I’m trying to follow a Paleo/Primal type diet. But many sources, including Fabulous, think things like whole wheat toast are healthy. Any thoughts on if it’s wise to pick and choose what habits you want to try to follow when trying a new diet regimen like this? Should you do what you’d normally do or follow Fabulous to the letter?

Ruben Y.
Diets are subjective. Different ones work for different people. There are general recommendations for otherwise healthy adults that do include grains and carbs. Basically, if you're healthy and with a good weight you should eat everything in moderation. If you're trying to lose weight or you have a condition where different foods can be harmful, then you should eat what you and your doctor think is best.

Rachel N.
As someone who loves bread it would be tough for me to give up entirely so I’d go for the whole wheat. But if you feel like you should not eat bread for a while then don’t. Ultimately it’s your body and you know what’s best for it.

Robin Y.
I'd recommend following Fabulous as closely as possible, at least at first. Once you've got your habits solidified, then try tweaking them to your personal preferences.

Marli Q.
Hi. So I'm following Fabulous since a few weeks, and I'm loving it, I have time for myself. But anyways, about food, I think you should follow Fabulous, that have really good advices and yes I think that whole wheat toste is healthy. My friends used to know me as the friend that eat a lot but never gets fat. Well in the last months it have changed. I didn't eat a lot and I started jumping some meals. But when I installed Fabulous it start giving me an advice that was the hour to have breakfast and then I start following it. It's good and yes I hope you enjoyed and could feel that you love yourself and have time for it, that's why Fabulous is for, it's to make you fell a better person and love yourself. Chose some habits that you wanna have and start getting it. I'm sure that this app have chosed the best diet for you. And That is healthy. Good luck

Arianna F.
While starting a new diet, I think you should definitely be picky about what you change in it. Quality over quantity is always best in the long run, but if everything is changed at once, it can wreak havoc on your mind and body. Do a quick free nutrition course search online to get more information on how to choose better options for yourself. There are also free nutrition tracker apps you can download where you can double it up as a food journal to see where your calories are coming from. If you notice you tend to snack throughout the day and still day large meals, it will help you figure out the best substitutions for those snack foods. And always consult with a doctor, if you can, to see if a massive diet change at once would be advisable or if taking a slower approach is best.

Emma E.
Personally, I just take a few suggestions that I know are helpful. Sometimes it's better for your body if you modify things a bit, so if you were to choose to do a diet, you can pick and choose if you think you want to eat whole wheat bread or not. Plus if you plan on having this diet for a while, it might be better to have some things like toast for just a snack. And it's easy to find.

Laura Z.
Hi to answer your question I would like to tell you that you should stop your diet because restricting yourself from things is not good for the future since u will most likely return to eating unhealthy so you should instead try eating anything you want in small amounts or get healthier alternatives for most things buy the book one simple change it will help you have a better lifestyle

Benjamin C.
Although fabulous is helpful, it cannot help with every move you make or read your thoughts. If you want to try a new diet try it! The app is there to gently guide, not make every decision for you