What is the best vegetarian breakfast?

Kristina U.
I loveeee a good egg scramble with loads of veggies and if I’m feeling like it , yams or baby potatoes mixed in as well too!! Tofu has been an awesome substitute if eggs aren’t part of your diet
Astrid Z.
Breakfast burrito with eggs spinach tomatoes and cheese, whole wheat tortilla for fiber. Have with OJ for that sugar boost
Berta Q.
Eggs, any way you like them! Add vegetables on the side to bulk it out, (use lftovers for ease or fry quick cooking veg like zucchini capsicum spinach mushrooms and tomatoes) or a slice of grainy or wholemeal toast.
Olivia T.
I have been a vegetarian for 16 years! My favorite thing to make for breakfast is a sweet potato hash with as many different veggies. I will usually put kale, bell pepper, onion, cherry tomato, mushrooms and a different variety of spices each time. I love smoked paprika, garlic and cilantro for this.
Philip C.
For vegetarian I would say an omelette for sure, loads of protein to start the day and you can add greens and flavouring as you choose.
Jesus A.
Hi! Thanks for the question! I try to have enought proteins and glucids to keep me up running all the AM. I start with a glass of orange juice for my Vit C, but eating one is way better! I take a plate and try to have good variation : I take at least one precooked egg (It's faster this way), then put some fruits (A banana, some berries) (Fibers of fruits are good!), I then add some nuts, one dairy product (Piece of cheese or some yougurt for proteins). Then I make myself a toast (multigrain bread for complex glucids that works longer) with peanut butter! Of course I make myself a nice cup of coffee! Et le tour est joué, voilà! 😉 Good luck!
Martha Q.
There are so many. It all depends on the type of breakfast person you are as well as your time availability. Tofu scramble with mushrooms and spinach are great for when you have more time on your hands in the mornings, and even oatmeal or oat flour pancakes. For days when you need something on the go, you can opt for a fruit smoothie, blended with spinach and almond milk or some type of fruit juice. For protein, take a few handfuls of walnuts, almonds, or pecans.
Frederikke U.
My favourite is 2 eggs fried in a pan and then mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes, parsley, pea shoots also cooked in the same pan with avocado oil some sliced avocado.
Jordan O.
I can't say what is the best for we all have our own preferences but MY favourite breakfast is wheat toast with fried eggs and avocado slices on top. I usually fry the egg in a little bit of butter.
Jose Z.
He's. You can boil them ahead of time and only eat the egg whites if you wish. Egg whites have little calories. But yolks also has lycopene which is good for you. If you are vegan I would try some chia seed overnight cereal you can find online or overnight oats . They are both presoaked with some almond/ soya milk. Some people top it with nuts and berries. Also you could eat plain yogurt mixed with dried fruits and nuts instead of granola which has lots of sugar. .
Filipo I.
Porridge made in soy youghurt and berries and one glas off berryjuice (without sugar). Rye bred (full corn) with hummus and some vegetables (like kale).
Cl Udia F.
I personally love yogurt with granola and fruit. You can use any fruit and it’s delicious. The yogurt provides protein, the fruit provides… fruit, and the granola provides carbohydrates, so it’s completely healthy.
Mathilde W.
I tend to have yogurt, berries, and nuts most days. An egg frittata with lots of veggies is also good. And if you want a good vegan option, steelcut oats with berries and nuts can be delicious.
Mah Q.
Things like avocado , egg are good if you are veggie and not vegan , also if you look up chia seed pudding it’s a delicious breakfast item along with added fruits 🙂