of butter. 2 eggs over hard. 2 pieces of bacon or turkey bacon
Raquel A.
I like eat breakfast, it feels good knowing that you have a routine! when you get up, make ur bed, take a shower (or not!) think about what u have is good, thanks for what u have, and more…. Then while you do your breakfast think its good accept the flavor the new flavor just don't deny them think they are good and you will like it promise
Izzy S.
I’m not a massive breakfast eater, but I do know it’s important. Therefore, I like to eat a bagel with smoked salmon on with Philadelphia. I think this is a great start to the day and it’s not too heavy on your stomach.
Diocl Cia S.
A bowl mashup of different ingredients. I enjoy cooking but in the morning when I’m still a little tired or don’t have as much time just cooking a bunch of things in a pan or 2 makes a good breakfast. My favorite is typical a mix of onions, garlic, red or yellow bell peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, egg, and sometimes bacon or sausage. I season it with chili powder, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, and ginger powder. Then I just put it on a plate or bowl and dig in.
Eliana C.
ok i love eggs so much. they’re good for you and they taste good. i usually make a burrito with cheese and spinach too. the burrito shells have a lot of calories though so sometimes i just make an omelette
Erwan Y.
A frozen fruit smoothie with protein powder: no perishable items (unless you use milk), full of vitamins and complex carbs to give you energy, plus protein to keep you going. Try different recipes to see what you like best!
Dieye N.
I like eating muesli with non sugar flakes and nuts.. add some strawberries and a little bit of honey. Add yoghurt and VOILA!
Gabriella X.
Since I’m still recovering from an eating disorder, I find it hard to eat a large/tasty meal. Instead I try to have a least a half glass of milk.
Ashton F.
My favorite breakfast is a feta and spinach omelette but tbh I can’t always make that time wise or sometimes I don’t feel like cooking in the morning. Most the time I have a protein or granola bar.
Christian Z.
The best morning breakfast is definitely a cereal bowl, but not just any cereal bowl. It is made of corn flakes, crushed up walnuts and roasted almonds, a sliced up banana, and some honey on top to make it sweet, with the milk at the end. Very nutritious with the nuts giving high amounts of energy and potassium for the brain to function better in the morning and for the rest of the day.
George Z.
A yogurt bowl. I put fruit in it such as strawberries,blueberries, bananas, etc. i also add granola and sometimes honey.
Alex J.
I like to go for a orange in the morning because it is small and I don't have to rush too much to prepare something. Typically I will pair this with Ovaltine and although having chocolate milk in the morning may seem childish it really does get my day started in a good direction.
Maddison E.
i personally like smoothies or just any kind of fruit, also yogurt and fruit is yummy, eggs, oatmeal. you want something that will fill you up until lunch so that you aren’t snacking as much and you have energy throughout the day
Edgar N.
My breakfast was very good and everything my mom made was good. That day would be boring if I did not eat the breakfast my mother makes
Olivia U.
My favorite nutritious breakfast is scrambled eggs and pumpernickel. Sometimes I’ll have apples or raspberries with it.
Susan F.
Definitely smoothies like blueberry or strawberry ones with nut milk, oats, flaxseed oil and sometimes spirulina powder!!
Aleksandra F.
I really like oatmeal. It's really easy and quick to make if you don't have any time in the morning plus you can add to it any of your favorite fruits.
Joe O.
A smoothie with oats, eggs, almond milk, mixed berries and hot chocolate protein powder 😋 something to keep me nice and full
Brooke G.
Breakfast should be heavy as we have to fuel our body for the upcoming day. According to me breakfast must contain milk along with some bread.
Micheal P.
I think my favorite breakfast is, pancake with a hot chocolate and grape or juice, that depends of what I have in my fridge
Janmari P.
Hard eggs and fresh milk or sometimes i add some chicken breast to add some more protien in my breakfast what i really into is protien to grow my muscles and strengthen my body
Vera I.
My favourite weekly breakfast is oats. They are so easy to quickly eat when you are in a hurry in the morning. It also fills you up all morning. Sometimes I do like to have eggs with tomatoes.
Dani U.
On the weekend, avocado toast with three eggs and coffee. During the week a fruit smoothie with kale or spinach, collagen power, and chia seeds and three hard boiled eggs
Felix U.
My favorite breakfast is rice with egg and vegetables. If I can't cook that, I stick with Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon or another fruit.