What’s your favorite quick and easy breakfast?

Claudia A.
I enjoy a peanut butter sandwich with honey and fruit. Peanut butter is one of my favorites so it's great to have it for breakfast!! Sometimes I put slices of banana on each bread slice:)
Benjamin Y.
Hello dear fabulous user
My favorite breakfast is to put a bowl of milk in the microwave for two minutes and after that add some oatmeal. I usually add some nuts or fruits in it too and for sweetness, I add some honey. This is my favorite quick and easy breakfast.
But I still have some ideas: if you can't make a fried egg or boiled egg or anything which takes your time to make in the morning, why don’t you prepare your breakfast last night? You can prepare your favorite breakfast at night before that day and put it in the refrigerator and in the morning put it in the microwave to make it warm again.
And also for more quick and easy breakfast, you can check Pinterest too. There are so many great ideas.
Hope my ideas are useful for you.
Geraldo Q.
I really like making frech toast really quickly in the morning because I am protein deficient and it give me some protein to start the day. But, if i need a really fast breakfast I will usually grab a health bar or an apple.
Laura N.
I enjoy over night oats – or making them that morning if you’re in a real hurry! Just mix yogurt and porridge oats into a jam jar and fill up the last inch with fruit! Grab and go. I have a real sweet tooth so this hits the spot and keeps me going till lunch. Just don’t forget a spoon!
Math O O.
I like making a smoothie with vegan protein powder, almond milk, frozen blueberries, frozen mango, and spinach! I also have 2 pieces of the toast with organic honey. Sometimes, instead of a smoothie I will have 2 fried eggs with my toast but I prefer the smoothie because it gives me more energy to start my day.
Rene N.
I used to rarely eat breakfast so I’m not quite used to it so I usually eat a granola bar or something light, and in the Weekends I eat milk and cereal.