What should I eat coz I’m not sure and I’m getting bored of eating the same thing everyday!!!

Monica J.
You should eat the healthy version of the things you love. Example if you love burgers, eat a lettuce wrap burger. If you love fries, eat sweet potato fries. Get creative with your food choices. This is the time to explore and enjoy the things you eat. Don’t spend life focused on a diet. Make life a place you enjoy and just add healthier of choices to your daily routine. Best of luck.
Lex N.
Knowing what you like is a choice within Yourself to decide, and if your picky and or simple then that narrows it down traditional routine. Though if you have more of a variety palate and trying new things sounds fun, I’d say, “bring on the buffet of flavor and don’t hold back! ” Yolo!!”
Reza W.
Don’t make it hard on yourself but try to be creative. For example cook egg in different ways. Add some cheese to it. Another day you can go with avocado. Next day surprise yourself with an orange juice. It’s not that hard. Small steps everyday.
Hans Willi O.
Taste some different foods like olive salad, omelette with pepper or cheese. I don't eat egg but there is national food. It is menemen. Very healthy and delicious. İf you want you can make it.