How do you resist the temptation of using your cellphone before bed?

Melissa S.
By reading a book – can be easy. In my case, my alarm is also on my phone, which makes it more tempting to use it. Maybe it's useful to get a classic alarm and put your phone outside the bedroom.
Erik E.
I use the app SleepTown. You set a time where you have to click on the "sleep" button on the app and it starts building a house for your virtual town. You wake up and press "complete" and you have a whole building! If you use your phone while the house is being built it gets demolished. You get coins for building houses which you can then spend on fun things in-app or donate to homelessness charities.
Arturo Z.
Is very difficult. But every time I feel that impulse I think about the pig picture and my long term goals, that keeps me going.
Tom U.
The thing I have found most effective is not rely on willpower alone. I bought an app that essentially disables features on my phone that tempt me to waste my time in the evenings. The app is called Freedom and I bought a lifetime membership. Every night between 6pm and 12am it disables/blocks all distracting apps and websites e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Reddit etc. This works for me because I don't have to rely on willpower (which is at it's lowest at the end of the day) to stick to my intentions. The app has paid for itself by being present with family members in the evening, having the better sleep because I go to bed a reasonable hour, and improved productivity because I get up earlier in the morning. The app is such a small cost to achieve these benefits.
August P.
Personally, I’ve asked my mom to take it for me as I go to sleep so that I don’t get tempted to use it. There is also a timer on my phone so that iPhone doesn’t let me use it an hour before I go to bed and after I wake up in the morning .
August W.
I use it before my bedtime, like an hour , so if I’m sleeping at 10pm , i will use my “cellphone hour” at 9 . So i check everything, scroll all social media and games for an hour , when it’s 10 o’clock I’m already board and want to sleep
Konstadina X.
I don't. I use it until I feel a bit tired, and then put it down hug my husband or just close my eyes and rewind all the moments I felt great that day. Then I imagine what I would like to dream. Before bed I use a relaxation or meditation technique on fabulous and then it's much easier to put it down and unwind. It is a pretty strong addiction. If those don't work ask a doctor. I wish you success.
G G.
Put it in flight mode. Then put it away, out of sight and hard to reach. I always leave my phone in the hallway. If you want to look on your phone you'll need a few seconds to get it, so you have the time to realise you are doing something you don't want.
Fane G.
Silence all alerts and if your phone has a do not disturb mode you may be able to set it to allow repeated calls thru if it's a real emergency. Additionally, I keep my phone charging at the other end of my room so I can't reach for it once I'm in bed.
Raven W.
I have my cell phone automatically turn on the silent mode at 1030pm so that I would be able to hear any notifications that would make me want to look at my cell. Also I put it away for 1030pm, out of sight out of mind. If you feel like your getting bored go to bed early, read a book, take a walk, go for a bath. I'm sure your getting the picture. I hope this will help you.
Javiera T.
I put my phone facing down on the other side of the room. It also helps with getting up in the morning (the only way to shut off the alarm is by getting out of bed)
Kathryn U.
I'm actually quite as at this. I try to put my phone on charge and away, and pick up a book. Unfortunately my book is on a digital e-reader but is still much less distracting for the mind than cell phone use.
Lya E.
I turn off the notifications, I always look for an alternative like maybe a book I'm still struggling to be honest and I pray about it. I hope you get the strength to change this habit too.
Sebastian P.
To resist the temptation of using your phone before bed, use your phone's digital wellbeing settings. Make it go grayscale an hour before bed, and have it automatically disable addictive apps like social media or games. Choose an activity to do instead, like reading or stretching or tidying up the bedroom. Maybe stick a post it note on the phone as a reminder why you want to do this. Possible reasons: for a better night's sleep, because you'll be glad tomorrow, or just to prove to yourself that you can do it.
Shelley F.
I do screen time…I only allow myself 60 minutes a day on social media…i only allow my from 8am till 5:30pm to see social media…I get my bath every afternoon at 5:30pm…get everything ready for the next day at 7:30pm…and make sure that before bed I get my steps done that I’m missing, if any missing from my goal, which is 4500…I have come to realize that I am actually able to get so much done by doing this… I also have it to where on my emergency contacts can contact me after 5:30pm as well so I don’t get tied up on the phone either…it feels spectacular to do this!!! I have even got to where I don’t even miss it either because i get so much done for me… I have incorporated reading time in by doing this along with so much other great stuff… I actually enjoy not knowing everything about everyone and etc that’s on social media as well… I have learned that everything and everyone can actually wait till the next day and I have no curiosity anymore either… I enjoy quite time with myself now.. I don’t look to my phone anymore for entertainment I find it within myself…
Julio S.
I confess I need to work on that. I have some bedtime rituals of taking meds and treating the dogs, after which I am usually ready for a bedtime story.
Gwendolyn Y.
I would suggest you keep your phone not by your side before sleeping. Keep it in another room or somewhere out of your reach. This way you will lose the habit of using your phone before bed. Hope this helps.
Benjamin S.
To be honest, it is really hard. I like to play mobile games at night. So I’m just trying to level with myself and once I put it down, I’m not allowed to pick it back up! I can pick up a book, but not my phone.
Hans Hinrich F.
A cellphone before bed it's actually not a problem to me,I even forget it in my bag,because before I got to bed,there's a lot that I need to do helping my child with home works,cooking….the list is endless by the time I'm done with everything I just go straight to bed.i use alarm from my phone when I wake up in the morning, sometimes it rangs in the bag in the wardrobe or somewhere in the sitting room or I remember it when I woke up in the middle of the night,but during the day it's with me everywhere I go