What are some healthy on the go breakfast options?

Christina Z.
Eggs or fruit like banana and apple. If you don't have a lot of time in the morning have a banana and apple or a handful of nuts
Emily C.
I was eating just some fruits or yogurts because I have every morning online school and I don't have so much time, but fruits is banana, apple, kiwi and yogurts with oat or something you like👌🏻💗
Vanessa Q.
Overnight oats, hard boiled eggs, sweet potato chunks you’ve cooked ahead, sausage you’ve cooked ahead, leftovers of all kinds.
Anastasia N.
I eat eggs almost every morning. I love that eggs are rich in protein and other nutrients. Research suggests that eggs boost metabolic activity and increase feelings of fullness. I usually make an omelette with 2 eggs, scallions, cheese and condiments: curry, turmeric, chili, black pepper and salt.
Gaspard Y.
Hi, oats or boiled eggs. In the morning it difficult to prepare and cook food. But a good quick and easy breakfast is hard-boiled eggs with crackers. All you have to do is place the eggs in water and then let it boil. A watch pot doesn't boil! So you'll be getting ready while you wait for your eggs. Oh and orange juice, yum!
Alicia O.
Easy on the go options:
– yoghurt; if you can, keep a foldable spoon or buy drinkable yoghurt
– bananas; great sources of potassium, even better with some nuts or peanut butter for healthy fats and proteins
– eggy bread; you can premake eggy bread and freeze it – toast the next day and its ready! Use seeded bread. The protein and fibre ensures you're full for the day ahead
– granola bars; homemade are the best, but storebought also works! If you can, buy ones with added protein, nuts or fruit to ensure your fibre fill ofr the day
M Line P.
If you boil a few eggs and just keep them in your fridge, you can make an avocado sandwich every morning and add an egg on too w oil and salt
Ecua P.
I would suggest bananas for their potassium and eggs for their protein also oatmeals for their fiber to start of the day with durable energy
Nelson U.
I'm not sure if there is a healthy on the go options, but I'm sure about one thing which could be perfect for a fast meal fruit salad.