Any tip to make breakfast faster?

Pawel E.
Make all your stuff ready in boxes or jars so you can choose your daily breakfast from a big selection, add one more food each three day to your collection in the shelfs or refrigerator.
Lurdes P.
Just do breakfast and nothing else. I just have serial and toasts so it’s already pretty fast(you can start the coffee brew while waiting for the toasts and have your coffee on the go if necessary)
Jenn Z.
Sometimes I make a smoothie the night before and leave it in the fridge for the morning. The texture holds up surprisingly well! Another breakfast favorite is oatmeal. I mash a banana (cuts out the need for added sugar), then mix it with oats and milk. Leave it in the fridge overnight, then just heat it up in the microwave in the morning!
Jos Q.
If I know I'll be in a hurry, I make my breakfast mix the evening prior. I mix Skyr yoghurt (high protein, low sugar) with protein powder, chia seeds, a bit of low sugar granola, cocoa powder and defrosted berries in a cup and put it in the fridge. I have all ingredients in Tupper ware boxes all in one place so it only takes a couple of minutes every eve.
And then I can just grab it in the morning.
Kenneth E.
Have an idea of what you will have for breakfast the night before and check your kitchen to make sure everything you need is there to make it. Certain breakfasts can be slightly meal prepped, such as cooking up veggies the night before or boiling a couple eggs. That way in the morning all that needs to be done is throw it all together
Lauryn C.
I usually pre-prep what I want to eat for breakfast before my fasting period ends. Alternatively, I’d go for something more simple like oats and honey.
Jeremiah J.
If you don't have enough time or inspiration when you wake up, you can always prepare your breakfast from the night before. Search healthy ideas on the internet. For example, you can put some fruits/vegetables & yoghurt in a bowl and you only have to blend them in the morning and drink a healthy and energising smoothie. There are plenty recipes on the internet but you can be spontaneous and try different things every time. Find what you like the most and what gives you the strength you need for the rest of your day. You can also write your idea on a piece of paper in order to just go and prepare it without even thinking much about it in the morning. Or you can prepare meals like sandwiches or toasts that you'll only have to heat up. The same goes for drinks. Cut the fruits and put them on the fridge or put water and coffee on your machine before you sleep. Your morning drink will be one button away.
Jennifer Q.
Make it ahead of time so all you have to do is microwave it. Also, there's no shame in eating instant oats instead of old fashioned, just make sure it's the plain one so you can add fruit, maple syrup, etc as you please (the flavored ones that come in packets are full of added sugars and junk plus they are way less cost effective).
Emily N.
Prepare as much the night before as possible. Set out bowls/plates/cups/flatware, and any food that doesn’t need refrigeration. Do any prep work that you can. Make it as easy in yourself in the morning as possible.
Liza Jane N.
I have porridge with alpro (nuts, seeds, berries) literally anything you like then microwave it about 5 mins, you could always mix it the day before
Joe F.
Prepare it the night before or choose something you really love. That way you won't mind it as much to spend time on it in the morning.
Isabel O.
I eat fruit and toast with peanut butter on it! A banana or two clementines is usually what I do because you just unpeel and it’s ready to go, no prep! I don’t have a lot of time for breakfast either so sometimes i make the toast and eat it and on my way out the door bring the piece of fruit to eat in the car or something or on the walk.
Amanda B.
Make breakfast the night before I like making the parfait jars or ready to go smoothies so you can just throw it in blend and go
Marilou O.
Always plan your meals ahead and ensure everything you need is available to prepare your food. And if you can, prepare it on the weekend and refrigerate it until you are ready to eat
Byron E.
I keep it simple. Whole grain toast with nut butter or half an avocado 🥑 I also keep a 1/4 cup of nuts with me to snack on in the morning.
Sally Z.
To do anything faster preparation the night before is essential. If you don't have to think about it or decide on it then prepare the ingredients and make it, that cuts your time by an incredible amount, due to the elimination of unnecessary tentacles of time consuming activities.
Wafa A X.
It is very important to determine what you would have on breakfast the night before since this can save your time. Yiu can prepare your breakfast before you go to bed. Try to make a weekly breakfast meals, in another words you can prepare a meal boxes that are enough for one week that you can save in the freezer.
Malia Q.
I have a bowl on my kitchen counter full of apples bananas, boiled eggs and dried fruits and nuts. This makes it very easy for me to just wake up and choose what I want to eat.
Emmy U.
Decide what you any to make the night before. Get all the ingredients ready before you go to bed. If you can, you can even make the breakfast the night before. If not, get up just ten or so minutes earlier and make your breakfast. If you don’t have time to do that, you can buy pre-made smoothies and healthy breakfast breakfasts at the stores.
Uwe U.
Boiled eggs are great source of protein and you can prepare enough a week in advance. Have them with wholemeal (I used gluten free) toast -2 slices- with half an avocado used as spread. When you get up you just need to get up, get the eggs and avocado spread out of your fridge and toast your bread. There you go! Enjoy your fabulous breakfast!
Jonathan W.
Try to leave as many things as possible ready to go in the night before. For example, if you like to have smoothies in the morning, leave all solid ingredients already chopped and inside the blender at night, so in the morning you just have to add the liquid and turn the blender on!
Clarisa S.
Switch up hot and cold breakfasts. One day do eggs and whole grain toast, the next do a healthy cereal and an apple, the next do breakfast potatoes and your fav meat, then yogurt and fruit… Etc. That way some days are really fast and some you can still enjoy food that takes a bit more time.
Brooklyn Y.
Buy and/or prepare ingredients that you can use multiple times, so it does not feel like you’re wasting money or putting in a lot of effort.
Silas F.
Cook simply.
If you make simple, but healthy meals breakfast goes by fast, or even just grab something healthy, like an apple or a banana and take it to work or school with you.
Al Xis C.
Prepare list of yummy breakfast on Saturday
Bye necessary products on Sunday
Always have banana and yogurt in your fridge
Leah Z.
Try choosing something that you can prepare the night before. Things such as: Fruit that you can prepare and place in a Tupperware tub, overnight oats or a sandwich or salad. Alternatively buy things.such as cup of Soup or instant oatmeal pots that only take the time it takes to boil the kettle to prepare.
Ivan N.
It's been proven that eating a good breakfast gives you a great start to your day. Making sure you have energy instead of feeling a constant drag. Plus it restrains your body into knowing what foods are good for you. Easy and healthy options are peanut butter and a banana or apple, eggs avacado and bacon, etc. Carbs aren't the best to eat in the morning or at dinner because it can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.
Brandi X.
Prep the night before. If you like oatmeal make overnight oats, if its eggs bake some egg bites. Prep prep prep. Thats all i can say.
Krista P.
Prepare what you can the night before! Or get things out and ready on the side so you can just get straight on with it in the morning 🙂
Erstename S.
Make, or prepare it the night before and store in the fridge! Or, use one of those fast steam cookers. You can set one to cook overnight or cook really quickly in the morning.
Ronald O.
Mealprepping is a good way to make preparing breakfast in de mornings faster. I like to blend a smoothie the night before, or make my oatmeal ready and put it in the fridge. You will only have to shake the smoothie and heat the oatmeal, or eat your oatmeal old (overnight oats).
Terrence J.
Make the food and your kitchen in evening. It will really make your cook process faster. But if you're hard, you can cook food in evening and when you wake up just take it from the fridge and eat.
Eckart X.
I don't try to make breakfast faster. I try to make time to enjoy the process of creating my breakfast and time to enjoy it, rather than stuffing it in quickly. I like to have a slow morning before my work day picks up.
Jar S.
Make them as simple and easy to prepare as possible. Have a breakfast planned the day before and prep everything you can in advance – have the dishes clean and veggies or fruits washed and sliced.
Phillip U.
Overnight oats! It couldn’t be easier to mix some oats with milk (or non-dairy: I do combo almond and coconut milk to thicken it), and mix-ins of choice. Then refrigerate overnight and either heat or eat cold in morning! Add fruit, nuts, or sweeteners as desired. Find tons fo customizable recipes online.
Engelbert F.
I’ll tell you what works for me. I usually eat something that doesn’t need a lot of prep work. I eat müsli with milk and an apple. Another tip is to combine eating the breakfast with some other light activity like looking at your calendar for today or the weather so that you are doing two things at once
Ewa V.
Prepare foods the night before. Boiled eggs can be kept in the fridge, overnight oats are ready to eat in the morning. Yogurt with fruits and nuts is a good choice if you're in a rush and is quick to prepare.
Ngoc O.
Oatmeal is a great breakfast which is good for your health and not time-consuming. I usually have oatmeal with sliced banana with an apple in the morning, and usuallt it only takes 10 mins to make 😊
Lillian E.
Keep it simple. I put 3 eggs on to books grab a Tupperware, scoop in some peanut butter, slice an apple, add some grapes. Enjoy that until the eggs are done. Cook and eat breakfast in 10 minutes. If I’m not done and it’s time to go, it’s already in the Tupperware. Lid on and I’m out the door!
Natascha U.
I usually eat a grapefruit and two medium/hard boiled eggs for breakfast. I cut my grapefruit and cook the eggs the night before.
Dana N.
Put some berries and spinach in the smoothie cup the night before and just turn it on in the morning. Boil 2 eggs at night and leave them in the water, just warm it up in the next morning. Soak some chia seeds in coconut milk at night, add some berries and nuts in the morning to the pudding. 2 slices of bread with peanut butter and banana. Make a pudding in the smoothie maker out of avocado, banana and a little coconut milk, add some nuts or berries.
Juliette Y.
eat kiwis and bananas. cut the kiwi in half and scoop out the fruit with a spoon, and peeling a banana is fast too. boom, done, with practically no preparation!
Lorena X.
I prepare the fruits I use the night before so they are already washed and I just have to put them into my vegan joghurt. I boil the water for my morning tea while I'm in the shower. When I'm eating scrambled eggs in the morning and I want to add some vegetables I cut them the night before as well.
Roboredo Q.
Meal prep! Figure out something that you can make for the week that is easily reheated and yummy! Having a delicious breakfast to look forward to makes it easier to eat the most important meal of the day.
Anthony F.
Prepare the night before.
Create simple breakfast recipes that have very limited steps.
Only make breakfast recipes that you are very familiar with. Cutting time on trying to make something new.