Do you find that doing the exercise routine shortly after eating is beneficial or is it better to wait a half-hour or so before vigorous exercise?

Amr U.
I actually believe it’s better to exercise first and then eat after a nice cold shower. Just make sure you drink water before the morning exercise whatever it is and maybe you could eat some healthy energy food like a banana and i don’t like to fill my tummy before doing exercise. Eating a while after exercising seems more effective and energetic to me.
Madalena T.
I suggest to wait forhalf-hour before starting your routine. Personally, I do it before I eat. Eating for me is like a reward after a vigorous exercise.
Ted X.
My breakfast usually consists of leftovers from my previous night's dinner and some fresh fruit or nuts or something that complements the leftovers. I generally eat about half of this , the easily prepared half, then start my stretches and warmups, and work up to the more intense parts of my routine. After that, I will prepare and eat the more complicated parts of my breakfast while cooling down.
Freddie P.
Definitely after breakfast. I usually do a Pilates workout after just a glass of water, then eat a healthy breakfast. I leave the more vigorous exercise for the afternoon or evenings
Bobby J.
Personally, I’d say it’s better to wait half an hour or even exercise before you eatThat way you reduce the risk of stomach cramps, and those make working out a lot less enjoyable. You got this! (:
Morgane Z.
You should wait half an hour so because a full meal in your stomach and then trying to workout is not gonna end well.. It's like chugging a bunch of water and then doing jumping jacks. The water will just slosh around and make you feel sluggish. Same with a bunch of food in your body. Food is energy; so let that food digest a bit so you have the energy to do a great workout.
Johanne W.
For me it's better to exercise before eating. After meal people are getting heavy and quite lazy if they don't drink coffee to this meal