I’m never hungry when I first wake up and have a hard time eating something before the gym. Any tips for an early morning snack?

Rosie R.
I would say, something light. Maybe a fruit, as long as there’s something small in your stomach before a workout. So I suggest a fruit. Even if you don’t feel very hungry in the morning, your body will eventually get used to the routine and after a few days you will feel that something is missing in the morning , and it is the daily small snack when you wake up! Good luck! You can do it
Angelina N.
Eat some fruit as this will provide you with the energy you need to workout without weighing you down. After workout though you should postpone your breakfast to a brunch making sure to include protein and healthy fats to help your body recover. Eating fruits for breakfast can also help you become more inclined to eat healthier throughout the day.
Martins G.
I have the same problem. I think that is a fault of this method encouraging eating before exercise in the order of habits. I know some people eat half a banana. Probably best to wait till after the gym, otherwise you won’t get a healthy hearty breakfast as per the encouragement.
Eleanor E.
Scrambled eggs and toast are my go-to, maybe an hour after i wake. Low density, so easy to eat, but enough to get me energized for my workout.
Josefine P.
Starting small, with a carrot or an apple for example, can maybe make your mind and body adjust to it. I think it's a matter of getting used to it. Or a smoothie is maybe also a good start when you're not to hungry? Good luck!
Eva T.
Jogurt without sugar mixed with oatmeal and different kinds of nuts. Also I usually add some strawberries and mix in honey. It’s healthy, low sugar and you can prepare it very quickly.
Anke J.
Same here. What I usually go with is a banana – great with nutrients and not heavy on the digestion. If I have a little more appetite, I eat some warmed-up pre-prepared porridge.