What is good for sore muscles and body aches?

Phillip E.
I jist never been one to eat breakfast.besides coffee.maybe on weekend but daily nEver really seem to want it.or motivated to get it.how to make myself want it? .
Nixes Z.
I always found that eating a high protein meal after the gym helps with DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness). The protein helps your muscles repair themselves after a workout and helps the pain. Warm showers to relax the muscles and giving the muscles time to heal before you work them out again is best. Youre always going to get sore muscles, but you can help the pain by taking the initiative beforehand
Rajit F.
Honestly, this is something I would want to know myself because I'm struggling with sore muscles myself. I've been trying stretching, and with that I've been able to continue exercising although not as intensely.

So yeah, not sure what else works, but would love any advice.

August F.
Whether for exercise or just everyday movement, a good 5 minute stretch helps keep aches at a minimum. If for a pain that's constant, a good ointment (Tiger Balm or Eagle Oil) would be good right out the shower! Also, monthly chiropractic appointments and acupuncture for stress and pain.
Philos Z.
Hello! I always stretch when I get out of bed. Nothing major just rolling my ankles and shoulders. Taking a warm showers and rubbing the sprains muscle with arnica oil (or any essential oil you prefer) works too.